9 Tips For Business Bathroom Remodel Projects

Bathrooms are top of the list when it comes to remodeling projects, even more than kitchens. Bathrooms are smaller which makes the project somewhat easier and more cost effective. In this post, we will be sharing some useful tips for business bathroom remodel projects to make the process more affordable, smooth-going and efficient.

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Recess For Additional Room

When your business bathroom is incredibly tight, built-in accessories like recessed medicine cabinets and soap dishes, or even toilet holders can provide additional room. You can also consider installing a recessed ceiling light.

Add A Touch of Color With Greenery

Plants can add a welcome splash of color to sterile bathrooms. Floating shelves are popular trends in bathrooms for giving trailing plants a cosy place to flourish.

Flooring Is Quintessential

Solid wooden floors can add character to any space, but they are not the most practical option for bathrooms. For commercial or business use, it is best to select flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic  and daily use. Consider porcelain or ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl plank, or vinyl flooring.

Consider A Bath Remodel Project

A bath remodel is the ideal cost-effective solution for businesses like guesthouses or care homes that want to replace damaged or outdated baths, but do not have the budgets for complete bathroom overhauls. By just remodeling your bath, it can have an immense impact on the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom.  You can even consider walk in bathtubs that are ideal for those who have limited mobility.

Choose Color Wisely

You can make a small space appear bigger by choosing white or light colors. Dark colors tend to make a room appear gloomy and smaller. Also consider using light-colored or white bathroom fixtures (bathtub, toilet, basin, etc.). Stick to white or off-white for the ceiling since darker colors tend to shrink the room even more.


Bathrooms usually have one light on the ceiling. Consider adding a light around the bathroom mirror area where people usually check their appearance. Try to avoid blinding light and rather invest in a dimmer switch to add mood to the room and give people an option to adjust lighting.

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Freestanding Pieces For Decorative Flair

If your bathroom has plenty of room, you can add a freestanding piece like a cupboard or chair for decorative purposes.

Adding More Mirrors

Many people only place a mirror in the bathroom for the sake of checking hair or makeup. But, mirrors are a vital design element for expanding a room visually or adding light to the space.

Protecting The Lower Wall Sections

Beadboard is excellent for giving the space an antique look as well as protecting the lower section of the wall against water splashes from showers or tubs. Adding an oil-based paint layer will strengthen the beadboard even further and make it impervious to moisture. You can also think about adding tile wainscot of around 40 to 48 inches on the bottom of the wall. Tile also serves a valuable purpose of protecting the wall against moisture, plus it can provide numerous style options.


We hope you have found these 9 tips for business bathroom remodel projects useful and that you will incorporate some of them to make your bathroom remodel process a whole lot smoother, budget-friendly, and efficient.


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