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Are Taking Online Surveys Really Worth Your Time?

Can you Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Can you make money taking online surveys? This is the question I have been asked so many times by others and that I have asked myself in the past.

I have spent a lot of time searching for and trying out online survey companies. I have personally tried out every one I came across before reviewing them. In general I have found this way of trying to make money online incredibly disappointing.

The best experience I have found so far was with Answered Insight surveys which is a South African company. I have been with them for a number of years and the reason why I really like them is because they are honest, they don’t mess you around at all with regards to the surveys and they pay out with no fuss. I have made a little bit of extra income through them and I still do their surveys when they get sent to me, just because hey the points add up after a long while and then it is nice to cash out a little extra. Click here to read my full review.

I have also found a lot of success with Clixsense, doing surveys and clicking on ads. You can read my review of Clixsense here.

Another legitimate and honest survey company is Opinion Outpost, click here to read my review.

Then there are the online surveys companies that say you can make money taking online surveys but I have yet to see proof of this myself. These companies appear to be reputable and quite popular online. The reason I never cashed out on these websites myself is simple, it just took too long to even reach the cash out threshold even once. I was not prepared to put that amount of time and effort in to get there. Read my reviews on I Say Surveys and Toluna. It appears to me that these companies are more about creating a fun, social space for people to connect. Something suitable to bored teenagers that have nothing to do with their time but mess around online in the hopes they can cash out enough to buy a milkshake on the weekend.

Now to the really bad ones, the ones that say that you can make money online but all they do is mess you around from start to finish and try and get you to hand over your personal information so they can spam you. They try and get you to take up paid offers to con you into spending your money instead of earning. The ones that really just ticked me off and made me want to throw my laptop! If you are serious about earning money, do your best to avoid Get Cash for Surveys, Only Cash Surveys and Mintvine.

Can you make money taking online surveys from home? Well yes, I suppose you can.

The real question here is what do you mean by money?

When I talk about money I am referring to paying for my children’s school fees, saving up to buy a new house or perhaps a new car. I am not talking about making millions here, I am just talking about making a real difference to my life. If I can make more money getting a part time job for the weekends than I can from doing something online, where would I bother with it?

If you are a broke student, bored and wanting to buy a can of Coca Cola in a week’s time by doing something brainless and annoying all day every day… then yeah this is for you. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

But if you are like me give the online surveys a skip and try something else, anything else. In fact rather sit at home and do absolutely nothing with your time. Have a rest or read a book. At least you will be gaining something from your time!

What is your experience with taking online surveys? Do you agree with me or perhaps you have found success and enjoyment from taking online surveys to earn extra money?

Are you tired of trying to make money online and keep getting disappointed? Have a look at my #1 Recommendation for making money online!

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