Affiliate University of SA Review: Just launched, but stay away!

This morning I came across a paid ad online for Affiliate University of SA and since I have never heard of them I had to go and have a look. So this is a new opportunity presenting itself in South Africa. Let’s have a look and see what is Affiliate University SA about.

Affiliate University of SA Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Currently R10 300 (approximately $620), normal price is R25 000 (approximately $1500)
Website: www.affiliateuniversitysa.com

Introduction: What is Affiliate University of SA about?

Affiliate University of SA is a training course that teaches people to make money being an affiliate marketer. Their website comprises of a grand total of 3 pages: their home page, a registration page and a contact page. This is obviously targeted at South Africans, being the Affiliate University of SA.

What is Affiliate University of SA about?


It is really quite hard to review a new company when there is no information online about them. So what I will be doing in this review is evaluating and dissecting everything I see on their website. So let’s look at the first thing on their home page. You can earn R90 000 to R550 000 per month with their company. That is roughly $5 400 – $33 000 a month. Nice one, sounds great.

So yes I agree you totally can earn that amount from affiliate marketing… with experience and time and learning. But to have a 1 day course and earn that? Sorry to diss a new business but no, I sincerely doubt that. And even if that was true and they teach such incredible golden nuggets that someone does make it, do you think everyone will make it? Will YOU earn that?

Let’s get back to reality here folks, the answer is no. This fits in with our things to look out for. If it is too good to be true it probably is.

Besides I have been working online for a good few years and there is absolutely no way you can teach everything about affiliate marketing in one day, far from it. Working online takes constant training and keeping up to date with the times, one day training to make thousands is laughable.

is Affiliate University of SA a scam?

Let’s look at the next part on their small little website, bear with me there really is much to go on so it won’t take too long!

Ok so huge companies like Microsoft want you to market their products to customers and they will pay you to do it. Yes all true. But a one day course for R10 300 to learn how to do that?


What is Affiliate University of SA about?

So you want to know how to make money online with affiliate marketing through Microsoft? Well here is my lesson and it will cost you NOTHING!

  1. Set up your FREE website….

2. Do some Keyword Research

3. Write some Quality Content that the search engines will love.

4. Find out how to get your content to rank.

5. Do some email marketing.

6. Monetize your content, yes just click here and get your Microsoft affiliate link, or contact any other “big company” such as Amazon and affiliate with them.

You want more information and guidance just ask me and I will happily guide you how to start affiliate marketing for FREE

There is no magic secret here to affiliate marketing, their is no magic course that will teach you something in a day to make money like this. It takes hard work, dedication and some time.

Ok so back to Affiliate University of SA…

So I entered my details into their website to register for this course, I just had to see what they would send me. I mean if I am going to pay R10 300 for a one day course I’d like a nice glossy brochure telling me details about what I will be learning about, who is giving the course, what is his/ her credentials…. right?

So here is the the email I got from them and there was a 2 page pdf attachment which I must fill out on the first page and on the send page is the banking details. Affiliate University of SA email

So from my point of view this really does not look very professional at all. Where is the email signature, where is the surname of this person I am speaking to and where is a contact number?

This email also tells me nothing really except that I am so lucky to be paying R10 300 and not the usual R25 000.

I did send them an email asking for more information on what the course entails, how long the lessons are, what dates are available, who teaches the course and what his/ her credentials are. I am not surprised to find that I have not as yet received an email reply!

And I thought I would just check out their website a little bit too. It seems this website is brand new, only being launched in November 2015.

Affiliate University of SA website

So just one more thing I want to look at is their address and contact phone number. Their address and telephone numbers check out and Michelle is a real person, but busy on the line and I didn’t feel like holding. Seems they are pumping with inquiries for this course.

Contact Affiliate University of SA

Pros and Cons for Affiliate University of SA


  • They have an affiliate program


  • The course is very expensive
  • Large promises of making money that honestly looks completely unrealistic
  • Anything they teach you can be found online for FREE!
  • They are a new company so there is no way to know for sure if they are legit or a scam

Is Affiliate University of SA a Scam?

I can’t be sure, but let’s just look at the warning bells:

  • Too good to be true: claiming you will be earning huge amounts of money
  • Too good to be true: claiming you will earn money fast (impossible! it takes time)
  • Hardly any information on website
  • Hardly any information via email

What does Affiliate University of SA Cost?

