Careers In Medicine Other Than Doctors

If you want to get into the medical world, you might think that your career options are fairly limited. There’s the option to be a doctor, a nurse and that’s pretty much it. However, you don’t have to spend 7 Years in medical school in order to make a difference in people’s lives, there are plenty of different ways you can get into the medical profession without being a doctor.


Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Occupational Health and Safety Specialists are the ones who are responsible for making sure that everyone is safe in the workplace and that data is collected when an accident occurs.Similar to a Medical Director in a hospital, they are responsible for making sure that everyone is safe at work and that the trained medical staff are doing their jobs correctly.

Speech Pathologist

If you want to be able to help people who struggle to speak due an accident or a previous condition, then becoming a speech therapist can be a lucrative career path. You will be training patients through a series of sessions to help them learn how to use their mouth to communicate with the outside world again. It is a rewarding job and you could be responsible for helping someone speak for the first time, or again.

Radiation Therapist

If you want to take a completely different route and specialize in curing diseases such as cancer in the hospital, you can study to be a radiation therapist and be responsible for administering radiation treatments such as chemotherapy to sufferers of disease.

Dental Hygienist

Working in a hospital is not the only choice for if you want to be in the medical industry. You can also make the most of working in a dental surgery examine patients for oral disease and clean teeth. If you are a clean freak by nature, you’ll love this job because you can leave people’s teeth super clean, healthy and hygienic at the end of the day.

Physician Assistant

For this role you will be part of a medical team who will be managed by a physician or a surgeon. You’ll be responsible for helping to diagnose injuries, examine patients and provide basic treatment.

Nurse Practitioner

If you are a caring person by nature, then becoming a nurse is the perfect way to add your mark in the medical profession. You will be the one responsible for talking to patients, examining them and discussing basic treatment. You will also get to know the patients you treat and you’ll be the one to bring them water and make sure they are happy in the hospital.

Nurse Midwife

Finally, if you love babies then this job is the perfect one for you. You will be present at all stages of a pregnancy from the first ultrasound to the birth, you’ll be the one who gives advice, provides a helping hand and also makes sure the baby and mother are safe and healthy. And at the end you get to see the most amazing miracle of life.


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