Best Practices for Setting up an Effective Twitter Account

What started out as a site for social conversations is now leading the marketing industry as both small businesses and major corporations are taking advantage of using Twitter to market their businesses, products, and services to the public. Each day, nearly 8,000 tweets are sent out on Twitter every second. That should tell you right there how powerful the platform is.

Best Practices for Setting Up An Effective Twitter Account

Twitter Encourages User Purchases

Twitter offers a way for you to connect with current and potential clients. Chatting with a client on social media helps to gain their trust, respect, and loyalty. While many individuals take to social media platforms to check on celebrity gossip, news or to discuss other topics, most visitors are really looking for products to purchase. The following are some interesting facts about purchases and Twitter users:

  • 69 percent of users have purchased something online because of Twitter
  • 93 percent of users plan on buying something from the business they are currently following
  • 66 percent of Twitter users have been introduced to new businesses through Twitter

Setting Up Your Twitter Account

Impressed yet? You should be. Now it’s time to get your account up and running on Twitter. Start by signing up for a new account, and then make a professional profile with an updated photo that also looks professional. The photo is important as most clients want to put a face with the products and services you offer and it also shows that you are so sure of your products or services that you are willing to put your face on it, this says a lot. Check out some other twitter feeds of music law attorneys to get an idea of how they set up their profiles.

Once you are all set up you can start sharing content by sending out tweets. If you would like to point out certain remarks or make something searchable, you can add a hashtag (the number sign #) to it so that when someone searches for the same content your hashtag will show up in their search feed.


What To Do Next

In addition, try to send out at least 20 or 30 tweets per week to show that you are active. Also, it helps to start a conversation by posting content on current events or other good topics that others might engage in. After trying one subject to strike up a conversation, you can always post another if that doesn’t work. You should plan on taking out at least a few minutes per day to chat with your clients which will certainly have positive impacts. Engaging with clients helps gain their loyalty and trust.

Another thing you can do is find people to follow and most of them will follow you as well. Promote your business and let people know what services you have to offer. You can even help answer people’s questions about legal issues and maybe give some free advice. With your new Twitter account, you are bound to get more clients to take notice of your firm and maybe even use your services.




  1. Awesome post Sandi. This post is particularly useful to me because I’m not an active Twitter user. I use it only to see updates by some celebrities, probably I log on to my Twitter account once a month. 

    Your post has motivated me to use Twitter platform in better ways. Statistics you’ve shown are indeed good numbers. I’ll surely practice to use Twitter slowly now and start growing my business through it. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article. It will be useful to many. 

  2. Hi Lynne, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. A tweeter is getting more and more popular and I think it is a great way to use it as an affiliate marketer. I have never used it so I will follow your guide and hope to set it up just like it should.

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