An Effective Guide for a Creative to Make Good Money via Instagram

Instagram is actually a gigantic business platform with over 1 billion monthly active users and it boasts of so far, the highest ever per-follower rate of interaction on any social media platform. Instagram plays a pivotal role in the lives of numerous people. We know that more than 16.71% of U.S. businesses are using Instagram and it has 17.25 million business profiles. Statistics also reveal that there are about 18.2 million advertisers on Instagram every month. More than 80% of Instagram users are known to follow some business and people are increasingly using the powerful and resourceful platform to find qualified and highly-skilled illustrators or graphic designers to hire their services or buy their creations. It is vital for the designers to make the fullest use of this vibrant and robust platform.

If you are a professional designer, you know pretty well that if you wish to earn good money, you require creating engaging posts that would be reaching your target audience without fail. However, making the most of Instagram somehow does not imply that you need to make your posts overcrowded with hashtags, or click chic pictures of your meals or for that matter have the maximum number of followers. You must focus on creating the right type of posts to make them more relevant to your users. Today Instagram would be prioritizing your posts according to their relevance and engaging capacity in relation to your followers. So how could creative professionals harness the Instagram feed to make lots of money? Here are some expert tips for creative people in their quest for money and livelihood on Instagram.

Consider Switching Over to Instagram Business Account

The best way to grab attention is to switch at once from a personal account on Instagram to an Instagram business account. This helps in providing you with necessary info and insight into what your followers are up to and lets you assess how well your posts on the platform are doing and also, assists you in creating promotional campaigns. Moreover, it implies that you could even incorporate a contact button into your business account. You could switch over to the business account on this platform by going to ‘Settings’ and selecting the button that says ‘switch to Business Profile’. For doing this, it is mandatory to have your own business page and not just a personal profile. Anyways, you must understand that if you browse through reliable sites such as https://gramblast.com/, you could easily boost real Instagram likes and followers and find perfect digital marketing solutions.

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Compose a Clear Bio and Incorporate a Link into It

Your bio must convey to the other users who you actually are and what you do for a living. Your bio must highlight your personality. Since Instagram is a fantastic visual platform, you simply cannot even consider using a grainy, hazy, and out of focus picture. You must, instead, use a nice and clear picture that clearly demonstrates who you actually are and also, showcase what you are promoting or selling online.

Remember your bio is supposed to be the only destination on Instagram where you are free to publish an active link. You must consider choosing that link with care and wisdom- linking with your shop or website or maybe a recent project. In case you wish to make consistent changes where you wish users to look, it is best for you to use Bit.ly link. You may continue by updating as per the Bit.ly directives instead of going on updating your bio each time with a fresh new link.

Use Your Feed as Your Portfolio to Showcase Your Latest Creations

Your Instagram feed must be visually coherent and cohesive to the extent possible and should convey your unique sense of style clearly. Once you focus on consistency, users would know what to expect. As per experienced graphic designers, it takes a lot of time for people to recognize and appreciate your creative work. You must concentrate on building an audience. Create visual cohesion in your feed just like you would be doing so in your portfolio. You must visualize how your pictures would look in the feed when they are arranged next to one another. Break the monotony and boredom by adding variety to your Instagram feed.

Remember to take pictures from different angles, use a particular color theme and do not forget about filters you would be using and what precisely they would be saying about you and also your work. You may carefully incorporate ‘work in progress’ or behind-the-scenes pictures for demonstrating your real personality and for making your users feel special since you have shared interesting slices of your life with them.

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Follow a Posting Schedule & Be Regular

You may consider posting once or twice a day but do not go overboard and post too many pictures at one go. As per the findings of Sprout Social, the best timings for posting would be from Monday through Friday preferably at 2 am, 8 am, or 5 pm. Mondays would be driving most engagement. You must keep in mind that 3 pm is the most unfavorable posting time. In case you are thinking of reaching and engaging the audience from some other time zone, you need to do your math and adjust all these timings accordingly.

Conclusion: Engage, Engage, & Go On Engaging

For graphic designers and creatives to get meaty projects, the mantra is to engage more and more users on Instagram which is a powerful business tool in this digital era. Interacting with users on this platform is the key to success. It is best to have a small group of engaged followers, instead of having a huge group of followers who are not engaged. Whenever someone leaves a comment on your post on Instagram, a professional graphic designer must like that comment and whenever there is a question from a user, it is best to respond. This would be boosting engagement and could be fun too. You may consider using the Repost app for reposting some other user’s posts, for instance, your client’s photos. Moreover, create your unique hashtag and encourage your clients and followers to consider using exclusively your hashtag while posting about you.



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