R10 300 for a 1 day course made up of 10 training sessions (appr $620). This is a launching special and will be R25 000 in March (appr $1500).

My Verdict for Affiliate University of SA

There isn’t much to go on here, partly because they are so new there is nothing online when searching for information. The other problem with not knowing what they are about is that there is no useful information on their website. They have provided me no useful information via email either.

Huge amounts of money for a short course that teaches you to do something you can learn from free online, yet they hardly tell you what you are going to be learning about? Ludicrous earnings promised?

This has all the warning signs of a scam and I would not advise you try this out.

One of the biggest problems with this course is that you cannot possibly learn everything in a day. If you really want to learn about affiliate marketing and keep up to date Affiliate University of SA will not be the place you are looking for.

What do you think of Affiliate University of SA? Does it look like a scam to you, or do you think it offers anything worthwhile?

***UPDATE 03 June 2016***

This website has been shut down, I’m not sure when exactly but thankfully it appears to be removed. I hope that I was a massive thorn in their side considering this article ranked higher in Google search than their website

However a new scam has appeared in its place which truly looks to be by the same scammers.

I have just reviewed it and the likeness is just uncanny, so my opinion is that we have a serial scammer targeting South Africans so please be careful!

Check out my review for Indufuels/ Affiliate Company SA

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Affiliate University of SA Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Currently R10 300 (approximately $620), normal price is R25 000 (approximately $1500)
Website: www.affiliateuniversitysa.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne,

    I am from South Africa but I have never heard of Affiliate University of SA. This is really worth checking out. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best.

  2. Hi Lynne, thank you for the warning. This great review can help a lot of people around the internet who’s looking for extra income. I think there’s nothing like WA who will give you an Online Certification Course for free. Let’s continue helping people around. See ya ^_^

  3. Great work and thanks for taking the time. The world is full of shiny objects. Shiny objects make money for the one selling them. I guess if you bilk enough people out of their hard earned cash, you’ll make money. It works with Ponzi schemes too. Thanks, Robert

    • Hi Robert
      That is so well said! What I can’t understand is if you go to such lengths to con people why not put the same amount of work in and offer a valuable product?

  4. Hey Lynne,

    Thanks for the review. It is such a shame that companies like this continue to thrive on the internet preying on unsuspecting individuals daily. How the hell can someone claim that you will make up to $33,000 per month?

    This is obviously a scam of the worst nature. I hope that with your review many people will save themselves the $1500 and also the embarrassment that comes with it.

    Your rating for Affiliate University of SA should have been a -00/100 for these criminals. I hope the authorities shut down this their system sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again Lynne.

    • Hi Jason

      I couldn’t agree with you more, newbies will be drawn in by this thinking they can make that amount of money. I find it so sad. It also annoys me when you see they have an affiliate program because that means lots of “positive reviews” online!

  5. This is a very good post for anyone new to internet marketing.
    It’s so easy to fall into temptation and just wing it but you wind up losing much money.
    I looked into the Wealthy Affiliate program you have mentioned here and it looks like an excellent way to begin, especially since I can try it for free.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Hi Merherbani

      I love things that are free or at least free to try out! We have enough expenses as it is, so I like to try and see what can be done for free. This Affiliate University of SA does not look like a good idea at all to me. I am just hoping that this post reaches a lot of people because it truly looks like there is no information online yet about it and I am concerned lots of people will waste their money on this.

  6. Great article Lynne, as someone who works online already, I’m always keen to improve my knowledge. Some of these sites make GIANT promises, which from experience I know to be false. I’ve known a number of internet marketers, and even those who are ‘expert’ at building traffic, say it can still take months realistically. Any program offering a ‘get rich quick’ promise are something to be wary of. Very thorough review, thanks for the info 🙂

    • Hi Yvette
      Yes there are way too many red flags with this Affiliate University of SA for my liking! Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience with us.

  7. As a complete newbie to online business I nearly got tempted by the quick fix training option to give me some skills – but thank you for confirming my own perception of their site and offering – big caps felt like eye abuse. Unfortunately many will fall for it in desperation to find an entry point but as others have said, to produce good fruit needs preparation, dedication, hard work and commitment – no such thing as a quick road. Thanks

    • Hi Jane

      Yes and really look at their website.. and they are going to teach YOU to be a professional online marketer when they can’t even put together a professional website? By the way I still haven’t received any response from them about the course content and who is giving the course. That was 2 days ago, shocking really!

