What’s the hard truth with PTC sites? Make thousands or just plain BS?

I’ve had a lot of interest from you, my readers in my posts about PTC websites and everyone is asking can you make money with PTC sites. I asked a few people why they are asking me and it appears the answer is generally because they think I have a low tolerance for being messed around and I say it like it is. Thank you, that is the exact purpose of this website.

To bring you the truth!

So my experience with PTC sites has been, in general, quite bad. I feel the same about PTC websites as I do about taking online surveys. Mostly it is not worth my time.

So back to the question at hand….

Can you make money with PTC sites?

Yes and no… sorry that’s my answer!

The problem is that there are so many websites that are just downright scams, like for example Traffic Monsoon. You can read my Traffic Monsoon review here.

I think the biggest problem here is that they promote themselves as something they are not. If you promote yourself as an opportunity where I can make $1000 per day but in reality it is more like $0.30 and I’m going to have to graft my ass off for that $0.30 I don’t think that is very transparent or honest.

Most of the reviews you will read online that claim you can make thousands from PTC are just downright lying. I mean really, the average pay per click is $0.001 and that is on a good PTC website like Clixsense.

I’ve come across some websites that pay $0.0001, yet online marketers are doing reviews saying you can get rich with PTC websites? Let’s get real here, not even with thousands of referrals will you get rich.

So now that I have dissed PTC websites, lets have a look at some practical things… how you should go about earning on PTC websites, which websites you should use and how much you can earn.

Oh and this isn’t to say that nobody is getting rich with PTC websites. I am sure there are some unscrupulous characters that are incredible online marketers that are selling the PTC dream like crazy to people. Thing is I just don’t think you will get rich this way and I don’t think I would either if I tried.


How Should You Go About Earning on PTC sites?

My opinion is to not spend too much effort and time here. Yes you heard me. I think the only way to really make it worth your while is to not waste too much time on it. That probably doesn’t make sense so let me explain.

The fact is if you spend all day trying to make money on PTC websites you will come short. You won’t make much money at all anyway.

So what you do is spend 10 minutes a day on it. Click on some ads, click on the grid (most of the PTC websites have a grid competition) and maybe see if there is a survey or an offer. Finish your cup of coffee and get your ass out of there.

Not only will spending longer than about 10 minutes a day not be worth your time, but to add to that it is brain dead work you are doing. I couldn’t bear to sit and click all day like a zombie!

Next thing you do is share your affiliate link about once a week on social networks. I’ve found Facebook groups for making money online worked nicely for me. If you have a website write a review.

If you write a review on your website remember that it might pay you some cents now to write a review that makes outrageous claims for how much you can earn.  But everyone that signs up under you will very soon find out that you just blatantly lied on your website. You will instantly lose credibility and trust. Is that worth it? Rather stick to being honest and upfront. In the long term this will benefit you.

Think about it, when you find an incredible opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate and you tell everyone how amazing it i…..s after telling them they can quit their job to be a Pay To Click entrepreneur at Traffic Monsoon… well it’s not very likely they will believe you now is it?

So yes if you are honest you won’t get a lot of referrals to PTC websites, but in the long run you will escape with your integrity intact. I think that is much more important don’t you?

The other thing is that today you may earn $0.02 0n Clixsense, tomorrow you might suddenly earn $3 in a few minutes. So I have found consistency to be the key here. I log in to all the accounts I mention right at the bottom of this post every day and do everything I can in 10 minutes and then leave. It slowly but surely adds up as you will see at the end of this post.

Which PTC websites should you use?

Well my greatest success so far has been with Clixsense. You can read my Clixsense review here.

Yes I’m serious that is honestly the only PTC website I recommend at this stage. I’ve tried a load of them but the results are always similar. Perhaps you’re wondering why Neobux isn’t here, well read my Neobux review to find out why.

So yes Clixsense, try them out if you are keen to try out PTC. I would give all the others a miss.

Can you make money from PTC websites

How much money can you make with PTC websites?

The answer is not much. Not a full time income in my personal opinion and not much in the way of a substantial addition to income.

