Why the Buyer’s Journey is So Important in Online Sales – And three factors that make the difference

The way we use technology has changed drastically throughout the last few years. These days it’s much more common to google queries and find products or services online, than to look for solutions through any other means. The way we search online has changed too, with so much more digital accessories available at our fingertips almost everybody is constantly online throughout the day.

Because of this businesses need to change how they market their products. This is reflected in the new phenomena of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is customer centric, with a heavy emphasis on placing a company in the best position to allow customers to find them. This method is based on the idea of the buyer’s journey.

Why the Buyers Journey is so Important in Online Sales

The buyer’s journey is the understanding of the steps a potential customer makes in their process of considering a product. This journey begins in the initial stage wherein the potential customer is a stranger to your product or services and discovers your platform. Following this the visitor to your site will become aware of what you offer and begin the consideration stage. Finally there is the decision stage, which consists of the client choosing whether or not to make a purchase.

At each stage you want to offer the potential customer what they’re looking for at that point of time. You need to tailor your onpage content to be skewed towards what the buyer is searching for. It’s important to remember that a customer can visit your website at any point in the buyer’s journey, your content needs to reflect this.

In your consideration of online sales it’s important to understand your buyer’s journey, these are the three most significant factors to work on to help your website sell more:

  1.     Relevant Traffic

Relevant traffic is visitors to your platform who are curious about your product or service. If your traffic is not the right kind of people or from the right sources, you won’t be making any sales. So it’s a key concern in online marketing to attract the right traffic.

Even if your platform is flooded with visitors you could possibly not be making any sales. This is because the traffic you’re receiving is irrelevant to your product.

  1.     Keywords

Keywords will help your clients find you online. Doing the necessary research into popular search terms for your particular product will boost your chances of being ranked on Google. It’s also important to have particular focus around the buyer’s journey and remember that customers may visit your website at any particular step. Your keywords should reflect this, as should your content based around them.

  1.     Create Good Content

Never skimp out on creating informative content that is helpful to the customer. The better your content is, the longer visitors will spend on your page and the more likely your pages are to be shared and referenced. Pages with fantastic content will always rank higher on google than those without. Your content should be based around your keywords – around what your buyers are looking for.

Utilising these tools while constantly considering the buyer’s journey will help you boost sales on your site at a good rate. These factors will create a quality site that visitors are pleased to find when searching for information about a product. Remember that building credibility takes time, stay consistent with quality content published regularly and you’ll be in the best position to improve your chances of customers finding you.


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