Are You Using The Right Tone When You Speak To Customers?

The way that you speak to customers as a business is important at every single stage. Getting the tone right when you’re speaking to them on the phone is something that everybody understands the importance of, but when it comes to written communication, lots of businesses forget to watch their tone. Even if it’s just a quick email, you still need to think through it properly and make sure that you’re giving the right impression. One small mistake could sour their impression of your company and you might end up losing a customer. Every time you write to a customer, remember these things.

The right tone with customers

It Shows Your Personality

Your business needs to have personality if customers are going to engage with you, and you need to tailor it to the kinds of customers that you are trying to market yourself to. Taking business writing training classes is a great way to learn how to write in lots of different styles so you can create business correspondence that speaks directly to your customers in a language that they can understand. If you’re trying to reach the older generation, you’ll want to use a more formal style. However, this kind of language isn’t going to appeal to teenagers. They are much more likely to engage with a company that emails them using casual language and a more informal style. Using other platforms that they are more familiar with is another great way to build a good relationship.

It Sets You Apart

The way that a company communicates with their customers can be one of their unique selling points. Businesses that have a novel way of speaking to customers can often get a good amount of press. There are some great examples of twitter campaigns that have tapped into popular trends and written posts that have become viral. By engaging with customers on their level, you humanize yourself and make customers more likely to deal with you. One of the most famous marketing campaigns of this type in recent years is the Wendy’s twitter campaign.

It Builds Trust

If a customer communicates with your company and they get a robotic response, they won’t feel like they are talking to a human being. It’s difficult for somebody to have trust in a faceless business organization, but another person is a different matter. By striking a good balance between professionalism and friendly attitude, you can generate trust between you and your customers. Trust is one of the most important things that people look for when they deal with a company and it’s one of the major factors in their decision to become a repeat customer.

It’s Persuasive

Once you’ve built that trust, you can make good use of that to try to convince them to buy products from you. By modifying your tone in the right way, and using persuasive language, you should be able to convert that opening correspondence into sales. However, you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard because customers will feel that you are being pushy and it will put them off.

Most people don’t realize just how important it is to get your tone right when speaking to customers, but it can mean the difference between winning and losing a sale.


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