9 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips 

Amazon is an amazing store to sign up with as an affiliate marketer – yes there are some people that moan about the low commission rate but you need to look too at the high conversion rate when you start promoting Amazon products too! Personally I am a huge fan of Amazon affiliate marketing on my parenting website.

If you are new to Amazon affiliate marketing, or perhaps you are looking to increase your earnings through Amazon, here are some tips to help you out:

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9 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips

Familiarize Yourself With The Amazon Associates Agreement

It is very important to take note of the rules governing your Amazon Associates Agreement. There are many people that complain that they have been removed from the Amazon Associates Program due to an infringement. The rules change regularly and you will be notified via email when there are any changes. Make sure to always check for updates.

Keywords Are Important

Make sure to target long tail keywords – there will always be less traffic for long tail keyword but the keywords will be much more targeted and your conversion rate will be higher. Targeting buyer ready keywords is always a smart move. The closer a person is towards the end of the buying cycle the easier it will be to close a sale.

Some examples of buyer ready keywords are:

Best [Product Name]

Cheap [Product Name]

Buy [Product Name]

Good Price for [Product Name]

Here is an article sample: Best wheat grass juice powder – this post targets a buyer ready keyword and targets a number of products within the post.

Try out the awesome Jaaxy keyword tool below – you get 30 free searches!

Create Different Types Of Posts Targeting Amazon Products

There are so many websites that only focus on writing product reviews and while that is one way to target Amazon affiliate sales it is certainly not the only way.

I like to create a mix of the following types of content:

  • product reviews
  • best of lists
  • gift guides
  • VS posts – compare different products
  • useful posts – these I have found super for traffic and conversions. Think of a problem your reader has and solve it. An example of this could be a post titled “X Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Of The Dark” which moms will find super useful and I can recommend products such as night lights to my readers.

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Add Amazon Affiliate Images – The Right Way

You cannot take any images you want from the Amazon website and use them as you like to promote Amazon products. When you have activated Site Stripe you can get the html code for images complete with your affiliate link in them to use on your website. This is the only way that you can get Amazon images without breaking the terms of your agreement.

Here is a video tutorial I created at Wealthy Affiliate walking you through it. You can access all the training videos that I have published at Wealthy Affiliate using the free account.

Amazon store logo

Use In Text Links

You can add your Amazon affiliate links to your website in a number of ways – you can have ads, images or text links. Text links convert very well, so make sure to add text links to your content as well as ads and images.

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Promote Bounties

Bounties are an awesome way to make money as an Amazon affiliate because they are so easy to promote and they convert well. Amazon offers bounties – which are once off payments, for referring people to different Amazon trials, for example for Amazon Prime or Amazon Baby Registry. It costs nothing for your readers to sign up for a trial and you get a once off payment for each referral.

Sign Up For All Countries Where You Get Traffic

There are different Amazon stores in different countries. Check your website traffic and make sure that you have signed up for each country that you get traffic from, then make sure that you are using One Link to ensure that your readers can access any Amazon store from your website and you will be credited for those sales. There are also plenty of Amazon plugins that enable you to generate sales from different Amazon stores worldwide.

However you go about it, just make sure you aren’t letting sales slip through your fingers!

Promote Your Affiliate Links On Social Media

You are able to promote Amazon affiliate links on social media – however you must stick to their guidelines for social media marketing.

Make sure to add all your social media channels and all your websites to your Amazon account. This is essential so that Amazon can check that you are promoting their products correctly without spamming.

Ensure that you also disclose that it is an affiliate link every time you share one.

You can add affiliate links to Pinterest, Facebook and other social media so make use of this free way to generate more traffic to your affiliate links. Be sure to always stick to the rules of the social media channel that you are making use of.

Make Use Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website, so don’t forget to add your affiliate marketing posts to make affiliate sales on Amazon. Regular newsletters can mean all the difference when it comes to consistent traffic.


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