Are there any Real Legit work from home jobs?

Are there any real legit work from home jobs around?

Of course there are!

Unfortunately there are so many online scams  that it is easy to get disheartened when searching for real opportunities.

We all want the same things in life:

  • To make money
  • To have the flexibility of working from home
  • To spend more time with our families
  • To earn residual income
  • To have financial freedom
  • To be rewarded for the honest effort we have put in
  • To travel more and have more time off

Maybe our goals are slightly different but I would think everyone can tick off at least half of that above list off! Perhaps you have stopped trying to make money online because you haven’t been able to find a way to do it yet in an honest way?

I will be sharing some really great opportunities that I have come across online and share them with you so that you too can reach your goals. I will give detailed reviews of everything I come across online, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Are there any real legit work from home jobs and online business opportunities? Check these out:

Please come back regularly to see what’s new and please leave a comment below if you would like me to review something you are not sure about.

Click here to read my #1 recommendation.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions, I would also love suggestions on great ways to make money online that I can add to my reviews!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Yes, it’s interesting that so many people want the flexibility of working from home, yet so many people seem to not be prepared to put the work in and stick it out. Maybe part of the blame for this sits with the many scams that are out there. These lead people into believing (falsely) that it’s easy to get lots of money online if you have the right software or tools. The truth is, nothing beats good training, a good website, and hard work.

    • Marcus you have a very good point there! If people weren’t looking for a quick fix these scams would not be around.

  2. Yes I could certainly tick off at least half of those benefits you listed within the article 🙂
    I think the main reason I came online to work was to actually do something for myself for once. I’m sick and tired of working for someone else’s idea – I want to build my own ( if you know what I mean! ).
    Great article! Really enjoyed the points you’ve covered!

    • Thanks for stopping by again Chris. Glad you enjoyed this article 🙂

  3. Hi Lynne, I only had a moment to look at your site but I found a lot of great information in a short time. I have bookmarked and I will be back for a thorough read trough to obtain and utilize all the tools and info. Very informative and helpful site. Thank you! Cheers, Don

  4. Wow! I’m ready to learn, and put the time in to start my own business. I have what I think are some good ideas but have been unsure how to go about making it a reality. Thanks for all the information and encouragement I found on your site! It’s hard to not get discouraged by all the nonsense/scams you find online. Thanks again!

    • Yes there are too many scams and time wasting websites out there. It can be very demoralizing constantly being faced with that while trying to find a viable way to start your online business!

      I guarantee you that you will find Wealthy Affiliate to be very valuable and one of a kind!

      Kind Regards


  5. This is a great relief to know that there is a legit way to make money online. This post seems to suggest that this program you are recommending wouldn’t be like all the others which turn out to be scams.

    But truth be told, I have heard of this a million times over and over again.

    What makes this program different from the others? Because to me, i think they are all the same

    • Hi Fidel

      Yes I am sure you have heard it all a million times, I have too! I was a bit skeptical to start as like you say, we have all seen it and heard it, tried it and been disappointed. I had a look and it is completely unique, nothing like I have come across before.

      Firstly for this you don’t need to spend any money at all. They have a free forever Starter membership, this is not a free 30 day trial. That is already unique!

      They also don’t make any false promises, everything is completely true and not blown out of proportion. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a real small online business opportunity! So yes, you will need to invest your time and energy into it to see results.

      All the information you need to start up is also on this platform, so you can be a newbie to online work and you will be guided every step of the way. There is also an amazing community which will help with anything you need.

      I also really hate anything that wastes my time, as you will see in my reviews I hate nothing more than being messed around and having my time wasted. Time is valuable. I would not send anyone anywhere where they would be wasting their time.

