Amazon Mechanical Turk Review: Amazon is trustworthy, but is Mturk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review
Overall Ranking: 60/100
Price: Free
Website: https://www.mturk.com

Introduction: What is Amazon Mechanical About?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (also known as Mturk) is a market place connecting people that need tasks done for them with workers willing to do them. These tasks are called HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) and each one has a monetary value.

Tasks vary widely and include jobs such as transcribing audio data, searching for information, writing product descriptions and reviewing websites.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk a Scam?

Mturk is legit, they have been around for a decent amount of time and are linked to Amazon.

However that being said it is not easy to control whether a company or person that posts tasks in Mturk conducts themselves in an ethical way.

Be careful which tasks you choose and remember if someone is offering a very high value for a task and it looks too good to be true it probably is, so stay away from it.

Don’t give away your personal information such as name, address, telephone number and credit card details. Mturk would never ask for these and there is no reason for anyone to need this for you to complete a task.

Can you Make Money from Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Yes you can make some money, but it won’t be a lot. The tasks generally have very low payouts and some of them take a long time. On average the pay for a task is $0.05 and takes about 15 minutes. This means you are earning $0.20/ hour. You’re not going to become a millionaire doing this. However the more tasks you do and the more you qualify for (by taking tests) the higher your earning potential.

Who is Amazon Mechanical Turk suitable for?

Anyone looking to make a little extra income might enjoy Mturk.

Pros and Cons


  • Mturk is a legitimate company
  • It is free to join
  • You can work when you want to and how much you want to
  • There are actually loads of tasks available (unlike other places like Crowd Source)


  • Earning potential is low
  • You won’t be paid immediately, work must be approved by the company first
  • There have been complaints that a lot of companies use Mturk and then rate the work done as inadequate to get out of paying so you might not be paid even if you did a great job
  • This is not available in all geographical areas
  • You must be approved to be an Mturk worker, if you are not approved no reason is given which is frustrating
  • You cannot be paid via Paypal
  • If you are in the US or India you can have your money paid into your bank account, however anywhere else in the world you can only receive Amazon giftcards


Free to join.

My Verdict for Amazon Mechanical Turk

Overall I like Amazon Mturk, the only red flag here being that you need to be very careful which company you choose to work for as there are scammers on the website and companies that conduct themselves in an unethical way. So don’t just go on there and assume that because Mturk is legit all the companies on there are too.

If Mturk had a better earning potential I would rate it higher, but you can’t quit your job for this type of money.

Perhaps if you added in some other work from home opportunities such as website testing, online surveys and maybe some loyalty programs such a Qmee and Swagbucks it might start adding up one day?

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!


Amazon Mechanical Turk Review
Overall Ranking: 60/100
Price: Free
Website: https://www.mturk.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne,
    Great review on Mturk, I think this is another wonderful and legitimate online opportunity for those who want to make extra income. This review is not only thorough but has very honest tone to it.

    It is a shame that some of this companies are taking advantage of the system not to pay people who have done great jobs for them only to be told there was a problem with their in order to avoid payment.

    I know it will be difficult for Amazon to trace these so-called companies and put them to order, but they must still find a way to deal with these situations so that people can have confidence in the system.

    Thank you for your honest opinion. Great post!

    • Hi Douglas. Thanks for your feedback. I’m sure Amazon do check on things and if they get feedback follow up on it. However there were over 20 000 HITS available when I logged in last which means it is a lot to monitor. Unfortunately companies conducting themselves badly will fall through the cracks a few times before they will get caught up with!

  2. Hi Lynne,

    My encounter with Amazon Mechanical Turk was very brief but vivid. I went to the site to try out some supposedly simple tasks and it actually took me 30 minutes to complete. That task only fetched me 4 cents.

    Either I am not good at it or the pay is very minuscule – I didn’t feel very accomplished using this program and looking at the long term, it’s now how I want to spend my time on the internet, really.

    • Hi Cathy, yeah I am with you on that. The pay is very low, you won’t even be earning the minimum hourly wage! I also think your time can be better spent, however it is legitimate and a real way to earn money even if it is peanuts!

  3. Hi Lynne:

    I had not heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk so thank you for your review. I agree it sounds completely legitimate but perhaps not the the best use of your time. Your time could be better utilized spend doing tasks that benefit you and your business growth instead of someone else’s. It sounds similar to UpWork (formerly known as Odesk). Thank you again for the review.


    • Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your feedback. Yes I only heard about Mturk recently and I agree with you, it really isn’t worth it when you look at how much money you earn for the amount of time you will need to spend on it!

  4. I don’t know what’s with this mturk thingie. I signed up, was accepted, and then what??? I was told that my amazon payments account was suspended. “If you beleive that this is in error, please contact custumer support.”
    Well, I did. And they get back to me that they couldnt verify my information and I cannot use amazon payments.OR mturk, for that matter. What? Why is it my fault that THEY cant verify my info? Im an upstanding American citizen, not a common criminal!

    But who needs them, anyway? Its a real SWEATSHOP. Sorry, but thats what it is. I imagine only desperate jobless people like me work on it. Work for pennies. Work for pennies. Get paid pennies. A sweatshop.

    • Hi Ben. I can’t agree with you more! Why graft your butt off for a few cents? I wouldn’t. I’m sorry you had that experience and thank you for sharing it with us so we can all be aware of what really goes on.

  5. OMG! $0.20 per hour is absolutely an outrage think people are taking too much advantage of these online workers.

    I started doing online surveys 1 year ago and I just couldn’t stand my time being wasted for just cents. That’s the same with mechanical turk. That’s when I started to look for more efficient ways to earn money online and discovered the affiliate marketing business model.

    It is amazing the idea behind it because your website can make way more money even when you are asleep. You just have to invest a lot of time in the beginning, but you are investing not wasting time.

    • Hi Stefan.

      Yes what disturbs me is that people really think this (and other low earning opportunities) is great. What are people earning these days that $0.20 per hour is exciting and appealing? I just can’t understand it.

      Like you, I am a big fan of Affiliate Marketing and I really recommend anyone that wants to make some money online to check out my #1 recommendation!

    • Hi Sebasiano
      They accept mainly US workers but they also accept from India and a few other countries which they don’t actually specify. Apologies, my mistake with the Paypal payments, I will rectify that on my post. Thank you for letting me know I made a mistake!

  6. $0.05 for 15 minutes is misleading. We try to average at least $0.10+ a minute/$6+ an hour. There is a learning curve to Mturk and just like everything in life, you get back what you put in. If you someone didn’t use the site for at least a month i highly doubt they can give useful feedback on it.

    http://imgur.com/a/bOnrI and i been using mturk for 2.5 years

    • Hi Marty

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Mturk and yes I believe you are so right about Mturk having a learning curve,as a lot of websites do. I am glad you have found Mturk useful and that you are making some money with it, however earning $6 an hour is still not exactly a great income.

      If you are going to be offering services online also check out SeoClerks? They have a lot more protection for sellers too, which is where I believe Mturk falls quite short? It can’t hurt listing your services there anyway.

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