Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Five Sites You Must Follow To Learn It

With time, new opportunities appeared. Now, we have thousands of ways to make money online. It becomes difficult to select one opportunity and start with it. Out of all lucrative options, I selected Amazon affiliate. It is fairly an easy yet high grossing business plan to start earning online. When you plan to promote others’ product via any medium and gain a commission in return for your efforts, we are talking about affiliate marketing. However, we will focus on Amazon affiliate sites and what it takes to rank one of yours. Instead of sharing my experience, I will list out five sites which helped me in ranking my affiliate sites since 2016 including coffeemakered.com

amazon affiliate marketing five steps you must follow to learn it


Here is the first one which will guide you through every detail you need to know before starting an affiliate website. Additionally, going through the different ventures from the author, you could even learn the SEO techniques at very ease without even spending huge sums on related SEO utility tool. Here you will learn the theory as well as the concurrent examples which the author pins corresponding to most of the sections. Moreover, hyperlinks of example websites will be difficult to understand in the beginning.

Thus, scanning the whole website before actually digging deeper is advisable. In fact, be prepared to make notes in order to simplify the idea you will be receiving from it. Coming to the summary of the article i.e. the catch of the whole process. Firstly, the article will make your gaze into a sparkle with its first image about substantial profit earnings of a similar Amazon affiliate website. After that you have your expectations rising and mind focused, the author starts putting collective information and useful examples on your face.

However, the main thing is that it teaches you the concept of becoming an affiliate or starting an affiliation website first. It puts it in this manner which is also brutally true, there are three links to a business chain i.e. producer, seller/marketer, and buyer. A person can start a business by becoming either of the first two links in the three link chain. Then you will learn the methods of becoming a producer, and that requires not only experience, knowledge, and excessive capital but also contacts and a sustainable business model.

Thus, introducing to the simpler method i.e. marketing by becoming an affiliate. The method is quite general if you consider referring only to this particular article. It will guide you through the process once after you have basic SEO knowledge and an active website. However, you can refer to the whole website where you will find generous information and guides to start from the scratch. It is a process described into simplified four steps i.e. starting to review products, preparing an email list(for promotion), performing webinars for live audience engagement, and growing the business via Pay Per Click(PPC). For a heads up, these are the topics you will be referring in the source. It is an index of the source.

A] How to Become Either A Merchant Or An Affiliate.

B] The 4 Steps Of Becoming A Merchant:

  1. Discovering a valid product idea.
  2. Validating the idea and getting the customers to pay you for the product beforehand.
  3. Manufacturing/Developing the product.
  4. Finding affiliates, likely via a network, and a PR team.

C] The more common and slightly easier route is becoming an affiliate. There are also 4 steps that you can follow:

  1. Starting to review products in your niche
  2. Building an email list
  3. Using webinars for boosting the sales
  4. Increasing the passive income with Pay Per Click(PPC)

Finally, you will have a broad idea of becoming an affiliate after going through the whole source. In contrast to that, the next section you are going to read below is a dedicated guide to becoming an Amazon affiliate exclusively.

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Unlike the previous guide which gives you a broad concept of affiliate marketing, the apparent guide will make you an Amazon affiliate website owner in a jiffy. Additionally, it describes the secret SEO techniques (i.e. Black HAT SEO and White HAT SEO) which none of the other sites describes perfectly. However, it is a long piece of writing you will see i.e. the source. Nevertheless, you can see its simpler idea here. Going with the given flow of processes:

  1. Select A Niche Suitable For Your Website

The article starts with the first piece of advice from stating the meaning of an Amazon affiliate niche site i.e. a website which specifically focuses on one product category. Along with the meaning and example of an Amazon affiliate website the author describes the perfect methods of selecting the suitable niche for YOUR website.

  1. Choosing a Domain Name

After deciding the niche, selecting a proper domain name will be your next concern. You shall assess the selection of domain name on either of two purposes i.e. Should the domain name be Brandable? or Should it be an exact Match of the Keyword?

  1. Hosting the Website

 This is the next step after deciding the domain name. You will have to purchase or pay rent for hosting your website. Hence, the method will get your website running live.

