Areas Covered By And Different Job Responsibilities Of Modern Bookkeeping And Accounting Software

There are a lot of areas that must be covered to ensure that your books of accounts are in order and in compliance with the set standards. You may use any kind of accounting software or even hire a reliable accounting service provider online or offline for that matter, but it is important that you make sure that all the important areas of it are covered. For this, you will first need to know the different areas to cover from the proper document and accounts management that will involve both personal as well as your business range.

The personal range will simplify your personal finances and business range will deal with the business finance. You will need to know the different types of software to use such as online cloud-based point of sale software. This will enable you to integrate with other systems and take payments at the counter and then link back to your accounts desktop.

Processes to follow may not be as easy as it is said which is why you will need a proficient and experienced bookkeeper or accounting service. You will also need an immaculately designed full ERP system to simplify your business accounting even further. The latest bookkeeper contains all the necessary features that you will find in any other expensive accounting software but pay just a fraction of the price.

A complete solution

Bookkeeper is a complete solution for MOBY accounting type that comes with useful and effective features. It includes all necessary sections of bookkeeping such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory, and a host of added features. It will help you to handle all your small business needs effectively and successfully.

The primary objective of MOBY Bookkeeper software is to provide you with an opportunity to use your system easily. This will, in turn, help your business managers and you even if you do not have much of Bookkeeping experience. This is a robust solution that will allow you to manage your business finance easily and effectively without taking away even an iota of your main responsibility which is to run your business.

Bookkeeper is a complete solution that will cover all of your accounting needs. If you look at its features there are different segments in which these are properly categorized.

As for the accounting features it includes:

  • Interactive trial balance
  • Create journal entries
  • View balance sheet and income statement along with optional comparison data
  • Manage chart of accounts and
  • Close books for the year.

The accounts payable features include:

  • Entering payables transactions
  • Include discounts in payables
  • Check writing, cash, and credit or debit card payments
  • Split payables check through separate accounts
  • Make payable recurring for programmed payment
  • Apply for vendor credits
  • Allocate payable line items to jobs
  • Import both expense and timesheet data
  • Specify opening balances
  • Modify vendor information fields
  • Vendor management and
  • Support for third-party payees.

The accounts receivable features include:

  • Quickly create invoices and estimates
  • Add customer onthefly
  • Include project or job number on an invoice
  • Import billable hours from different timesheets
  • Convert estimations to invoices in one click
  • Support for barcode scanning of items allowing you to add line items to invoices quickly
  • Support for refunds and returns
  • Include shipping information with links of common carriers to websites
  • Import employee expenditures
  • Apply discounts by line item or the whole invoice
  • Spontaneously update inventory levels
  • Include layouts for a product, services, and professional invoices
  • Print paper invoices and estimations or export them to text or PDF files
  • Include balance forward, any previous payments, and aging information on different invoices
  • Layouts with customizable colors to choose from
  • Add your company’s logo on estimation and invoices
  • Create a ‘pick list’ for inventory pulls based on invoice information
  • Print the ‘pick list’ on a separate printer
  • Email invoices straight to customers
  • Allow for receiving partial payments
  • Apply single payment to multiple invoices
  • Receipt of payments
  • Print sales receipt after receiving payments
  • Process credit cards through your dedicated merchant account
  • Manually enter credit cards or incorporate a card swipe device
  • Customer management
  • Fully support tax exempted companies
  • Create custom emails for sending bills
  • Include additional attachments if any
  • Customize fields to store data and info you deem relevant and
  • Specify opening balances.

When you use MOYB Darcy Services Bookkeeping you will also get a lot of help in the banking segment of your business accounts. The areas covered in this regard include:

  • Support for ATM transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Manual deposits
  • Quickly make miscellaneous debit and credit transactions
  • Quickly reconcile a bank account
  • Support for adding missing transactions on the fly and
  • Import OFX data directly from your bank.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it will help in establishing the security of your software. This will be facilitated with the company overview feature that will allow you to see your business payables, receivables, and bank account balances in a snapshot. What is more significant is that you can create a custom to-do list to remind you of your tasks that need to be performed.

The company overview features include:

  • Support different companies
  • Password security to restrict payroll and bank account access
  • System generated reminders
  • Import data from QuickBooks
  • Automated database backup and
  • Integrate with Payroll.

If you thought that was all that bookkeeping and accounting software will provide then take a pause, think again and continue reading. The software will help you to track expenses for contractors and employees, support fixed amount or rate per unit type expenses, Include job info with an expense, reimburse expense in payroll checks, import billable expenses directly to the invoice and regular checks or cash.

The inventory features will create purchase orders, add freight charges, supports drop-shipping, create a payable during purchase order, manage inventory, support barcodes, include detailed descriptions, specify re-order points, indicate low inventory levels, identify item location and customize fields for inventory information.

With the payroll features, employee management, federal, state and local taxes and other features this software will provide precise reports, graphical and otherwise with an excellent eye for the minutest detail to keep you accounts error free and up to date.



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