Empower Network Review: forget the Hype it’s just a Pyramid Scheme!

A Review of Empower Network
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Kalatu Blogging System $25.00/ month, Inner Circle $100.00/ month, Top Producer Formula $500 once off cost, Team Building Formula $1000 once off cost, Mass Influence Formula $3500.00 once off cost.
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Introduction: What is Empower Network blog?

Empower Network is large blogging community and publishing platform that provides training and services to online marketers. Empower Network has been going since 2012 and is owned by David Wood and David Sharpe.

What is Empower Network blog

So that is what the Empower Network website says it offers. When I took a browse around their website I found hardly any information about what they really offer. So lets have a closer look?

What are the Empower Network Products?

There are a number of products on Empower Network so here is a short explanation of each product.

What is Kalatu Blogging System?

This is the Empower Network’s flagship product. It is an out of the box blog set up and ready for marketing.

What is Kalatu Blogging System

What is Empower Network Inner Circle?

This is what Empower Network calls mindset training. This is a set of audios put together by successful entrepreneurs that will put inject you with positivity during your down time. Thi si meant to be listened to while driving, exercising, doing housework or any other time that is convenient.

What is Empower Network Inner Circle

What is Top Producer Formula?

Top Producer is a 13 module training guide that will teach you how to become a top producer in your business.

Top Producer Formula

What is Empower Network Team Building Formula?

The Team Building Formula is training to get the most out of your team and quadruple their efforts in no time.

Empower Network Team Building Formula

What is Empower Network Mass Influence Formula?

Training that shows you how to gain respect from others, and to influence people to make them take the action that you want them to.

Empower Network Mass Influence Formula

Pros and Cons


  • Get your own blog with hosting


  • Hardly any concrete information on their website of what you really get for your money, just a lot of hype with nothing to really look at or back it up
  • No free trial to see what you are paying for
  • You have to pay a monthly fee of $19.95 to be an affiliate of Empower Network
  • Expensive
  • Lows of Upsells
  • MLM: Looks like a pyramid scheme
  • Lots of complaints online


Kalatu Blogging Network $25.00/ month

Inner Circle $100.00/ month

Top Producer Formula $500.00

Team Building Formula $1000.00

Mass Influence Formula $3500.00


Nothing offered other than the paid for training!


Judging by their website and the complaints online there will be no support for you at Empower Network.

Is the Empower Network a Scam?

I would say so, yes. This looks to me like it is a pyramid scheme which is something I am not fond of personally.

Is the Empower Network a Scam

Can you Make Money with the Empower Network?

I am sure there is a possibility you can make money with this opportunity, if you are prepared to spend a lot of money and take the risk.

There is also the aspect of doing something ethical to make money. Will you sleep at night knowing you are making money recruiting people to a pyramid scheme they most likely won’t make any money from? Can you knowingly make others part with their hard earned money for products that have hardly any value?

The fact is that when you are looking at a pyramid scheme you are the product and you are just trying to sucker other people in.

My Verdict for Empower Network

Empower Network is a scam that works on a pyramid scheme. They offer no information on their products on the website. Yes I suppose a pretty picture and a one liner does count as some information, but when they expect you to fork out $3500.00 for a product is that really enough?

There are so many complaints online about Empower Network that I would really stay far away from them. They have a terrible reputation and they offer no value for what you get.

And just one more thing: paying a monthly fee to be an affiliate marketer is just plain wrong! It just stinks. You should not have to pay to be an affiliate of any product or service!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

A Review of Empower Network
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Kalatu Blogging System $25.00/ month, Inner Circle $100.00/ month, Top Producer Formula $500 once off cost, Team Building Formula $1000 once off cost, Mass Influence Formula $3500.00 once off cost.
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Website: www.empowernetwork.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. The main thing that stand out to me through this review is the Team Building Formula $1000 once off cost and the Mass Influence Formula $3500.00 once off cost.
    To me this sounds absolutely mad considering people are coming online to actually earn money – not throw it away! Thanks for this in depth review on this rather dodgy opportunity – I will be staying well away!

    • Hi Chris, yes I agree with you there

      . I saw the hefty price tag on the Empower Network Mass Influence Formula and nearly choked! There are ways to earn money online without spending any money at all. Yes it might take a little while, but really making money overnight is just not realistic whether online or not.

  2. Wow the Kalatu Blogging System seems like just another way to cheat people. Asking for 3500 dollars is a huge up sale. These pyramid schemes are getting more and more drastic with their price.

    Thanks for writing a in depth review. Anyone who is reading this will know to stay clear of this company and their antics.


    • Hi Merceadez. Yeah it’s quite a steep price for a blogging system! Certainly not something I would buy, and not something I would promote either. I would want to know more about the product so I can really let my readers know what they are buying. I would also want to try it out myself so I can give a great reviews, however I am not prepared to spend that money and I advise you not to either!

  3. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for the information and the review of the “product”. I type “product” in quotation marks because, judging by your review, this is actually a blatant scam.

    I really hate scams, and I really hate pyramid schemes. You have unearthed two of my pet hates in one place! This information is vital for people who are just getting into content marketing, and I believe it will save people a lot of money and (most crucial of all) time in the future.

    Congratulations on unearthing this scam, keep it up 🙂

    • Exactly Paul. The “product” is you! That’s how it is with a pyramid scheme, it is not about what the product is, it is about recruiting more people to be suckered in. I also hate this sort of thing. It just stinks.

  4. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for this warning about Empower Network. Their prices for the different products are a little frightening. I hate these multi level marketing programs where you have to promote the company to friends, family or anyone who will listen. A fact about MLMs, is that very few people succeed, almost all drop out before they make any money. With Empower network you may spend a lot of money, but the only ones that will earn anything are people higher up the pyramid.
    Hopefully your post will keep people away from this scam.

    • HI Peter, I totally agree with you on that! Only a very few people (ruthless with elephant skin) at the top will ever make any money with MLM. I look at MLM as a fancy pyramid scheme which hides behind bad products that are highly priced.

  5. Empower Network is changing almost every year just to get more people falling for it. There are some good training there, but you will only get access to it once you pay for the $5000.

    You can also scratch the one pro where you say you get your blog with hosting because I prefer to have my own domain. What if they kick you out, then all of your work was for nothing?

  6. Yeah I’ve heard about this empower net work enough to know that it’s not all it’s hyped up to be. There are major problems with this company, the first being that they don’t even let you own your own domain .. they are the ones who own the domain, and it’s a MLM too, so it’s something to keep away from.

    • Hi JP

      Yes for my personally anything that is MLM is a no go, I don’t even look at it any further because I find it pointless. I want control over my own business and what I do, not be tied to a company and its rules and regulations and only the products that they sell.

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