Clixsense Updated – Goodbye To Pay To Click & Paypal

I wrote a review on Clixsense in 2015 and so much has changed since then. Clixsense updated their website and opportunities recently so I thought that I thought I had better share about all these changes so that I can link the Clixsense updates to my old review.

So here’s everything that has happened so far with Clixsense this year.

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Paypal Leaves Clixsense

The first big change that happened this year was in February when Paypal placed a hold on Clixsense’s account due to changes in the Paypal policies. I’ve personally never been fond of PTC websites and most of them I consider to be a downright scam so I wasn’t really surprised by this even though it was disappointing since I use Paypal.

Initial Drop In Income After Paypal Left Clixsense

After this change I noticed a huge drop in my earnings. I usually earned some income every day from Clixsense even though it was just a small amount. Anything up to about $1, sometimes $2. Yes, it isn’t a huge amount of money but considering the fact it is pure residual income that I wasn’t doing anything for anymore it was nice. My review on Clixsense on my website and my Youtube video bring in some new referrals all the time, so the work was done and the money kept dribbling in.

After the issue with Paypal coming to light, most days I was earning nothing. My personal thoughts are that while Clixsense made light of being dropped by Paypal it really knocked them for a sixer which is truly a shame because I feel that Clixsense is one of the legit websites where it is not so hard to earn some extra money.

It is important to note that while Paypal is not currently a payment option with Clixsense they still do have lots of payment options which include Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card, Payza and Check (USA only).

My personal recommendation is that you register a Payoneer account.

Clixsense Removes PTC Earnings and Premium Account

In July Clixsense removed all pay to click earning opportunities on their website, leaving the surveys, tasks and offers earnings.

On a practical level this had no negative impact on me since I have not clicked on any ads myself in a very long time due to the fact that it is such boring work with so little return. As a Premium account member I had more ads available to click on, plus higher paying ads. There were a few occasions I got some $0.02 ads – but I could literally count those on my fingers… and every day there would be a few $0.01 ads to click on.

Most ads were $0.001 per click. I think the most I could earn as a Premium member in a day with clicking on ads was about $0.10 so it was not worth the time and effort anyway.

Every now and then I did some surveys but I stayed away from the offer and tasks because I was not fond of those either.

Clixsense also did away with their Premium (paid) account and refunded members the pro rata amount due back which I thought was fair. I also feel that doing away with a paid account and making earning free was a wise move.

Clixsense surveys earnings

Increased Commissions

I can’t remember what the commission was for referrals when it came to surveys and offers but it wasn’t much. Clixsense increased this to 20% which was a big leap in earnings.

In addition to this, as soon as a referral earns their first $5 from surveys, tasks and offers (but not on prizes, bonuses etc) then you get a $2 bonus.

Previously you only earned $2 when someone signed up as a Premium member.

Earnings Are On The Increase Again!

From February until July 2017 my earnings just about completely disappeared but since the changes they made in July with removing the PTC and increasing commissions my earnings have been steadily increasing again which is awesome.

Clixsense obviously suffered a huge setback but managed to adapt and change to face those challenges. I am confident that my earnings now will not only increase again to meet what they were but even increase due to these awesome changes.

Will Paypal Be Available On Clixsense Again?

Clixsense have not been able to give a firm answer yet and they are working on it. My personal feeling is that since Clixsense has made all these changes during the course of this year we can expect Paypal payment options to be back at some stage. In fact I am so sure of it that I haven’t bothered cashing out this year, instead I have been letting my earnings build up to cash out when Paypal is back. I believe it is just a matter of time.

What Is My Final Verdict About Clixsense Surveys and the Changes To Clixsense?

Honestly I am loving all the changes and I feel that this has done nothing but good for Clixsense. Let’s face it, PTC earning opportunities have an awful reputation and for very good reason.

I love Paypal and I can certainly see why they wouldn’t support business models built on pay to click opportunities, even if it is a legit company like Clixsense.

If you are looking for a way to make some pocket money taking surveys, completing offers and doing tasks then Clixsense is the first company that I would recommend and the only one that I  truly like (other than Answered Insight that only does surveys in South Africa).

From my experience Clixsense has the highest earnings opportunities for online surveys and is a website that you can trust.

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I will keep you updated with any changes that happen, especially if Paypal returns to Clixsense!

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.


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