  1. Preparing the Content

Now that you have a website live, putting the content on it. The meaty content you put according to the SEO guidelines and optimizing keywords, it will rank higher due to the relevant keyword searches on the web. Note that having fresh and regular content on your website is advisable.

  1. On-Page Optimization

This is one of the SEO techniques by which proper arranging of the content is done on a website. It includes right from arranging the vital articles, aesthetics, space optimization on the home page, etc. It will not only increase the engagement rate but also increase the regular visitors.

  1. Link Building for the Website

This is the step, where most of the bloggers fail and never recognize the reason. Building engaging content and aesthetic website will not be sufficient especially when you don’t have a community. This section will describe you the vital and infamous methods of promoting your website. For example, that involves many tricks depending on, Who your audience is? Moreover, you will understand about the White HAT and Black HAT SEO techniques after this process.

  1. Social Media Presence

No one thinks of a website to be genuine which started existing a month before. Also, it will not have a substantial visitors rate. Thus, you will need to set up the accounts on various renown social platforms to justify the existence of the website and communicate with the audience on regular basis. Thus, the guide summary stated above is about becoming an Amazon affiliate and monetizing a website by reviewing Amazon products, ultimately increasing the sales.

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This guide is more like an interactive lesson, where a person just like you started making moves and writing about it in his blogs simultaneously. Therefore, this guide and the next one which you are going to read are both the similar ones. In both the guides, you will see an example of the person who starts the Amazon affiliation and making it huge eventually.

The best part about this guide is that you will get to know about the Do’s and Don’ts in the most detail manner. That means after referring to the first two sources and learning the theoretical implications now you can observe the practical experiences. The apparent guide describes the whole process right from keyword i.e. pre-requisite of finding a niche. Then searching the suitable domain and hosting it to make the website running live. Then the author shares his experience and findings of the situation when his website got ranked first by Google, along with the earnings and reviews.

Thus, the whole process of reaching to the fame remains similar to the one you saw above but the details and real experiences add up. Thus, the website which started in early 2013 got ranked first by the Google in April 2013 yet faced a downfall due to domain intricacies and suffered a heavy downfall. Still, the website recovered completely in September 2014.



Similar story to the previous one, this website owner started sharing his experiences via his blog. In fact, his website initially got crushed too but he chose to restart the venture along with correcting mistakes and sharing his findings of the affiliate marketing. According to the author, investing some amount in setting up a website is very important. Also, he kept a bar for himself at $5000. However, he was more than willing to invest a bit more if needed.

Thus, starting with his venture of setting a website and sharing on his blog; he also took a $10k challenge. That challenge meant, what would it take to build a website which profits at least Ten thousand dollar a month. He started his story supposing with a two-step plan of achieving his goal. Those two steps were, first was to make the website earn between zero to two thousand dollars a month, and then another was to make the website earn between two to ten thousand dollars a month.

Going through the guide you will see most of the experiences to be similar to that of the guy you read in the previous section. Thus, the apparent story makes the learning more interactive. In addition to that, the details author has provided makes it easy to trace the moves and mistakes while building a website ourselves.




 The Downside of Amazon, yes, everything does not end at hard work and patience! In this case, making the website experience shall be your priority.  Jawad Khan, a writer and the owner of the website named Writing My Destiny guides in his article with title as ‘9 Reasons Why Starting an “Amazon Affiliate Site” is the WORST Thing You Could Do as a Newbie (And What You Should Do Instead) on Nich Hacks about the intricacies of becoming a ‘Marketing Affiliate’.

He does not encourage people from starting an affiliate site but considers it fake effort and delusional business model. In his article, Jawad shares examples of some of the most successful and failure of the affiliate websites too. On the contrary, at last, the article describes how an actual affiliate website should publish its content keeping the customers’ needs in mind. It explains the use of an ethical way to monetize the website which contradicts the current methods.

The EndNote

Now that you have my blessings and lessons from five experienced mentors, you are fit to build an elegant Affiliate Empire for yourself.


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