Ameriplan Review – just another sad MLM

Ameriplan Review
Overall Ranking: 15/100
Price: $24.95/ year enrolment fee for IBO’s, $24.95/ month for Ameriplan Dental Plus, $24.95/ month for Ameriplan Med Plus, $39.95 for Ameriplan Delux Plus
Website: www.ameriplanusa.com

Introduction: What is Ameriplan?

Ameriplan is an MLM company that offers discount dental, health care and prescription plans.

What is Ameriplan

So let’s have a closer look at this MLM opportunity. For starters it is important to note that the products they offer are not health insurance, but instead discounts on dental, health and prescription plans. For a monthly household fee you can receive discounts from 20 – 80% from a network of approved providers.

Who is Ameriplan for?

The products are suitable for anyone that cannot afford health insurance, although being MLM I sincerely doubt the quality of services will be worthwhile. The MLM opportunity is only really suitable to specific types of people. I have written a post about MLM and you can see what I think about these business models (not much to be honest!). I don’t feel this is a great way to try and make money, however lots of people rave about MLM opportunities and think it is a great opportunity. If you love MLM then this could be for you.

Ameriplan Pros and Cons


  • They offer a lot of training and support


  • Multi Level Marketing (a con for me, maybe a pro for you?)
  • Must purchase products in order to earn commission on any sales
  • Lots of complaints about Ameriplan!
  • Apparently their network of providers is not so large as they claim, you will find it hard to find somewhere to give you these promised discounts!
  • They claim to be backed by BBB but there are loads of complaints on the BBB website!

What does Ameriplan cost?

Well it depends what you are going for. If you just want to buy their products here is a breakdown of cost:

Ameriplan Dental Plus $24.95 per month for your entire household includes:

  • Dental: network of 80 000 nation wide, ongoing problems accepted, no paperwork, no waiting, unlimited visits or services, can change dentists at any time.
  • Vision: more than 12 000 optical providers nationwide, save 20% – 60% on all frames, lenses, scratch resistant coatings and ultra violet protection. Save 10% – 50% on eye exams and lasik surgery. Save 10% – 40% on contact lenses. Additional discounts available for non prescription designer sunglasses
  • Prescription: more than 56 000 participating chain and independent pharmacies nationwide. Save 10% – 85% on most brand and generic prescription drugs. Save on over the counter medications including smoking cessation aids sponsored by Smokers Last Chance. Save 25% – 45% on hearing services.
  • Chiropractic: more than 7 500 participating doctors. Free initial consultation. 50% savings on all diagnostic services and x-rays. 30% savings on treatments and most other services. Unlimited visits.

Ameriplan Med Plus $24.95 per month for your entire household includes:

  • Telemedicine: around the clock physician access, alternative to in-office doctors visits via phone or email for only $25 per consultation, unlimited consultations
  • Hospital Advocacy: when you are hospitalized you have access to an advocate if your anticipated bill exceeds $2 500. This advocate will negotiate the best discounts for you as well as work out a payment plan for the balance. Depending on your situation your advocate may apply for financial assistance from various groups to pay off the bill on your behalf.
  • Ancillary Services: network that will provide discounts up to 70% on all imaging and radiographic services such as MRIs and cat-scans. Substantial discounts on all laboratory services. Discounts of up to 50% on lasik surgery. Discounted diabetic supplies
  • Prescription (the same as the above plan offers but includes discounted diabetic medications too)

Ameriplan Delux Plus $39.95 per month for your entire household includes:

This is simply both the Dental and Ameriplan added together.

Cost of being an Independent Business Owner (IBO):

Well firstly you need to pay $24.95 per year for an enrolment fee which will give you access to your business e-kit as well as the following:

  • Corporate services. According to their website this means you will have “complete corporal staff at your disposal” that are ready to assist you with your Ameriplan business. (PS this is just ridiculous, it is not like you will receive a personal assistant ready to do your bidding now is it? The way this is phrased on their website is just not realistic at all)
  • 5 e-commerce enabled websites that are personalized
  • IBO Back office
  • Training Website
  • Sales Director Programs which give you access to more benefits (accidental death & dismemberment insurance as well as direct deposit banking)

However this IBO enrolment fee does not make you an active IBO! You must purchase products to be active and be able to earn commission.

