8 Essential Online Marketing Tools That I Use Every Single Day As A Full Time Blogger

As a blogger my main activity and focus is on creating content – mainly writing but also creating images and videos for my blog. Once my content is created I need to get it out there in front of the right people – this means I need to do keyword research and SEO my website properly, as well as get my content out there in front of people on social media and via email marketing.

All of this online marketing takes considerable time and effort to perform. I make use of various online marketing tools every single day that I consider to be absolutely essential to my success online.

Here are all the tools and websites that I use every day:

8 Essential Online Marketing Tools I Use Every Single Day As A Blogger

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate has been a game changer for me. It is a training platform that shows you how to blog, how to get traffic, how to monetize your website and basically everything you need to know to blog and be a success. In addition to all this amazing training it has an amazing community of like-minded people that help me whenever I get stuck with anything. There is also amazing support from the technical guys at Wealthy Affiliate to help me with any technical problems I may be having.

In addition to all that I get free hosting for all my websites at Wealthy Affiliate, I can buy my domain names through them and I get the awesome Jaaxy keyword tool for free! All this for just $299 per year when I went yearly with their Black Friday special!

Otherwise it is $49 a month for membership on the monthly account or $359 for the yearly account.

You can sign up as a free member for as long as you like to check out their platform and get an idea of what they offer. With the free account you will be able to the first training course and plenty of other things, such as all the training that I have published at Wealthy Affiliate (as well as other members) and you can read members blogs too. You will also be able to build 2 free websites with free hosting.

However if you are serious about starting your own online business that will benefit you for many years to come I highly recommend going for the Premium account so that you have access to the step by step training that will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to make money online and be a success.

The first month is just $19 if you upgrade within the first 7 days of registering.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Now I mention Jaaxy separately from Wealthy Affiliate because although you get Jaaxy for free with the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate you can also access Jaaxy as a stand alone tool here.

Keyword research is an absolutely vital part of blogging and online marketing. If you don’t know what your readers are searching for how do you know what to write about and what points to focus on. By conducting keyword research you can fine tune all your content to reach the right people and grow your blog.

I signed up with Jaaxy before it was integrated and included with Wealthy Affiliate even though Wealthy Affiliate did have a free tool for keyword research at that time. Jaaxy is easy to use and powerful. It has been another big game changer for me. I love researching keywords and coming up with new content ideas, I love seeing what people are searching for online and how much competition there is for each search term.

The Pro account at Jaaxy is $49 a month, which is the same price as the monthly Wealth Affiliate premium membership! Are you starting to get the idea of how amazing Wealthy Affiliate is? The value of the keyword tool alone makes it worth it already!

You can try out Jaaxy for free for 30 searches, go on type something into this little search box to see for yourself how fun it is!


I came across SendPulse last year and I just fell in love with them. You can read my review of SendPulse here.  I use SendPulse for all my email marketing and for sending out push notifications.

Think about this – you are getting regular traffic in from search engines and from social media marketing… all these people are coming o your website and then leaving. And then what? Very likely never ever coming back.

Make sure that when people visit your website they sign up to your newsletter or subscribe to your push notifications – then you can bring them back to your website whenever you like.

I regularly send out newsletters and push notifications – chances are quite high that this is the reason that you are here reading this article right now! Thanks for subscribing!

Just so you know – SendPulse is completely FREE for push notifications and you can use the free account for up to 2500 email subscribers. By the time you get to more than 2500 subscribers your email marketing will be bringing you in enough income to cover your SendPulse payments for sure.

And when you do start paying like me you will find SendPulse to be the most cost effective email marketing service out there. I am confident their pricing will beat all the big names you are probably familiar with and possibly using right now.

Sign up for your FREE SendPulse account now – if you sign up using this link you will get $10 off every month for the first 5 months when you do start paying!


I absolutely love Canva. I cannot sing their praises enough. This was another massive game changer for me. Imagine having 3 websites and each time you publish a post you need to create 2-3 images at least but you are too slow to figure out how to create images?

Well that was me, I was incapable of creating even the simplest image in the right size until I found Canva. In fact I was paying someone to create all my blog images. That was not only an expensive venture but is also cost me time and frustration because firstly when I want to publish a post I don’t want to sit and wait for a day for my image to be completed by someone, in addition to that it is not easy to explain to someone what I want.

When I first started using Canva it took me a little while to get my head around it, but for the first time I was creating my own images. I was so happy I created this training video at Wealthy Affiliate titled Designing Images For Dummies to share everything I had learned with my fellow WA members.

Then this year I created a new training video at Wealthy Affiliate titled Create All Your Own Images Using Canva to show more functions on Canva now that I am much more proficient at using Canva.

You can also create printable pdf’s with clickable links on Canva if you are wanting to create some free printables to offer your readers to entice them to sign up for your newsletter!

Canva is free to use – there are some paid options but I have not once needed to use any paid options before. If you are blogging I highly recommend you try out Canva.

Social Jukebox

I have been using Social Jukebox (previously Tweet Jukebox) for about 5 years now. This is such an awesome social media tool that makes my social media marketing a breeze. I currently have 4 Twitter account and on Facebook I have 3 pages so you can just imagine how crazy it is to keep up with social media marketing.

When you set up a Jukebox on Social Jukebox you connect it to a social profile and add content to it. The Jukebox will keep posting everything randomly in it to your social media profile on repeat. You just set your schedule and times for it to post and it will keep sending out your content. If you have evergreen content for your blog this is an amazing way to keep bringing people back to your website.

