A Guide to Trending Topics and Hashtags for Digital Marketing

When used correctly with a clear strategy in mind, a hashtag has the ability to spur your business to newer heights. Whether it is an Instagram or Twitter post, one thing is for sure. A post with a hashtag gets more attention and engagement than one without any.

a guide to trending topics and hashtags for digital marketing

This trick of using trending topics and hashtags is however unknown to most business owners and marketers. They either have too many unnecessary hashtags or target the wrong group of potential clients/customers. Hate or love them, social media platforms have become part of our culture. They can be a little confusing at times to use, but with a little help, your business can draw immense success from them. This post is, therefore, a guide to trending topics and hashtags for digital marketing.

What are Hashtags and Why are They Important?

I believe most of us by now already know what a hashtag is. But if you are just getting started, a hashtag is defined as a phrase or a word with the hash sign (#) sign proceeding it on social media site particularly Twitter and Instagram to act as a keyword for a specified trending topic. (#tbt, #cute, #digitalmarketing, #hashtag etc.)

Their usage started becoming popular back in 2007 as Twitter began using then to group topics discussed on the social network platform. Since then, people have relied on hashtags to easily find and engage in discussions on Twitter and Instagram. And this is where your digital marketing strategy comes in. You can use these hashtags to track the performance of your online promotions or campaigns. To put in in simpler terms, trending topics and hashtags are a way of sorting contents into what most users would be interested in.

For instance, if you use the #digitalmarketing, then, in essence, you would be targeting users searching for this specific topic. So, it narrows down one’s search to all the posts with this hashtag. As a result, your marketing content is only reaching the right people while the right people reach you.

Tips on How to Successfully Use Trending Topics and Hashtags

To stay atop the digital marketing game, it is best to perfect the art of tweeting trends. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram users engage most with content they have interest in. Trending topics would, therefore, be a representation of what is buzzing around the globe and on the Twitter space.

  1. Find the Right Hashtag

This is the first step in digital marketing. If you are using Twitter, you need to first tailor the twitter trends to what applies to your industry. The default settings of the trends list show your interests, based on your activities on Twitter. At the bottom of this list is a button where you can tailor these trends to specifically enumerate trending hashtags in your location. Through this, you are kept abreast with the happening in your locality, particularly if it is advantageous to your brand.

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Once you have identified what everyone is buzzing about, you can start doing your marketing with these hashtags included in the posts. It is essential to narrow down your hashtags as much as you can since it is most likely to be obscured by the millions of posts. Let’s say you are a massage chair expert looking to attract potential customers for your massage chairs, tailor your trends feed to “massage” related searches.

  1. Use Just the Right Number of Hashtags

In efforts to increase your reach with hashtags, some people tend to increase the number they use on a single post. But is this strategy advisable? There exist theories on just how many hashtags to use. First of all, this use has been shown to increase your reach by close to 100% for individuals.

For brands, this percentage drop to 50%. Further on, a tweet with a hashtag has twice the number of engagements in comparison to one without. Additionally, a tweet with one or two hashtags receives 21% more interactivity than one with a single hashtag. You see, a trend is developing there. However, increasing the number of hashtags beyond two does the exact opposite. In fact, there is a 17% drop in how much engagement that tweet receives if it has more than two hashtags.

  1. Create Your Own Unique Hashtags

For those of you who have trademarked their brands, then customizing your brand name into a hashtag is a good idea. For better effect, turn phrases into keywords that are in relation to your marketing goals. Then, when you post either on Instagram or Twitter, you can use these alongside a trending hashtag.

You must have noticed this with how almost every company has their own hashtags. Even TV shows these days implore users to tweet about their programming experience using specific hashtags. Take an example of Nike with their #justdoit hashtag. It is a way of building the reputation of your brand. Your influence then starts to grow, which then translates into increased sales. I like to give the massage chair expert example. For this, a unique hashtag could be #feelgoodmassage.

  1. Learn from Brand Tweet Fails

Before you set out and start being a trendsetter for your brand, always know that you shouldn’t just tweet about anything. A lot of the time, the trending topics you see on your twitter feed are harmless and perfect for your digital marketing. However, when issues arise relating to politics, sex, religion etc., it is best to tread carefully. For these, a thin line exists between inappropriate and acceptable. I believe you have surely heard of the terrible fails from brands who tried to use a trending hashtag for the wrong reasons.

In 2014, an attempt by Spirit Airlines to use a hashtag for their advertising failed spectacularly. They had intended to poke fun at a celebrity nude photo. This attempt didn’t go well with Twitter users who thought the tweet was distasteful. There are lots of other stories such as the DiGiorno Pizza one of 2014 which was insensitive to domestic violence awareness. Always pay attention to your follower’s interests before sending out a tweet with a trending hashtag.

  1. Engage your Followers by Monitoring Your Hashtag

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a twitter or an Instagram hashtag. It would be pointless if you don’t follow the hashtag. Digital marketing is supposed to be an interactive session where you can see what people are saying about you. You can then respond to some of the queries they may be having in the process.

Another way of engaging followers is by creating scheduled real-time chats with a group of Twitter users. For this purpose, you have to create a specific hashtag for a tweet chat. This then has to be published in any tweet for someone to get involved in the chat. All the participants can then follow the conversation.


All those who were in need of a guide to trending topics and hashtags for digital marketing, we believe believed we solved your puzzle well. When used right, trending topics and hashtags can be  a great way of interacting with your customers on a global stage. There are lots of tools too that you can use to monitor and subsequently evaluate how your hashtags are performing. All in all, it is best to create your own brand hashtag which would be in your bio, then clearly organize the ones you would be using on occasions.

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