Brain Boosters – 5 Surprising Methods to Improve Your Concentration and Productivity

Everyone, at some point, will struggle with concentration and productivity. It’s a natural part of being human. However, how you deal with it can make all the difference in how you feel at the end of a busy day. If you’re struggling with how productive you are, or your concentration levels, then read on. Here are five surprising methods to combat unproductivity before it starts to impact your life:   


Most people know that exercise is beneficial for your physical health and wellbeing, but what about your mental health? Something as simple as hiring a professional personal trainer can result in benefits you may not have even known existed.

From memory boosting and stress reduction to improved attention and less anxiety, there’s a lot to be said for working up a sweat. Scientists have also found that those who exercise regularly tend to have a more generous portion of the brain dedicated to thinking and memory.


The most frustrating thing about losing concentration during the working week is that it doesn’t help your workload. Your mind may wander from the task at hand, but it doesn’t make the work go away. Fortunately, methods such as mindfulness can help to bring back that attention and focus so that you can combat that ever-growing work pile.

In a seven-year study, researchers determined that practicing mindfulness, which is a form of meditation, resulted in less mental decline relating to aging, sustained focus, better attention, and feelings of emotional well-being. They might be all the things you’re missing.

Work in Cycles

Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to productivity and concentration. After all, you can’t expect to work a full eight-and-a-half-hour day and remain 100 percent focused through every part of it. 

Your brain naturally works in 90-minute cycles before brain fog starts to set in. Set yourself tasks that run for that length of time, then do something that requires less brainpower for 20 minutes. You can then restart that 90-minute cycle. You’ll be amazed at how much extra work you will get done.

Understand Your Body Clock

Even though everyone works in cycles, most people also have their own unique body clock. This clock highlights when you are most productive and when you are not. If you are struggling with productivity, then take note of when you notice those feelings the most. You can then prioritize your most important work before then, and anything else around it.

Some people start the day with a bang in the morning, while others don’t tend to reach their peak until the afternoon. Everyone is different, so don’t fight against how your body works.

Get Off Your Phone

We spend an awful amount of time on our mobile phones. While they have become essential work tools, they are also stopping us from being our most productive selves. If you can’t help but check your social feeds at every waking moment, then it’s time to get tough.

If possible, turn off your notifications. Allow yourself the use of your phone during breaks, or only for work purposes during the day. Making a mental decision to cut back on smartphone use can result in significant time savings and productivity.

There is no quick fix for improving your concentration and productivity. However, there are certainly plenty of methods to help in the process. Commit to exercise, try meditation, and get to grips with your body clock and production cycle. You can then add hours of productive work time to your schedule every week.


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