Be Our Guest! How to Make Your Family-Run B&B Inn Prosper

With the rising prices of flights and trips abroad, the staycation has become a more desirable and attractive vacation option for hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. More and more people are remaining close to home for a break away from their job roles and responsibilities. Consequently, there has never been a better time to open up a bed and breakfast inn. This basic form of accommodation is perfect for the first time business owner, as it has lower pressure and responsibility than opening up a boutique lodging or hotel. However, there are a few things to bear in mind before you start out.

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Treat it as a Business

Most bed and breakfast inns tend to be family run. This is great, as it can allow you and your partner or adult children to work together to create something wonderful that you can all profit from. However, this also happens to be the B&Bs most common downfall. Just because your business is family owned and operated, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a business anymore. You need to remember at all times that the purpose of this venture is to generate profit, which requires you to be professional at all times. Arguing or bickering in front of customers is never a good look and can make people feel uncomfortable. This will result in fewer regular or loyal customers and negative reviews.

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Do Some Mystery Shopping

It’s extremely beneficial to scope out the competition from time to time. So take a few nights out each year to stay in competitor B&Bs in your area. This will allow you to see how your business fares against others. By drawing these comparisons, you can identify areas where your business is falling short and also see where your business is doing relatively well. This will inform you as to where you should make improvements and what areas of your business you should really focus on when marketing or advertising to potential guests.

Fix the Place Up

It can become easy to get comfortable in your business. However, it is essential that you regularly maintain and renovate the property. This will not only ensure that things run smoothly, but it will also mean that customers will also be welcomed by modern and attractive design as well as up to date technology and necessities. This may seem costly at first, but you need to see it as a worthwhile investment. If you find yourself short of cash for repairs and renovations, you can always borrow money from a professional lender, such as Swift Financial. An agreement will ensure that you receive a lump sum of cash to undertake the work as soon as possible and can then pay the lender back in smaller installments.

Get customer feedback

Request Customer Feedback

As your customers check out, request that they leave a little feedback. Have short survey forms ready and a box for them to be posted in. This feedback can help you to amend your B&B in ways that would prove beneficial for the customer. This will allow you to constantly improve your service.

If you bear all of these things in mind, then your B&B should run smoothly and effectively, generating profit and leaving you the proud owner of a successful business.


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