Being Sued: It’s A Reality When You Own A Business!

Any business can be sued; it’s a risk that comes with launching your own venture. As the owner of a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that when it comes to the possibility of being sued, you have limited the risk in every way possible. Of course, doing so is easier said than done – a lot of business owners are unsure of the steps that they need to take to limit their risk of being sued. Below, we will take a look at the actions that you can take today, to limit your chance of being sued, and also to protect yourself and your company, should the worst happen.

Being sued when you own a business

Be mindful of your actions

When it comes to how you run your business, it is vital that you are mindful of your actions, as well as what you say and do. Your business’s image is important, it is the key to your success, so it’s vital that you do not do anything that could have a negative impact on it. This means being careful of what you say, such as not making any libellous or slanderous comments verbally or in written form. It also means being mindful of the type of business you do and who you do it with – aka you need to be careful of who you are seen to be doing business with. You need to ensure that your company’s ethics are never compromised.

Protect yourself & your business

If case the worst should happen, and your business ends up being sued, it pays to put protection in place so that no matter what happens, you are covered. Every business should have insurance in place, to ensure that no matter what happens, they are covered. For example, in case an employee or visitor slips and falls at your premises, it’s vital that you have public liability insurance in place to cover the cost of any court cases or claims. To make sure that you get the best deal on your business insurance, it pays to shop around for business insurance quotes, so that you can get the best price for your cover. The fact is you can’t run a business without adequate insurance cover in place, so it’s vital that this is one of the first things that you do.

Keep your personal life & business separate

A mistake that no business owner should make is failing to separate their personal life from their business. The issue with not separating yourself from your business is that should your company get sued, your personal assets, such as your home and car, could become collateral. The best way to prevent these kinds of problems is to register your business as a limited company so that it is separate by law from your personal assets. By separating your business from your personal life, you ensure that your assets are safe no matter what happens with your business.

No one wants to get sued, but if you run a business, there is always a chance that you will be. That is why it is so vital to know how to protect yourself and your business so that a court case of claim doesn’t bring your corporation to its knees.


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