8 Ways to Improve a Company’s Net Promoter Score

To give you a brief idea about the concept of NPS, in case you don’t know already – it’s known as Net Promoter Score. It is the number of people who are most likely to recommend your company, as they are satisfied with your services. This is calculated by asking past customers to rate your product or service on a scale of 10, and the final results can then be used to calculate the score.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to work on and improve this vital part of your company’s performance report, which will keep customers trickling in! Read on:

Company's Net Promoter

1. Introduce NPS Champion

Your customer’s overall satisfaction depends on the work of the whole set of employees and not on your company’s policies or you alone. If a customer, when depositing cash at the accounts’ counter is faced with a rude employee, they might place a negative remark on your company’s survey or website. Introduce NPS champions to curb this.

2. Get Back Quickly

When customers give your feedback, ensure that you can follow up on it. This needs to be done in the least possible time, because a customer who gives you negative feedback or a suggestion might soften towards your company when he/she finds you trying to improve their experience. Do this by emailing or calling up the concerned individual – it makes it feel personal.

3. Hear Out the Customer

When the call gets through, ensure that the customer service team manages to listen to the customer properly. They might give you information about a bad experience or a suggestion that you could implement to raise the quality of your firm’s services. A patient hearing of the customer will also create the impression that your company respects and values their opinions.

4. Meet and Greet

First impressions matter. They actually do. Have your staff greet and be polite with the customer. A simple “good morning” with a smile can do more wonders than you can think of. A customer friendly experience is not just about solving their issues efficiently, a greeting or similarly polite exchanges can boost your reputation. When you train your staff, encourage them to put it in practice.

5. Suggestions and Recommendations Are Important

Take all suggestions very seriously. By doing so, you shall be able to find out what your customers need and likewise, customize the services to suit their demands. Try to encourage your promoters to recommend your services – if you have an app or website, just ask them to refer a friend. This can also be done personally with frequent customers.

6. Detractors Can Become Promoters Too!

Do not shun your detractors. If you receive a negative feedback, try to find out why and where you went wrong. Rearrange your methods, probably introduce a few changes here and there – make the service seem more attractive. You may even have a chance to develop your net promoter score through the very same reviewers!

7. Motivate and Advise Your Team

Being a good leader is the basic of running your firm. Interact with your team often and try to establish a personal contact with them. Hold meetings where you speak to them about your company’s performance, needs and encourage them to do their jobs with diligence. It is for you to show them the way.

8. Incentives Get Them Going

Most people tend to work hard when given the prospect of an incentive. By introducing incentives for your employees, you shall be able to invoke their spirit of competition. Encourage customers to mention employees who made their experience better. This will also help you know your team well.

That was quite a list! We suggest you better get working right away – this is one of the most important things that help build your company’s online reputation. A good NPS Score can help you stand out in the market, thus helping your profits grow, each fiscal year. We wish you all the best on your way to rule the world of commerce!



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