Bring The Fresh Review: Great Product, pity about the upsells!

Bring The Fresh Review
Overall Ranking: 75/100
Price: $47 and lots of upsells
Website: www.bringthefresh.com

Introduction: What is Bring The Fresh?

Bring The Fresh is a training program that will teach you how to make money through affiliate marketing. It will take you step by step through the process of building your website, doing research, monetizing your website and how to market your website.

What is Bring The Fresh

Who is Bring The Fresh for?

This will be suitable for anyone that wants to start making money online. It is great for complete beginners and for anyone that has been trying to make money online but not succeeded.

Pros and Cons


  • Once off membership fee of $47
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • The owner, Kelly Felix, is well known and respected in the industry
  • Good, solid training without the hype
  • Training is kept up to date


  • There is no free trial which I don’t like at all
  • There are lots of upsells once you are a member and there is no warning about this before you join
  • Not everything is included in the basic once of membership, you might need to purchase some upsells to get the real benefit of this program

Bring The Fresh Training

There is a video series on how to get your website started, which will show you exactly how to set up your affiliate website. There is video training on tools and resources as well as success stories.

You can also check the forum archives for information.

Bring The Fresh Support

Bring The Fresh has a very active forum, with over 10 000 active members. If you are stuck with anything it is easy to get someone to help and guide you. You can also find the owner, Kelly Felix, answering some questions within the forum which is not something you find often.

There is also an FAQ section, if you can’t find your answer there you can add your question.

What does Bring The Fresh Cost?

There is a once off membership fee of $47. Once inside there are various upsells which is a bit annoying.

Is Bring The Fresh a Scam?

Definitely not, this is one of those great products you don’t find often.

Can you make money with Bring The Fresh?

Yes definitely. Their training is solid and useful, they will guide you to start your own online business. It will take some time as this is a real opportunity and not a scam that claims you will make thousands overnight.

My Verdict for Bring The Fresh

For a once off fee of $47 you really can’t go wrong with this program! If you are starting off online and finances are limited I would really recommend this program as it is a once off cost. The training, support and community in this program are great.

However long term I can’t see this program offering everything you need to know about online marketing, but as a starting point I highly recommend Bring The Fresh.

Bring The Fresh Review
Overall Ranking: 75/100
Price: $47 and lots of upsells
Website: www.bringthefresh.com



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  1. Bring the Fresh does sound like a fruitful program but the fact that it has upsells is very off putting.

    I think for now I will just stick to Wealthy Affiliate to be honest. I can find everything I currently need there, all in one place. Plus the awesome community.

    Great review though. I enjoyed learning about this training program even if though I will probably have to give it a miss for now.


    • Hi Hannah, if you are with Wealthy Affiliate you are at the best place! I would not advise trying anything else out, well not unless I find something better 🙂 If I do find something better I will let you know.

  2. Hello there,

    Great post, I hate Up-sells it makes you paying and no getting any services, happy to see you are reviewing the good and the bad i appreciate your effort, and i believe that the 60 days money guarantee of Bring The Fresh is not guaranteed! either you continue paying and accept the up-sells or you forget about your $47!, thanks for sharing this helpful review.

    • Thanks Ehab, you get quite a lot for the $47, but not everything you need. That comes in the up-sells unfortunately. I find up-sells very off-putting too! They are a very reputable company, I do believe they will stand by their 60 days guarantee. However I would really think a free trial would be so much better than offering money back! If the product is great then it will be perfect to offer a free trial, the product will speak for itself!

  3. I appreciate reviews so much in today’s market. I was really thinking that this site would be different. If I would not have read a review then I would have to find out the hard way and waste my money. Let me ask you, is Wealthy Affiliate different?

  4. Hello Lynne , I had read some reviews in the past about this program and some of them were positive , some were saying this was a legit but mediocre training.

    Is this only courses about affiliate marketing?…Are they offering any tools?…like keyword research , website builder?

    If I pay these $47 I become a member for a lifetime and take the training?…The up-sells do not make me nervous at all , I can easily avoid them.

    Thanks for this review , I am going to check them out in a few days.

    • Hi Tasos, yes you can avoid the up-sells… but I would imagine that the training they provide is limited so you would come to a stand still…. and this is where the up-sells come in!

      They offer a website builder, an article spinner and creation tool….. but they do not offer hosting so you will need to get that else where. No keyword research tool is included unfortunately.

  5. Hi there,
    Bring the fresh looks good. But I don´t like the upsells also. I don´t see what I´ll get for that.
    So if you find some better option, let me know. Wealthy affiliate looks better right now.

  6. hi Lynne
    well it is refreshing to see a good program for once! There are so many scams out there that it is nice to read about a honest (well somewhat) program. I personally hate upsells too so I would not be a fan of that were I to join. But a one time $47 fee is awesome! Especially if it actually includes lessons that guide you in building a site. And the community! It is so rare to find an active community in most programs. It is a big plus for me.

    • Hi Emily, yes that is what makes Bring The Fresh attractive to me, the community aspect. However I am part of another community already that is outstanding, so I personally don’t have any use for this program. It is a great getting started option though!A once off fee is much more appealing for those that don’t want a monthly commitment.

  7. HI Lynne,

    I am getting pretty into blogging these days and starting to implement affiliate marketing in an attempt to monetize the blog. It really is a bummer that Bring the Fresh doesn’t have a free trail yet does have a lot of up-sells. I think any legit company should let you try before you buy. However for $47 it does seem like you can get some decent training for a cheap price. I appreciate the information.


    • Yes for a once off $47 I suppose it is not bad for what you get, however my personal opinion is that when you are working online you need to constantly be staying up to date and learning. The internet and technology is changing so fast and you need to keep up. Even the so called online marketing gurus need to keep up with what they know.

      For this reason I favor an online platform where you have access to training that is kept up to date and where you can interact easily with other members. This makes Wealthy Affiliate the best place for me, they have the best training I have ever come across and there is always something new being added and older training is updated constantly to stay up to date with the times!

  8. This looks like a great review. I know that there is a learning platform that I would prefer over this one even though this one looks pretty great, and that is WA. This company comes with a free trial and awesome perks like online webinars and stuff. Keep up the good work with your reviews though!

  9. Hi Lynne
    I really love your honest reviews. But I have a problem login into my account in Wealthy Affiliate; every time I try login I am told “We were unable to find a user account with the credentials provided.” I even tried to create a new account and I still encounter thsame problem. Besides, there is no support center; how do I solve this problem? Please help me out.

    • Hi Nashb

      Opening a new account certainly won’t work. You can only have one account at an IP address so that could now be causing complications. I just sent at email to the owners and I am sure it will be attended to soon. I will also ask within the community if anyone else has had this problem. It will be sorted out soon for you.

  10. Dear Lynne,

    Thanks for the great and in-depth review on Bring the Fresh. I got new insights from your review on the product and very helpful. Reading reviews will help us to know about the products and will save our time. Thanks for helping many people via your review. Keep up the great work I will come back to your website to learn more information. Wishing you all success!

    Your Friend,

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