I do think with the right mindset though that it can be something nice to try out. This year I have made a total of $18.36 from Clixsense and $0.30 from Adfiver (only just started with Adfiver). So what is the right mindset? Only spending a few minutes a day and using this income to save up for a specific goal like a family holiday or to pay of debt.

I am on a mission now to have Clixsense and all the little surveys I do pay for a family holiday. I even upgraded my membership at Clixsense to Premium with my earnings to help achieve this goal. If I can take my family on a really great holiday in a year’s time completely paid for my all these little bits of income using just 10 minutes a day, well then I think it is worthwhile don’t you?

So what have I earned so far for this little holiday and from where? This has taken 10 minutes out of my day each morning… so really it isn’t too bad! Feel free to sign up with the links below if you want to try this out!

Clixsense $18.36 (plus $5.47 pending)

Paid Viewpoint $1.18

iPoll $6.00

Superpay Me $1.88

Answered Insight $22.09 (in South African rands R340)

This takes my holiday savings to $49.51 so far and I’ve only started focusing on it this year. Suddenly it looks much nicer doesn’t it?

My goal for January next year is about $600 for my holiday, maybe I’ll get there and maybe my holiday might be a little shorter than I wish but it will still be paid for out of these websites which is quite cool.

So the topic for today is can you make money with PTC sites? Please share your thoughts in the comments!



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  1. Hi nice article, I do believe it’s not good to limit oneself to one way of earning online, but to have many different avenues. Every site is different and we all have to find what works and doesn’t. I do value your points, but I personally have never had any success with PTC, it has just never made me money at all, but that’s me.

    • Hi Sharon

      Thanks for sharing, yes I can certainly see your point! I was actually registered with Clixsense since I think May last year and never gave it much of a chance. It was only when I had a good few people saying it does in fact work that I went back and had another go. Yes it is not a huge amount of money. My mission is just to see if I can get that holiday paid for. We will see what this experiment brings us!

  2. Hi LYNNE,
    I just came across you site, so I’m a little late with my reply. Most of what you say about PTC sites is true. I have been in and out of PTC programs for about 5 years and most of the time I got discouraged after clicking ads for .ooo1 cents and quit. I did have one good year where I made about $600, but then the site closed down. The biggest problem with PTC is people think they can make fast money by just clicking ads. The only way to make money in PTC is to upgrade your membership to the highest level you can afford and then duplicate yourself. You duplicate yourself by having lots and lots of referrals. You have to feel comfortable making an investment and you have to use money you can afford to lose. If you stay a free member, you will eventually get tired of clicking ads and give up. I’m working a site right now that I have invested in and it’s doing quite well so far. It’s been around for 2 years, so hopefully they will stay in business long enough for me to get my money back.
    Hope you reach your Holiday goal. Clixsense is a great site.

    • Hey Bob

      I am glad you have found some success with PTC sites.

      Well I will be going away on holiday, the question is whether Clixsense will be paying for it or me 🙂 So far I have made $86 from Clixsense and it is building up as more referrals join up so we’ll see if we meet my target of $600.

      Good luck with the new site you are trying out.

  3. I have been a member ( now UPgraded ) of Clixsense since June 1 2016, You work hard & with only one referral here is my screenshot of my account!

    Account Type PREMIUM (Until 12 Aug 2017)
    My PTC Clicks today 203 total 17,614 earned $87.5610
    My ClixGrid Clicks today 20 total 3,475 earned $1.65
    My Completed Tasks today 0 total 60 earned $1.17
    My Completed Offers today 8 total 903 earned $30.05
    today $2.0809 yesterday $5.3625
    month $38.8596 last month $64.5187
    year $142.9630 last year $0.0000
    total $142.9630
    Movements payouts $132.69 fundings $17.00 purchases $17.00
    Balance $10.2730 Cashout

    • Hi John

      Yes I have also found Clixsense a nice little earner with referrals. I don’t earn as much as you because I am too busy to get the time to log on every day, I usually just earn affiliate commissions 🙂

      I have earned about $120 since the beginning of the year from Clixsense.

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