Can you Make Money Typing from Home?

One online job opportunity that regularly caught my eye was typing from home. It sounds like a great opportunity right? And there are loads of ads online for earning money online by typing from home.

Can you make money typing from home

Can you Make Money Typing from Home?

Yes I am sure you can. The question is IF you can find a legitimate company or not. I have not managed to find any company that offers a real work from home opportunity. I have come across lots of interesting things while searching to find typing from home jobs. I would really be interested in anyone has found an honest and legitimate company that offers this sort of work so I can share it with my readers. If you have found something please let me know in the comments section below so I can check it out.

I am not going to go into too many experiences I have had, I am just going to share a few recent examples to give you an idea of what I have found while searching for online typing jobs.

Here is an example of a company that came up on page 1 when I did a search.

This company advertises that you can $100 per hour typing, sounds great! They also claim that they offer full training and support. Sounds great right? There is a video on their home page explaining how it all works. Can you make money typing from home $100

I am hopeful and play the video. Now I understand what they mean by CAPTCHA, this is what keeps websites safe, prevents spam from hitting their websites… your job is to help spammers hack websites!

Can you make money typing from home CAPTCHAEven for the sake of reviewing this “opportunity” I am not going to be doing something like that, I get myself out of there fast. Sorry but I can’t give you feedback on whether you can actually make $100 per hour with this. I will tell you one thing that is clear, this is seriously unethical and dishonest work. Please don’t be fooled into doing something like this. I sincerely doubt you will earn $100 per hour, but even if you did can you sleep at night?

I head back to Google to see what else is available. Once again on page 1 there is a data entry job and apparently you will be given scanned pages to type out. This sounds like it might be legit so I have a look. It looks simple enough.

Can you make money typing from home data entry

I enter my details and now I have to download something to get my jobs and get started. I don’t like downloading anything to my laptop to be honest. It doesn’t even explain to me what “it” is. I do it anyway because maybe I can make money.

Can you make money typing from home

A pop up window comes up immediately telling me I to “verify” myself so they don’t get spammed. I look at the options and I think they look rather odd. Why not just send a verification email like normal people? I am now very suspicious, this looks like all the other scams and spamming things I have seen before so many times. I choose the first option to “unlock my content directly”. I don’t have or want WhatsApp, I don’t want to win a holiday and I don’t want to download any content to my phone. At the same time I am wondering what I am busy downloading to my laptop.

Can you make money from home verify

Oh yay, look how I unlock my “work”… I get to play a flappybird game on my cellphone. I will also be billed R7.00 per day for this.

Can you make money typing from home

Call me skeptical or whatever you like but I have only spent 5 minutes having another look online for “type from home jobs” and this is what I get on the first two I click on.

So can you make money online typing from home? Certainly not in my experience, I have spent a lot of time searching online and tried to find something that its honest and legitimate but can’t find anything.

Have you made money typing online? What website did you use and how would you rate it?

If you are tired of experiences like this and want to make honest money why not have a look at my #1 Recommendation?


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. Hey Lynne.

    Thanks for the heads up. These Work form home / make money typing from home SCAMS are showing up more and more often now days.

    Its like the EPS Prosperity Hotiline RIP OFF, where they claim you are going to earn money processing emails… Needless to say, that is nothing more than daylight robbery!

    That being said, there are a few honest ways to earn some extra pennies by transcribing videos online etc. The problem is, you earn next to nothing for the amount of effort that you put in.

    The online way to make money online legit is to have your own business… Like http://smallonlinebusinessopportunity.com/ that you have here…

    And as a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I can definitely say that it is to date the best online training that I have found for anyone wanting to have their own online business.

    I fully support your recommendation for using them!

    Wishing you all of the best!


    Marc Parsons
    “Life’s Shweet when you have the right friends :)”

    • Hi Marc

      Thanks for stopping in again 🙂 I’ve heard about EPS, absolutely terrible! Usually when I search online for ways to make money online all that comes up is scams. It is so hard to find anything honest and legitimate anymore.

      Kind Regards

  2. Really true, a lot of scams around on any kind of online job. They set the product, use black hat SEO to get ranked on Google page 1 and try to get some victims before get blacklisted by Google.
    If you want find projects that allows you to make money online typing I highly recommend you to check freelancer.com

    Hope it helps you

    • Hi Carlito

      Thank you for those suggestions! I have had a quick look at Fiverr before but never really got into it. I never thought of doing online typing jobs through them. I’ll definitely have a look.

      Kind regards

  3. hi Lynne
    well those sure look like scams! I hate those pop ups asking you to download something to unlock this wonderful opportunity which in the end will end up costing you and not being wonderful at all. I just do not see how one can make money typing online. It does not make sense to me. And it seems that from what you saw and looked through, it really does not exist.

    • Hi Emily

      Thanks for visiting. My experience says no you can’t but I have heard other people saying that you can. I would love to know where!

      Kind Regards

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