Can you make money with Ameriplan?

Well I suppose you can, as with any MLM there is always the possibility of making money. The question you should be asking is what are the chances you will make money and I believe your chance of making money is really very low.

Is Ameriplan a Scam

Is Ameriplan a scam?

Well I look at all MLM’s like they are a scams! But no this is apparently not a scam, just another typical online Multi Level Marketing business.

My Verdict for Ameriplan

There have been so many complaints about this company that I really don’t advise this at all. Once again this follows the typical MLM business model. You have to pay something to join up to have the honor of selling their products and recruiting people to this business. You must buy products to be eligible to make commissions selling products.The products are not great and are over priced. The focus isn’t even on the products it is on recruiting people into the business which means it is not a product based business, it is a pyramid scheme dressed up and called MLM instead.

Once again none of this makes sense to me. If you want to make money promote a product you believe in, not some shoddy MLM scheme. Don’t pay anyone in order to be allowed to sell or promote their products and stay away from any opportunity that is only based on recruiting others. Just my opinion!

Affiliate marketing is a much better option to try!

However if you don’t care about the product (or lack thereof) you are promoting and only care about making money, if you are good at selling and have a thick skin by all means give this a go. Just read my post on MLM to see if that is something that suits you first before attempting this.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates

Ameriplan Review
Overall Ranking: 15/100
Price: $24.95/ year enrolment fee for IBO’s, $24.95/ month for Ameriplan Dental Plus, $24.95/ month for Ameriplan Med Plus, $39.95 for Ameriplan Delux Plus
Website: www.ameriplanusa.com


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  1. We had something similar to Ameriplan called Mary Kay…it was a good company but we ended up falling in a hole. Like you said you need really thick skin to be in a MLM company. Thanks for the insights!

    • Hi Joe

      That is the problem with these MLM companies, they make it seem so easy when it really is quite hard! So sorry you fell for Mary Kay, that must have been a big let down.

  2. Ameriplan. Sure am glad I ran across this review. Who would have ever thought that an MLM could be devised for marketing health care services?

    It seemed from what you said that there could be some value, after all paying 24.95 or 39.95 to gain access to a wide network of health providers could be very attractive to folks that fit nicely in the cracks of the health care system. NOT GOOD!

    Thank you for taking the time to research this and get it out there so others have a perspective worth considering. I’m with you, though, doesn’t make any sense to sign up through this MLM.

    Keep up the good work. This was a good read!


    • Hi Linda

      I am glad you enjoyed the review. Yes the service appears nice on the surface of it, just search online though and see how many complaints there are. It appears that the great network of health service providers is not nearly as large as they make it out to be.

      The thing to remember here with MLM is that they just use a product or service to try and disguise this for what it is… a plain old boring pyramid scheme. I have yet to come across an MLM that offers quality products or services or one that offers products or services at even close to market related prices!

  3. I just found out that there is a medical MLM. But reading your review, I think I will be better just buy an insurance.
    Insurance itself is already troublesome when you want to use it. I don’t think MLM will do better.

    • Hi Arief, oh please don’t buy medical through an MLM! From all the research I have done MLM is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. You will get a shoddy product/ service and pay double the amount for it too. The only reason they have a “product” is so that they can claim it isn’t a pyramid scheme!

  4. ahh so many MLM’s that claim to make you money. It’s rather annoying how hard they try to look good but then end up just taking your money and stop talking to you.

  5. Sounds like this is a fairly legit MLM, but it’s the services I’m skeptical about.

    Did you research the services they provide and see if they work as promised? It would be a shame to spend $25 a month for a scam. The whole thing seems very sketchy to me.

    • Hi Alec

      From what I could find out Ameriplan services are just not great. They are legit, but like with any MLM you will find the product or service mediocre to bad and the prices way inflated above the norm! Not my cup of tea at all.

  6. Dear Lynne,

    That’s a very thorough review on Ameriplan and you have really covered all bases. I strongly believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

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