Are Backlinks Still Good for SEO?

What are we talking about when we refer to backlinks for SEO? It is an inbound link to your website from another website.

When I first started working online I kept hearing how backlinks will rank my website and my keywords. Then there were other people that kept telling me to just work on my content and make sure I add content regularly and make sure it is quality content.

Of course I wanted my websites to rank and I wanted it to happen fast! I’ll be honest here, I did buy a few backlinks and yes it did rank one of my websites quite fast. I was very pleased at the time.

Backlinks for SEOWhat we are talking about here is the difference between Black Hat Techniques and White Hat Techniques. If you don’t know the difference between the two lets just make it simple and say Black Hat is bad and White Hat is good. I will share more detailed information on the differences and the reasons why in another upcoming post. As a beginner to working online I could not distinguish between the two and probably most newbies also won’t know the difference.

Bulk Backlinks for SEO = Black Hat Techniques

Let’s make things really simple here and think about what does Google want? Google wants to match as closely as possible someone’s search with a website. They want it to be as relevant as possible. The only way to really do this is by creating quality content. It is important to make sure that all your keywords are relevant to your content. When Google sees that your content is relevant to searches you get ranked better.

It really is as simple as that.

Once upon a time Google liked loads of backlinks. It showed that other people value your website and your content and that is why other websites linked to your website. Of course when people cottoned on to this, they started selling bulk backlinks.

So what are all these “animal” updates that Google does all the time and what does it mean? Yes those strangely named Pigeon, Penguin and Panda updates.

Once again I will keep it simple, Google is trying to stop people from cheating the system. They want people to add quality content on their websites. These updates are intended to alert Google to websites that are trying to cheat the system. What is the point in loading up rubbish on your website and trying to find a quick fix to get yourself ranked?

What is the Risk of Bulk Backlinks for SEO?

Backlinks for seo black hatThis is where the risk comes in. If Google catches up with you for buying bulk backlinks they will penalize you. Once this happens your website all but disappears from the web. Yes it is still there and if someone has your direct link they can go to your website, and if they click you share on your social networks they can land up there. But in the eyes of Google you are as good as gone!

The other risk is where exactly are these links being put if you buy them? Here is a good example of what I am talking about. I have an online baby store too. What if I purchased bulk backlinks from someone? I would have no control over where they put these links and most often they will use bots to send out these backlinks.

Chances are quite good I could have my online baby store links landing up on pornography websites! Does this sound like a good plan to get your baby business running? Not exactly a good thing for your reputation now is it?

The other thing is that this is essentially spamming other people’s websites. How do you feel when you log onto your website and see another 50 rubbish comments waiting for approval? I can only speak for myself, I feel very annoyed. I work hard to make my website a great place to be and when I find all these spam comments it irritates me.

Is there any benefit in Backlinks for SEO?

I still believe websites can benefit from quality backlinks, but you need to stick some basic guidelines here. These guidelines are not just to make sure you don’t get penalized but also to make sure you conduct yourself with online etiquette!

  • Don’t buy cheap bulk backlinks! EVER! These will be exactly what you pay for: cheap and dangerous for your website
  • Build your backlinks yourself or find a trusted seo expert to build them for you.
  • Add yourself to relevant directory listings
  • Comment on blogs that are within your niche
  • If you are leaving blog comments leave quality comments that benefits the website you are visiting. Yes you can of course skillfully add some of your keywords in there, we all do that! But don’t keyword stuff and don’t make it obvious to everyone that you are just trying to gain a backlink. You will be wasting your time anyway, it will be deleted by the website moderator for sure.
  • Do not add your link in the comment unless the link you are leaving adds great value to the post. Otherwise only add your website link in the specified area for your website if there is one.
  • Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. This is someone else’s website and you are adding content. This can affect their ranking! Don’t use any of that “text talk” way of spelling, I consider this very rude. Any comments that are badly written get immediately deleted.
  • Don’t just add your domain url, find posts that are related to posts you have written and then add your url that goes with that topic. You need to have backlinks to your main url and to different posts too. Mix it up a little.
  • Don’t spend all your time trying to build backlinks to your website, there is a lot that goes into ranking your website and building backlinks is just one piece of this puzzle.

If you are new at working online and you are unsure about how to build backlinks yourself then you can check this SEO Marketplace for some services.

I hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on backlinks for SEO. If you have any more tips please add them.

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Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi,
    Good article on backlinks!
    Always like you say stick with “white hat” techniques. There is nothing wrong with backlinks as long as they are natural and build over time. If you provide good content, people will like it and share it and link to it. We are social creatures and if we like something we want to share it. This will allow for backlinks to build over time.

    A good way to still get backlinks is to do guest posts on other related sites.

    Thanks for the article,

    • Hi Vicky
      Thanks for visiting.
      Yes guest blogging on authority sites is a great way to get good backlinks, thanks for sharing this great tip. As you say as long as backlinks are built naturally and over time it can help your ranking. However buying backlinks for seo will just have a negative effect!

      Kind Regards

  2. I had heard of backlinks but didn’t really know what they are. Thanks for the Great description. I have noted to not buy backlinks.

    Quick question: Is it ok to link to another website within your own niche. And also for them the link back to you where it is appropriate. Do you think that would be an issue.

    • Hi Melody

      Yes backlinking in the right way won’t cause damage at all, and it could help your website ranking a little bit. It certainly doesn’t have the same amount of weight as it did in the past though.
      With regards to linking to other websites in your posts, this is a great idea. If you link to high authority, trusted websites in your content this can help your rankings. Read my post on How to Write SEO Juicy Content for more information.

      Kind Regards

  3. Really clear summary of the issue, thanks very much Lynne. The downside to getting genuine backlinks is that to do it properly is really hard work, and takes a LOT of time! Most weeks I spend around 10 hours just writing guest posts. We all wish there were quick fixes and easy routes to improving domain authority …but unfortunately it’s down to focus and patience. You can’t buy domain authority!

    • Hi Vince
      Yes if you do want to build links naturally and on your own it takes a lot of time and dedication! Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience.

      Kind regards

  4. Hey Lynne,

    The internet marketers that are so concerned about backlinks are probably just struggling affiliate marketers or novice SEO’s. If you want proof of this just go Warrior Forum, Digital Point, or any other place that people sell backlinks.

    The best strategy is just build a highly content rich site, update it 1 to 2 times a day, and actively share and participate on social media.

    I only build a couple authority backlinks to websites I build out and really don’t focus on link building anymore.

    • Hi Garen

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, yes I couldn’t agree more. Another place that I have come across that has people selling backlinks is SEO Clerks, they also sell bulk traffic which people fall for… which is very sad because this is just bots!

  5. So where can I find the best SEO services for a small business, a company I can trust to build good backlinks? Can you recommend anyone?

    • Hi Brendon

      I personally use SeoClerks which is an online marketplace for internet marketing services. I have been using them for a year now and I have found some amazing sellers there that do an amazing job.

      My favorite seller is Barryinsiam and I recommend that you try out his services.

      Just bear in mind that this is a marketplace though so there are some sellers and services that are not so hot. Spend some time browsing around first, contact sellers and chat to them before settling on what you will go ahead with.

      Thank you for the push to review SeoClerks, it has been on my to do list for such a long time! I will link here to it when I have published it.

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