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Best Online Marketing Training Program: Detailed Insiders View

Best Online Marketing training program

If you read my previous post about making money online fast you will know that I consider training a vital part of making money online, and not just any training, you want to know the right way to do things.

If you are a complete newbie to working online what you really need is a step by step guide which will teach you how to make money online. So what is the best online marketing training program?

Yes you got it, my #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate University, you can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

I mentioned in my review that they have a great training program, but I didn’t go into too much detail in my review. This post is going to give you some insight into how incredible this program is and why I suggest you choose Wealthy Affiliate University if you are considering building your own online business.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate University the Best Online Marketing Training Program?

I will give you some insight into the actual training a bit later on (and you DON”T want to miss that), but here are the things I love about this training program:

You get a lot for FREE

Yes completely free! ‘

Yeah I know, all those scams also say you can make money online for free… well they lie don’t they? How many times have you looked into it and you end up having to pay? With Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to give them anything but your email address to get started. This is not a free trial, this is a free membership. No need to ever upgrade unless you want to and no pressure either which is refreshing! And if you never upgrade you never have to give any credit card or Paypal details to them.

So what exactly do you get for free?


They are UPFRONT and OPEN

So what do I mean by this? Exactly what I said really. How many times have you come across an opportunity to make money online but you can’t quite figure out how? They make outrageous claims that you will be making money (buckets of it) and fast… yes like right now! Ok great, so lets look past the pictures of fake checks and all the other red flags for scams and see where do they really explain to you the HOW will you be doing this?

Yes they tell you exactly HOW you will make money online, and they make no false promises of riches overnight.

Here is good example of what I mean by this, read this scam review I wrote recently for a training course on affiliate marketing that is running in South Africa at the moment and when you are done reading these posts just compare them.

They offer support as well as training

They have an amazing interactive community with 24 hour live chat so if you get stuck with anything you will have help within minutes. For me personally this is amazing. I started working online 4 years ago as a complete newbie and something I really struggled with was getting help when I got stuck. I sometimes spent days searching online for a solution to a problem I had and this was very discouraging. It is amazing to get stuck and within minutes have support and suggestions from other members, some of them are incredibly successful online marketers and have loads of experience.

I have also often been assisted by Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University. They are often hanging out in live chat so if you watch out for them you can ask a question and get an immediate answer.

There are also various classrooms where you can ask a question and get help.

The training is task based and practical

This is not a class where you take notes and go home at the end of the day and DO nothing. You are trained while you set up your business. Each lesson teaches you something and at the end of that lesson you are given tasks to do. It is step by step where Kyle takes you by the hand and walks you through everything. Each lesson has written instructions and a video too so you can actually see what he is doing and how which I find very helpful and easy to follow.

If you do get stuck you just ask your question in that classroom and like I mentioned above you will be helped.

The community spirit is truly give and take

Networking with like-minded people and being able to talk to successful online marketers is a great opportunity. And by successful online marketers I am talking about real people, not these so called internet gurus that make millions overnight… because they aren’t real!

You can ask for help from the community and you will get it. Likewise once you have spent a bit of time and start knowing your way around you will have the opportunity to help newer members.

I used to love Facebook, but this community kicks ass. This is my new favorite social network by far!

White Hat Techniques and up to date methods

There are so many training platforms teaching outdated methods. The training here focuses only on white hat methods and everything is updated, there is also always something new being added. This means that you will always find new training available, I’ll get into that a little later on in this post.

What training do you get if you are a Premium member?

Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses 2 – 5

Each course has 10 lessons, video training, tasks and classrooms where you can ask questions. By the time you are finished these courses you will be well on your way with your online business.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp Phases 2 – 7

As with the online entrepreneur certification courses the affiliate bootcamp phases also each have 10 lessons which includes video training, tasks and classrooms.

This is great training for promoting Wealthy Affiliate, if you choose to do so. Even if you choose not to promote Wealthy Affiliate and decide to go for a completely different niche I really suggest you go through this training anyway. It will give you some great insight into affiliate marketing that you can implement in any niche.

Weekly Live Training Webinars

Yes every single week there is a 1 hour live webinar with live Q & A at the end, this is absolutely outstanding. Each live webinar is recorded and added to the training area so not to worry if you miss them, you can access them at any time.

There is a live webinar happening today 12 February 2016 and this is one I just don’t want to miss! I am interested in building some more websites in different niches this year, think about it the more websites you have the more residual income you can make… and just look how popular these webinars are, 817 members have already registered and I still have to register.


I have found these webinars to be incredibly helpful. They are given by Jay, a very insightful and successful online marketer, that is a member of Wealthy Affiliate University. He is also available to chat to on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Here are just some of the webinars I loved… there are tons more to go through. Remember you need to be a Premium member to access these awesome training resources…

Click on the heading or image to be taken directly though to that webinar at Wealthy Affiliate.

Finding High Traffic Keywords Webinar

Ok so if you know anything yet about online marketing you will have heard about the importance of keywords so you will see the value already of a 1 hour video training that is rated 9.8 out of 10 right? If you know nothing about online marketing yet, let me just tell you that without knowing how to find and target keywords you may as well not be online. This is an absolutely essential part of online marketing.

