Achieving Success with Online Marketing Courses

Times have changed! This is a statement you have likely heard more times than you can count. Times have indeed changed and people make this statement when they look at the amount of disruptions that are occurring daily around us.

Saying that times have changed does not even begin to cut the total departure from the norm being experienced in every facet of life, least of which is business and how we market our products, services and ideas.

A huge part of these changes and disruptions being experienced today can be traced to one foundational factor and that is the Internet. From the advent of the internet, a tool which simply made information easily distributable and accessible by the majority of humanity, the way we do things have changed forever.

In this article, we will only be talking about just one aspect of these massive changes and that is online marketing.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing or digital marketing can be defined as steps and practices taken to promote a product, service, cause, idea, business or any other thing online. You can read about it here. The foundational difference between digital marketing and its traditional variant is that it is wholly executed online.

There are different branches or aspects of these practices but they all are carried out online. This has a number of benefits which has made practically every business today turn to, or at least invest heavily in this type of marketing.

Let’s look at some of these benefits.

Benefits of Online Marketing

The basis of this type of marketing is highly specific and detailed data. Consumer data collected from various platforms including social media and customer relationship management systems is what drives it. As a result of this, certain major benefits are the current outcomes. Some of these include:

Low Entry Cost

This is one of the major reasons why almost everyone is taking advantage of this method. Unlike traditional methods that usually require heavy upfront expenses, you can get started on this with practically any amount you have. Imagine starting a campaign with $5, that is something that will previously be unthinkable.

Overall Low Cost

Not only is the entry cost low, the overall cost is also much lower than what was previously obtainable. The best part is actually that you spend as you proceed. You actually spend based on what you see. You also have the flexibility to choose exactly what you want to pay for. What you will eventually spend running a major campaign online will be child’s play compared to a traditional campaign of the same magnitude.

Measurable Results

This is another very important point. In traditional media, adverts are simply blasted at the audience repeatedly, hoping that it will register and eventually result in increased sales. The best targeting that is done is the choice of media. For radio and television, it will also include the program and time belt. Once the ads have gone out, there is no way of actually calculating the impact and measuring the results.

This is totally different with digital marketing. Here you can target very specific customers, know when they convert and how many of them did. You can find out exactly which of your campaigns or ads had the most impact and which particular add brought in a particular customer.

The detail that can be achieved with this is simply amazing.

Improved Sales from Targeted Campaigns

With specific consumer data, you can target specific individuals who are already predisposed to purchasing what you are selling. Because these folks are already looking for your product, advertising to them is like advertising water to a very thirsty person – sales are sure.

What Do these Courses Cover?

When you take an online marketing course such as the ones offered by Traffic Tsunami, you will learn various aspects of the digital marketing idea. A few of these include:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines are one of the strongest forces on the internet today and this course will show you how to take advantage of their power. You will learn how to get your site to rank for various keywords and this will convert to more traffic and by implication, more sales.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

This involves the use of paid adverts to take advantage of search engines. You will learn how to work with analytics, Google Adwords and others.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now almost as powerful as search engines. You will learn how to harness its power through paid ads and other strategies.

Content Marketing

Content they say is king. This course will teach you how to use informative content to draw your prospective customers in.

Email Marketing

You will learn how to use good old email to do wonders for your business or a client’s business.

Inbound Marketing

This is a strategy that includes some of the methods already mentioned above. The focus of this method is the customer. You will learn how to make a customer stick with you for life and even begin to refer other customers to you. This is more than just selling to the customer but adding immense value such that the customer cannot but buy from you and continue to do so.


If you are ready to take your business to the next level and the next level after that, then you really have no option than to fully embrace digital marketing. You have the option of hiring experts to handle the entire thing for you. This will be great if you had all the money to spend. If, however you are just starting out in business, you may just want to handle this yourself and save cost.

On the flip side, you can also equip yourself with this in-demand skill set and begin to offer this service to other businesses. There are huge opportunities today for people who have a deep understanding of digital marketing.


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. It is indeed true that the world is evolving towards the age of digital marketing whereby everything is done online because of the fact that it can reach a wider audience. Also, online marketing, just like you stated, has very low start up cost and as such, makes it more a friendly option to every business owners. In truth, the fact that there are tools that can used to measure the level of success made with each targeted marketing campaign is also a great plus to it. Meanwhile, learning is integral to online marketing too. Proper learning from places like wealthy Affiliate university and practice with consistency would lead to success. 


  2. You are right the internet definitely changes a lot of things. It sounds like online advertising has a lot of benefits over advertising on the TV or the radio. That is a good point to that it is trackable. There are probably a lot of existing businesses that would benefit from increasing their online presence. Thanks for this article and it’s another good reminder to eventually boost my social media activities but right now I’m still building my website.

  3. Amazing! The world is revolving and their are various changes and upgrades going on in different aspects of life. Facing the marketing industry,I strongly agree to this article as digital marketing is the new cool and the best way to reveal your brand or business to the world. Not just the world generally but basically to any part you want it to cover. In the quest to improve in my digital marketing skills,this post has really gone a long way to widen my knowledge and educate me more on other strategies I have never taught about. The simple diction and style used in this article to imbibe understanding in the mind of the reader is remarkable and I must say a big THANK YOU.

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