  8. I meant to add that I will also look up your training @ resources – Online Certification Course – my perception of your site and comments is that here be pragmatic, trustworthy, sound advice – glad I found you. Im in South Africa, have never hear of them and I’m surprised they can even use the name “university”. But Entrepreneur magazine put them on a cover so maybe there is a kernel of truth somewhere in their marketing ra-ra. Is that how they get away with it?

    • Hi Jane
      I’m glad you are enjoying my website 🙂 I am in Saldanha, South Africa. So it is lovely to connect with a fellow South African.

      LOL that is firstly just an image of the Entrepreneur magazine. Do you see any text on there about Affiliate University? This is such a common scam tactic anyway, haven’t you seen those scam websites that have at the bottom “As seen on whatever well known TV program or trusted newspaper”? Nowhere does that magazine mention their company!

      If you want to learn how to make money online just come back and visit my website, I’ll show you myself. You’re welcome to donate some cash hahaha… did you see the price of Avo’s recently? R18.99 in Pick n Pay yesterday so I’m going to need all the help I can get soon heehee.

  9. Hi Lynn,

    It is nice that you are helping others looking to get involved with affiliate marketing to weed out the bad apples. I believe, “if an organization is going to take the time to but up a website about affiliate marketing, but then cannot find to the time to post in-depth information about their programs”, is definitely a red flag to a potential problem.

    • Hi Billy

      Yes that is exactly what I was thinking. If you have an incredible opportunity then tell your audience about it. If there is nothing to tell that says a lot doesn’t it?

  10. wow, wow, Lynne, WOW, You just saved my ass. Thanks for your wonderful review, I am happy and very grateful. You are a star and for providing a free alternative is godly. I duff my hat for you.
    One more thing, BRAVO.

  11. TOTAL SCAM… BEWARE and stay away! the ‘CEO’ seems to be the seasonal scam artist… attended and there were people that had no clue and the elusive CEO was no where to be found.. further online investigation seems that the CEO is a dab hand at setting up ‘companies’ and scamming people out of their hard earned money and closing shop / making a disappearing act and being unavailable. Thanks for the warning. Can ill afford to be scammed!

    • Thanks for giving more information on this scam Jader, I don’t know who the CEO is because they wouldn’t give me any information and didn’t reply to my email…. but I could spot this as a sham from a mile away.

  12. Thanks for the review Lynne. This scam artist has opened other companies that are obvious scams with people wanting their monies back only to find that he has disappeared. I urge people to be very careful as numerous complaints exist in fraud busting websites such as hello Peter and report a crime etc. I’m also a victim and it’s sad to know that my money is gone and I’ll never be able to get it back yet he’s still trying to get unsuspecting people’s monies.

    • I am so sorry to hear that you were conned by this same company! If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing you can so so for free.

    • I am so glad I could help you avoid this one. I saw their website again a few days ago and it has changed a lot, they have removed the Amazon affiliate things and now they have something to do with a call center? Oh well, it is still a big scam no matter what they are offering!

  13. The latest emails is about indufuels bio diesel money making scheme.The landline provided is a private home number which seemingly is not working anymore.The cell number belongs to one person which according to my trace has worked for the affiliate business school.The company is not registered at CIPC .The address provided is very suspicious as there is no office number and further no office telephone and/fax number is available

    • Oh my gosh Frans, that is so bad. I have been back a few times to check their website and each time their website changed. The last time I tried to access their website it wasn’t available. Hopefully that means they have been shut down by now. I really hope so.

      Thanks for sharing what you know about them. Oh so dodgy!

  14. I just bumped into another website online http://www.affiliategroupsa.com. It seems like this guy is a professional con artist. The owner of this company is the same guy who owns all the other companies mentioned above. His name is Philani Ntuli. I called in and asked to speak to him and i was told that it won’t be possible.

    • Yes Alexis you are spot on there. I have been seeing a lot of the same scams coming up by this Philani Ntuli!

      Isn’t it awful how these online serial scammer seem to just get away with these scams over and over again?

  15. Heard of this one and dawn girl you good. These guys created a stupid system of trying to provide an expensive system for the South African public to try and build a website on top of that its in secure and expensive.
    I come from South Africa and have registered with wealthy affiliate. Honestly there’s no better system.

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