This was a mind blowing webinar and I’ve been back to refresh my memory a few times. Packed with over the shoulder training and information that you just don’t want to miss.


Jay’s 10 Step Process on Getting Content to Rank

A question I have been asked over and over again is how do you get your website on page 1 of Google. Oh wow, that is a very big question. Your website as such is not going to just be on page 1 of Google. Each post you write has keywords (see above) and each page on your website has its own authority, your domain has its own authority and each keyword you target has its own rank.

Everything you do affects everything else. This is like one big massive puzzle and you need to be working on little pieces all the time. Each piece of the puzzle you put in correctly helps the whole puzzle. Think of your website as a living, breathing person. You cannot just give food and no water to a person and expect them to survive right? You need to give water, food, shelter, security… and it goes deeper than that you must give nutritious food, not just any old food! If you continuously give a person all the right and good things, he will grow big and strong.

The same goes for your website.

This webinar on getting your website to rank puts together a whole stack of very important pieces of this huge puzzle. This is a webinar I highly recommend you check out.

Keyword Competition Analysis

Ok so you’ve got your keyword research training done, awesome! You’ve done the training on how to get your content ranked… so why are your keywords not ranking on page 1 of Google?

Here is another golden puzzle piece that Jay shares with you. Yes you do your research and there may only be 20 people competing for one keyword, it sounds perfect right? Well no, not always!

Who are those 20 people you are competing with? How strong are those websites and can you beat their rank? If you can’t beat them and get onto page 1 for that keyword then you may as well not even bother writing that post!

This training will show you how to really take a good look at your competition and see whether you can outrank them or not. Remember if you are not on page 1 you really aren’t being seen. Most people just don’t bother clicking through to page 2!

Another webinar that is just essential to your online success…

On a personal note, this webinar really got my brain juices going. The week after completing this webinar I started ranking much higher on a regular, consistent basis.

Evergreen Content Walkthrough

Yes there are great high traffic keywords trending right now… but what sort of traffic will those keywords have in 5 years time? So perhaps I have reviewed a scam on this website that gives me a huge amount of traffic now… but it is a scam and eventually that website will go bang and be removed so that post won’t be getting traffic one day. How do we write “evergreen” content?

How do we write content today that will continue to give us traffic forever? Yip, you guessed what I am going to say! Another GEM brought to you by Jay!

6 Week Schedule to Profits

This is quite explanatory, yes Jay will show you his blueprint to making a profit from your website in just 6 weeks. This is a step by step guide starting from building your website from scratch to earning a profit. I do think you need to complete all the step by step training given by Kyle first (both the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp) before attempting this one… but like I mentioned before once you know how to set up your website and you have some experience being an online marketer you can then just rinse and repeat! Once you know what you are doing you can set up multiple websites in different niches and have multiple streams of residual income!

Yes you can actually make tons of money… but remember you will need to do a lot of training and practice what you learn. This is not impossible to do, it will take some time but if you just access all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer there is nothing standing in your way but yourself!

Yes ANOTHER gem from Jay! And the beauty here is there are so many so called internet gurus offering you the world… well I say follow Jay instead, this guy knows his stuff! And you can chat to him there on Wealthy Affiliate. If you join these webinars live there is live Q & A afterwards with him.


SEO Site Audit (Hot Seat)

This was another great training webinar and I’ll tell you why. In this training Jay looked at a number of Wealthy Affiliate members website posts and gave it a full audit. Before the webinar you could submit a post that you would like to get the “hot seat” and yes you guessed it, I couldn’t resist and I sent in my Jeunesse review post. Just imagine my excitement (and downright fear) when I got confirmation that my post would be one of the hot seat posts in this live webinar!

It was an incredible experience.

So what Jay does here is he shows you how to look at your post and see what is working and what is not. Is there something you missed when you published your post? He shows you what he looks at when he evaluates content. Follow this and you can go back and update your old content and rank even higher.

Another not to be missed golden nugget from Jay.


Are you seeing anything of value yet? The thing here is that these few training webinars of Jay’s that I have shared doesn’t even make a dent in the amount of Webinars you can access there plus there is a new live Webinar added every single week!

In addition to that Jay isn’t the only member there that is adding training…. there are loads of successful online markets at Wealthy Affiliate and plenty of additional training added by members all the time.

If you go to the search bar at the top of the platform and just type in “how to” you will see there are a lot of resources. Any question you may have will most likely have an answer already and you will be able to find it easily. If you don’t find anything that helps you, then just type in your question and the community will help you.


And here is me at Wealthy Affiliate. I have also published some training there and I will happily help you to the best of my ability any time. This community is about give and take and I absolutely love it! I hope to see you there.


I’m not sure if you can see what I am seeing here? Yes it is the best online marketing training program you will ever set your eyes upon.

I find it quite amusing when people ask me how long I plan on spending $47 per month at Wealthy Affiliate University…. leave this place? Are you kidding me? Not a chance buddy I am in for life! As long as I am working online I will be a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Of all my expenses I cannot think of anything that gives me more value for my money!

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate University and learn how to make money online!

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please leave a comment and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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