Every time I publish new content I head on over to Social Jukebox and add my content to it and and tell it to post it immediately from then on I know it will continue to be shared indefinitely over and over along with all my other evergreen posts.

You can connect Social Jukebox to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social Jukebox takes care of most of my social media marketing needs leaving me free to keep on writing posts for my blogs.

Social Jukebox is a paid tool but you can try them out using their free trial. Social Jukebox – Start Free Trial


It is only during the last year that I decided to put a large focus on Pinterest marketing. The plan was either to master it or ditch it completely. Well I mastered it and now believe it or not it looks like Pinterest may soon become my biggest traffic source for my main business which is my parenting website.

I created some training here on mastering Pinterest which you can check out.

I started using Tailwind towards the end of last year and all I have to say is oh my word they are worth every cent spent on their scheduling tool! Nothing I say will make you understand quite what I mean. I will instead just pop a screen shot of my Google Analytics for my parenting website below for you to see the traffic growth for Pinterest since starting to use Tailwind.

Pinterest Traffic Growth Over 1 year

That blue circle marks the time I started using Tailwind for Pinterest. In April last year I was getting a handful of Pinterest visitors a day – it I got 10 visitors in a day it was good. Yesterday I had close to 600 Pinterest visitors and my Pinterest traffic is growing all the time.

I will hopefully find the time to add a review for Tailwind on my blog soon but for now the proof is in the pudding (or the pic) and I highly recommend that you try out Pinterest.

You can try out Tailwind for free for the first 100 pins, but thereafter you need to pay. I have to admit that I got a bit nervous about taking the plunge with paying for Tailwind but when my yearly subscription comes up for renewal in November I will be smiling as I pull out my bank card.

I have only used it for Pinterest until now, but since it has been so successful I am now trying out their trial with one of my Instagram accounts.

Sign up for Tailwind Now

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Screen Cast O Matic

Screen Cast O Matic is software for filming and editing videos. I use Screen Cast O Matic for all the training videos that I publish on Wealthy Affiliate as well as for creating how to videos for this website.

You can use Screen Cast O Matic for free with some limitations such as only being able to record 15 minute videos and you won’t be able to edit your videos. The free account also has a watermark on the video but it really is so small and unobtrusive that it never worried me.

I got by with the free account until recently when I wanted to create a longer video. I upgraded to their Pro account which cost me just $18 for a year. Not bad at all considering that I have been using their services free for about 3 years already and I use it every day so it really is a bargain.

You can film yourself, your screen or yourself and your screen at the same time. You can save videos to your desktop or upload them directly to Youtube.

Sign up here for Screen Cast O Matic.

Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Wondershare is video editing software and it is so easy to use. I am as slow with video as I am with images and Filmora Wondershare is the first video editing software that I was able to figure out and use. This means it is super easy to use by the way.

Before finding this software I was stuck having to film an entire video from start to finish without making any mistakes so I could upload it to Youtube. Now I can cut out mistakes and things I don’t want to show in the video. I have even figured out how to use a green screen which is super helpful.

Slowly but surely my Youtube videos are getting better. Yes they are amateur but I am improving all the time which is what counts in my books.

You can use Filmora Wondershare for free but the watermark is huge – like right across the screen which really makes this useless to use for anything. However what I did like about it is that I could practice and figure out how to use it before paying anything. Plus the price is so cheap too. I paid $39.99 for a one year license but you can pay $59.99 for a lifetime license. I will be going for the lifetime license when my license expires.

Check out Filmora Wondershare here.

What tools do you use here and what awesome tools can you add to this list?



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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about these tools. It sounds like you’ve been at this for a while and have narrowed down the ones that really work. I’m curious about Send Pulse and how it compares to GetResponse. Also what are the main differences between Screen Cast O’Matic and Filmora Wondershare since it sounds like they are both video editing tools. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Lynn 

      I have never used Get Response before. I believe they have landing pages that you can set up easily and use which is a really awesome feature. Sendpulse has free push notifications which I absolutely love. Also Sendpulse has a free account for up to 2500 subscribers – GetResponse has I believe a 30 day trial… so you get to use SendPulse for free as a new marketer which is really nice. Another big difference is the pricing. Get Response will cost you a lot more than SendPulse. 

      Screen Cast O Matic I use for filming my screen 🙂 Filmora Wondershare I use to edit videos I have filmed with my video camera. So that is the difference for me. Plus keep in mind that you only get the editing options with Screen Cast O Matic if you go for the paid account which I have only recently done so I have yet to really get into their editing tools. 

  2. Hi Lynne,

    I am thinking about using social media tools (currently I manually post my blogs), so I will take a look at Social Jukebox as well as Tailwind. I have not nailed Pinterest nor Instagram marketing just yet, but I want to use these social platforms, especially Instagram because I know it is a great place to market.

    For Social Jukebox, once you post the blog, do you still manually put the url link into Jukebox with some comments, schedule it then Jukebox will share to social media, or does it connect to your website too?

    Thank you for sharing great information.

    • Hi Kyoko 

      I manually add my post links with a little description into Jukebox once I have published it. From there one it will continue to share my post. 

      Yes I’ve also heard Instagram is amazing for traffic – I have yet to master Instagram, it is next on my list of social networks to conquer 🙂 Pinterest I can confirm without a doubt is an amazing platform to generate traffic. 

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