      Kind Regards


  6. Hi Lynne, I only had to look at your site for a moment before I found a lot of great information in a short time. It truly is laid out very well easy to nav and full of great info. Yours looks a lot more professional then some I have seen lately. As this niche should look professional because its for professionals and they expect that. The only constructive thing I can say is it is a little bland looking. I know you want the content to be “the star” but what about a little more color as a boarder and a bit more color here and there thought the site for highlights. And sorry, I am not trying to design or anything, just thoughts. I hope this came across how I intended. In a nut shell I think its 97% awesome 😉 I left a comment on there if you like it great or toss it. I wont hurt my feelings…LOL. Cheers, Don

    • Hi Don

      Thank you for the great feedback. It totally agree the site is a little bland at the moment, I have only just launched it 3 weeks ago! I am going to be adding lots more soon, so please come back and visit 🙂

      Kind Regards


  7. Thanks Lynne for all the good information on scams you have on your sight. I was especially interested in your insight into “google sniper”. I had looked at that program a couple of years ago. But before I join any program I like to check around and see what others are saying about it. It is sites like yours that go the extra mile and do a little digging that save people a lot of money. There are to many programs out there like that and we need to keep getting the word out about all the scams and letting people know where the real honest programs are.
    Again thanks for all your hard work.

  8. Hi Lynne, I can definitely relate to all of your seven points. I too got scammed because of it. I really do think people are becoming aware of all these get rich quick programs. Now more and more reviews are surfacing online to identify those programs.

    I got introduced to Wealthy Affiliate back in 2013 but did not take advantage of it, looking back now, was a bad choice on my part. Since I have returned, in only a couple months, it has been a well deserving experience for me. I thank you for sharing this information so that more people can be aware that there is a legitimate company out there that really works. Take care and good luck with all your online business.
    🙂 Bishop

    • Hi Bishop

      Thanks for visiting. I am so glad you are also enjoying Wealthy Affiliate.

      Kind Regards


  9. Hi Lynne, that is not fair! I was just warming to your make money review only to realize that you just ended your post.
    I am captured in all the list you presented. But I am particularly interested in making residual income.
    Do you think your number one recommendation fits all this bill?

    • Hi Emmanuel

      So sorry for the post being so short, I will be adding more information to it soon!

      Yes I believe Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful way to start your online business and make residual income. I don’t really believe Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone. It is for those that are not scared of hard work and will put the time and effort into it. It is not a get rich quick scheme at all. However you will make money if you follow their training courses and put in the work. You will earn residual income and it will be a long term, sustainable solution.

      Kind Regards


  10. Hi, yes I agree there are some real legit working from home jobs around its just hard to sieve through to find the genuine ones. I think everyone wants similar things from it. I’m looking forward to the great opportunities you’ve found online and look forward to seeing your detailed reviews and will be sure to come back. Sammi

    • Hi Sammi

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes very soon I will be adding more reviews and information on making money online

      Kind Regards


  11. I was thinking this question just the other day – are their only scams available online?
    I have been looking for the past month or so but everything I encounter seems to be a bit of a dud. I am interested in the whole internet marketing thing but I have to be honest – there seem to be many scams there as well!
    Do you have any advice on this sector?

    • Hi Chris

      To be honest most of the things I come across are scams, or a complete waste of time because you spend so much time and effort and make such a little money.

      There is one amazing opportunity that I have come across, read my review here.

      Kind Regards


  12. I think everyone can relate with many if not all of the reasons you list for wanting to earn money online. For me, achieving financial freedom through an online business means that I’m not reliant on a single income stream. It also would free my time up to spend time with my loved ones, and living a life without money worries would certainly be less stressful. Was there a particular event that set you on your path for looking for an online income?

    • Hi SC

      Yes I think that is a great reason to want to work online. Yes I think since I had children I have been much focused on the future and want to have residual income. I also want more flexibility to be there for my kids, for example when they are sick or there are school functions during normal working hours.

      Kind Regards


  13. Hi Lynne,
    Thank You for the interesting article about small online business for a niche with similar interestings.
    Your web design, especially its colours looks to me pretty soft. Moreover, I adore Your writing style, maybe its because you’re native. Maybe, because You love writing…and it’s Great!
    And what’s Great, I feel from your writing that you’re doing your business really honestly and morally.
    I think it must be pretty hard to work, care about children and be here for husband and friends. You’re Superwoman! 🙂

    • Hi Mata

      Thanks for visiting and you lovely feedback. Yes it is hard to keep up with everything, running a business and bringing up kids is not easy. But I can just imagine how hard it must be working a normal 8 – 5 job with children. Small children get sick all the time and family responsibility leave in our country is 3 days per year, I think working moms struggle a lot with this. Fortunately for me I have always worked for myself which means I can always look after my children and take time off if I need to. An online business really has lots of benefits.

      Kind Regards


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