Business Cards 101: Complete Guide

In today’s digital age of numerous social media platforms, a lot of us might believe that having a business card is no longer relevant. Or a business card is still important only for elite career individuals such as Lawyers, Investment Bankers, Senior Executives, Surgeons and the like.

As far as these assumptions go, nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is business cards will continue to remain an essential tool within a person’s individual brand package.   From the good old plain designs to today’s fashionable, flashy patterns or styles. Business cards have improved over time even as new print technologies develop and more uses for it occurs.

So if you’re a career person or business owner having second thoughts about whether to get one for your business, think again.   Do not ignore the power of that little card. They may not be popular anymore. They may look small. But as far as your marketing strategy is concerned, they still do pack a punch.  Why You Should Always Carry A Business Card Around

If you are a self-employed freelancer, a professional or searching for a job, you need your very own business card. Here are some of the immense benefits that make having your business card a real no-brainer.

  1. Business Cards Are Affordable: For most job seekers and upcoming small business, spending budget is always an issue. When comes to business cards, a little initial investment can do a whole lot and go a long way. Nowadays, at some sites like joinprint.com/au/business-cards business cards are highly affordable. They are also the most cost-effective self-marketing option available. For only a few cents apiece, and even less if you get it in bulk, you get a strong marketing tool for next to nothing.
  2. Business Cards Are Convenient And Versatile: Despite its seemingly small size and nimble appearance, the average business card carries a lot of critical information about the owner that he or she would have ordinarily forgotten to share with potential clients or employers. And yes, they are convenient enough to be carried in a suit pocket, or a wallet for easy storage.
  3. They Give You A Professional Edge: Carrying a business card with you gives other people the impression that you’re disciplined and a professional. It is well-known that you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression in a first meeting. Guess what? A simple business card is a dependable way to do just that.
  4. The Best Self Promotion Tools Yes, having an email address, a website and or social media pages is all well and good. But what if you find yourself in a time-conscious client or with an audience for which such platforms are not so important? Well, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, business cards are the most effective direct marketing and networking tools.    While on a bus, at a business meeting, sharing your cards with people you meet there could be more effective than merely exchanging numbers.   Who knows? These people may remember you when they need you or your business, or better yet, refer them to their acquaintances.

The bottom line from all of this is simple. If you truly have any ambitions of getting ahead, get a business card and carry some with you always



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