Benefits of Learning to Code

Stuck at home and bored due to the current health risk and reduced socialization? This is a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Programming has always seemed reserved for only the smartest, but that prejudice has seen a decline lately and more and more people are interested in coding.

It’s always hard to start something new you don’t know much about so I wanted to know what benefits coding can offer for your current career and what to expect if you decide to program full time. LEARN academy was eager to tell me just that.

Improve Intelligence

Well not literally, but the way coding works is that it looks at a problem from a distance and then divides this one big obstacle into more, smaller ones which are much easier to overcome. By doing so you make it possible to solve something by taking a few smaller steps instead of one seemingly impossible leap.

Through the use of coding language you can insert your solution into a computer thus creating a code that does just that – solves a problem. It’s not just about learning a computer language used to input different commands.

The entire idea revolves around you overcoming difficulties in order to create one working solution that helps everybody. You can apply this method of thinking to resolve issues that seemed impossible before.

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Improve Your Career

There’s a lot of opportunity for career growth in the IT sector, and right now people who opt for that type of job are considered safe in terms of regular income. Not only that, the sky’s the limit when it comes to programming because there’s always room to improve, learn something new and use those skills to find a better job and earn more money.

If you are willing to pursue this then you can put your mind at ease because the market for programming is only growing as the years pass, and it’s not true that only experts get the opportunity. It’s an open market and everyone’s welcome.

Coding also positively affects your current work as you can apply things you’ve learned onto your daily routine, and find different ways to perform your tasks. Programming offers flexible working hours if you decide to pursue it alongside your current job.

You can freelance and be hired for one project at a time so you are not constrained to a 9-5 office, instead, you can arrange your working hours the way you see fit, as long as the project is completed in time.

More Money

More job opportunities and room for advancement surely brings more money. The skills you learn can be applied to both your current career and also try something new. People who learn to code find it easier to start their own projects because they know, or at least are in the process of learning how to materialize their own ideas, thanks to the ability to branch one big problem into a few smaller ones and slowly work your way to the goal.

The money is more or less a side effect and becomes secondary, and there’s more than enough if you are willing to put the effort.

Realize Your Ideas

Perhaps the most important aspect of coding. Being able to realize what you have on your mind and put it in words is powerful. If you can think it you can code it is the ultimate goal which allows the imagination to go wild and with the use of the right tools create things you never thought were possible.

Being able to code yourself will ensure that idea remains intact or unspoiled by other developers who might alter it the way they see fit. Coding is one of the most creative jobs of today and possibilities are endless, you never know if you have what it takes unless you try, and if you try hard enough you might surprise yourself.


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. I remember the first time I looked at computer code when trying to resolve an IT problem. It looked absolutely terrifying and I was so worried about making a mistake and breaking everything. I followed some instructions and managed to fix the problem without causing any other issues.

    I have done this a few times now and feel slightly more comfortable about using code now. I had never considered learning how to code properly but I can definitely see the benefits for my business. Thanks for putting this out there and I am going to look into it a bit more now and see if it’s a feasible option for me.



  2. I have never thought of learning about coding but your article has made me very curious and once I have a bit of time I will definitely follow the instructions you mention on your website. Especially the idea of putting a big problem in small pieces and solve them one by one seem very sensible. Do I have to have basic programming knowledge or can I be a total beginner? Would love to hear your opinion and thank you for this post!

  3. Good points in your post and having learned a lot more about the online world I am getting interested in coding and a few other marketing ideas along with it.  

    I see this as a value to anyone who gets what you are telling them and has the adventurous spirit to jump into something new.  I have been figuring that if the niche websites don’t take off sufficiently I can probably find work in the online industry building and marketing for others.  

    I see ads all the time in the job posting for online assistance and plan a product launch of my own soon.  

    Thank you for the hint toward the coding idea.  Can’t be that hard.  I learned Fortran writing and compiling those programs and watched from a distance while my dad and youngest brother learned and programmed in Basic. Thank you, Chris.   

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