Business Blues – How To Solve The 4 Biggest Problems New Business Owners Face

New businesses rarely make it past the first four years. In some instances, the entrepreneur prefers to go back to being employed because the pressure is too severe. In other cases, it’s a lack of direction which leads to difficulty in achieving business goals. Fortunately, for every challenge that exists, there’s a solution. Here are four simple solutions for common issues faced by new businesses:

  1. Lowered Monthly Overheads And Improved Corporate Image

Startup costs can be astronomical. Pair that with ongoing monthly overheads and you have a recipe for pressure. One of the most expensive necessities is an aesthetic office. It helps a business look established which inspires trust in clients. Avoid the astronomical fees associated with creating a presentable office by making use of a serviced office. You’re able to meet and greet clients professionally, work comfortably, and you can step into a managed and established premise. 

  1. How to Build A Highly-Effective Team

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. The link doesn’t refer to individual employees, it refers to the working relationship between your team members. Dissatisfied workers, office gossip, poor goal-setting and weak management can lead to a faltering team. One of the fastest ways to build a strong team is by adopting good leadership strategies and practices. Establish a company culture and communicate that with your teams. Another way to keep the team focusing on achieving the company’s long-term goals is to keep reminding them of the goals. It’s okay to sound like a stuck record, as long as you partner the goals with actionable steps. 

Business problems

  1. How To Get Seen 

Any new business will tell you that their greatest stress is not getting enough new leads into the company. Visibility is key, but more than visibility is brand authority. It’s all good and well to have your adverts appearing on people’s social media feeds – but what makes you different from the next guy advertising the same goods/services? Establish yourself as an authority in your field by reaching out to the media. Get your name published by others. Publicity is slow work but it turns your brand into a familiar name in households. Nothing attracts business as fast as trust. 

  1. How To Achieve Your Goals

Have you found yourself thinking about the goals you’d like to achieve n your business? It can be difficult to translate those into achievable milestones. The key to successfully achieving your goals lies in focusing on the action rather than the outcome. For example, instead of saying you’d like to increase your profits in 2020, focus on gaining 10 more leads each month. It takes some calculating before you reach your numbers but break the big goal down. If you want to grow your profits by 2%, then calculate how much you need to increase your monthly sales. To achieve those sales, how many extra leads do you need? To find those leads, how can you change your marketing strategy? It’s all about actionable steps. 

If you’re researching ways to simplify the startup period, you’re already on the way to solving your problems and moving onward, to success.


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