Aussie Method Binary Options Scam: Beware!

While playing around on Clixsense the Aussie Method Binary Options “opportunity” kept popping up and my curiosity got the better of me. I had to go and have a look to see what it was all about.

So what is the Aussie Method Binary Options all about? Is it a scam or an honest and legitimate way to make some money online?

Aussie Method Binary Options Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price:$200 minimum investment
Website: http://aussie-method.trading-software.co/

Introduction: What is the Aussie Method?

The Aussie Method is an online binary options trading company. That is the simple answer here and it seems quite straight forward right? So you join up and you get a recommended broker.

What is the Aussie Method

According to Wikipedia binary options is described as:

In finance, a binary option is a type of option in which the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary amount (or a precise predefined quantity or units of some asset) or nothing at all (in contrast to ordinary financial options that typically have a continuous spectrum of payoff). The two main types of binary options are the cash-or-nothing binary option and the asset-or-nothing binary option. The cash-or-nothing binary option pays some fixed amount of cash if the option expires in-the-money while the asset-or-nothing pays the value of the underlying security. They are also called all-or-nothing options, digital options (more common in forex/interest rate markets), and fixed return options (FROs) (on the American Stock Exchange).

So in my opinion this is already a risky sort of opportunity to make money. I prefer something that doesn’t involve the risk of losing all your money as an option.

With a little bit of digging I found out that the original website for the Aussie Method was aussiemethod.com and if you go to that link the website has been shut down.

Why has aussiemethod.com been shut down?

Then I did a bit of searching and reading of other reviews and it doesn’t look good at all. So firstly there was a video promoting Aussie Method that for some reason I can’t find. The person in the video was apparently called Jack Pertu but according to all the reviews I read this is a fake person, the image was taken from imagebuddy.com!

I’m not sure how you are feeling about the Aussie Method, but I am already putting on my running shoes here.

According to the reviews I read the original Aussie Method website claimed to have software that would make you money on “autopilot” and fast too. Yes I’ve heard that one before, have you?

Now the new website which is http://aussie-method.trading-software.co/ also offers a robot that will make you money…. once again I am not impressed. I went through all their FAQ’s on their website and they claim that the robot is 100% trustworthy and they are a regulated broker.

So my question now is that if they are so trustworthy and legit how come there are so many scam reviews for the Aussie Method? Yes they are all pointing to the previous Aussie Method website… true and they all mention Jake Pertu which I haven’t been able to access. But where there is enough smoke there must be fire right?

Why close down your website and keep your rotten company name with a bad reputation?

The new website says that Stockpair is this month’s “recommended broker” so what does this mean and is Stockpair trustworthy? I found a number of reviews for Stockpair which raved about them.. but reading the comments from the public gives a very different picture of Stockpair!

Is Stockpair Legit?


Here’s another laughable fact, Jack Pertu said if you don’t make money with his system he will give you $10 000! Sounds great right? This is the sort of thing that some people fall for. I’m not sure why or how because this is not something that will ever happen in real life. This is fantasy stuff, the sooner people open their eyes to BS like this the better!

Is The Aussie Method a Scam?

This is a definite yes, the Aussie Method is a scam! All I could find online about this opportunity to make money online was complaints and scam reviews. People have lost huge amounts of money with this website so please stay away from this. I would advise you stay away from Stockpair too. I won’t affiliate with anyone or anything that is scammy…. birds of a feather and all that, right?

I really like to personally try out all opportunities I come across and then review them. I did sign up on this website and I had a look around. I also tried to chat in the live chat…. a representative did come online very quickly to chat with me when I said hello and asked how he could help me.  I then asked why there are so many complaints about the Aussie Method and whether it is a scam. Turns out the live chat is actually with Stockpair and they are not interested in fielding any questions about the Aussie Method at all other than telling me to contact my account manager.

So yes I did not in fact throw $200 at them to test them out, I felt under the circumstances this would have been rather foolish!

Is the Aussie Method a scam?

My Verdict for The Aussie Method

This was one of the worst scams I have come across. Other than seeing a few ads on Clixsense for The Aussie Method I had seen nothing for them and when I started researching all I found was complaints and scam reports. People have lost huge amounts of money with this scam. It reminds me of Google Trader which I reviewed, another load of BS.

I’ve got to really hammer home this point with everyone… if you come across an opportunity to make money online please do some research first. So many people have lost money with this scam and just a simple search will expose them for what they are. Make sure to read my post on how to avoid scams online and take the time to check out anything you come across.

It won’t kill you to do a little research and wait a bit before handing out your money! The more you do this, the more tuned in you will become to spotting an online scam. This can save you so much money and disappointment.

And also remember to not just trust one review that you have read! Most scams have a referral program so very often a positive review is just someone trying to make money off you falling for a scam. It is sad but true so be careful. Find a review website that you trust and check what they have to say about the opportunity. If they haven’t reviewed that opportunity then ask that website to give their opinion on it.

If you have a question about an opportunity you have come across please feel free to ask me about it in the comments. I will happily have a look and let you know what I think. I love making money online, but I also enjoy being able to sleep at night so I will give you my honest opinion… I hate scams and I detest the fact that so many people are giving glowing reviews when they know full well it is a scam.

If you want to make money online by starting your very own online business please read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only are they an honest company, they also offer the best training for online marketing you will ever come across. 


Aussie Method Binary Options Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price:$200 minimum investment
Website: http://aussie-method.trading-software.co/


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. I’ve come across these binary option things before and wondered what it was all about so had a closer look. Frankly, none of the claims stack up and this Aussie Method or this guy Pertu are not the only ones trying to sell this BS.
    The problem is that people obviously buy into it, going by the screenshots of the reviews you have here.
    I see one person is out by $5000 – Ouch!
    Steer well clear I say – and well done for warning people off this.

    • Hi EoinMc

      Yes it is sad, that is a huge amount of money to lose to a scam like this. There seem to be loads of these scams around, I am slowly but surely going through them and reviewing them.

  2. Hi Lynne, there is also the BritMethod another scam, its a shame they are all over the net. I have personally signed up for premium on Wealthy Affiliate yesterday, it really is a fantastic community. I wish you all the luck.

    • Hi Tony

      Great choice going with Wealthy Affiliate, it really is the best place to get started working online. I haven’t heard of the BritMethod, I’ll add that to my ever growing list of scams to expose!

  3. Hey Lynne,

    A lot of these business opportunities use pen names and not their real name which is a red flag for me. I have seen this scam; I mean business opportunity before and it seems outrageous to charge people $200 for your initial investment. It really seems that all the risk is in the clients end. I just couldn’t trust a “robot” to make money with my investment. It just isn’t appealing to me.

    There are always websites like these online. What they seem to do is promise the world and then once the rest of the internet catches onto them; they change their name. I have seen a lot of businesses do this over the years.

    • Hi Garen

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m getting a bit bored now with exposing all these scams simply because they are all the same just a different name. Yes I can review them all in the hopes of saving someone from a scam and I will still do these reviews but it really is painful.

      I think the same way, an automated way to get rich? Not a chance, not for me. I don’t need to read any further.

  4. I really really hope that this review will save money of as much people as it could from these type of scams. Your ways to avoid online scam post is a necessary for a beginner. One should really do the proper research when he steps into the online money making stuff. I have wasted my money on one such fake program and it took me long before I found WA. Great Post!

    • Hi Hari

      Yes unfortunately there is a load of scams out there and they far outweigh the good opportunities. I don’t give anyone the benefit of doubt until I can see for sure it is not a scam.

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