Business Bills: What Are Your Options?

In business, as in life, you’re always going to have bills to pay. No matter how small your business is to start off with, or how big you come to be, you will find that you’re going to have to pay some of your hard earned cash into your business expenses. And sometimes, this isn’t always a bad thing, as you get tax graces for doing so! But, it can still stress you out to know you have to spend the money in the first place. So, when it comes to first setting up your business, you’re going to need to make sure that you know what you have to pay, and how to save on those bills too.

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First of all, you’re always going to have your communications bills. Whether you’re an online or an offline business, you’re going to want to get these payments right. You’re going to want to consider the services that you need, and then look into the best business providers for everything to see which can be the best for you. Sometimes, getting a package deal on your telephone, cell phone plans, and internet can work out cheapest for your business, sometimes you can work your magic and negotiate on them individually. So be sure to shop around to get the best price for the service you need.

State Permits

Then you’ve also got to think about the permits that you’re required to get too. Every state has their own licensing requirements, so you should think about these payments as you’re setting everything up too. Get your permit and licensing applications in as early as you can; then you can work out the fees. You may have state taxes to pay too. And while you aren’t likely to be able to negotiate any of them, by sorting them out early, you will know what you need to pay and can factor it all into your planning.

Business Bills

Subscriptions & Services

Will there be any services you need to subscribe to? Whether it’s a software package or contacts database, be sure to shop around for the best and most cost-effective service for what you need. Then, think about the terms you’re agreeing to too, just to make sure you’re happy with them.


Next up, utilities. Again, whether you’re looking into getting onga pumps or you want a state of the art underfloor heating system, shop around. You need to cover off everything from gas and electric to the water rates your business will need to pay here. It can be expensive, but if you shop around and negotiate a good deal, you should find a price that works for you.


And, of course, you’ve also got the cost of rent to be thinking about too. In most cases, this is going to be fixed, so you will know what you have to pay upfront. But you may also find that there are communal maintenance fees that you have to pay too. So be sure you know the entire cost before you sign a lease.


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