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7 Ways To Increase Engagement With Your Target Audience

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If your content isn’t effectively engaging with your audience what can you do? There is no easy answer for every businesses engagement strategy but a good place to start would be taking a step back and analysing what is working and what isn’t and most importantly, why.

In this article we take you through 7 ways to increase engagement with your audience.

Know your audience

If you don’t know your audience how do you expect to write content that engages with them? It’s important to know who they are and what they are looking for. You can do this by creating a fictional audience persona. Include elements such as where you buyer lives, their age and gender, their education level and profession, their hobbies, relationship status and buying motivations.

Once you have created a fictional consumer who represents your brand you visualise exactly who you are trying to sell to.

Know what content they are looking for.

Be consistent & reliable

So you finally have grabbed your audience’s attention? Great, now remember that you keep this level of content consistent.

There is nothing worse than to start creating engaging content to then posting nothing for the next few weeks. There is so much choice online, that if you don’t keep your consistent and engage with your audience regularly, they will simply just go somewhere else. If you deliver valuable content consistently, your readers will hang around long enough to consume it.

Develop visual content

If you want to build on your engagement create visual posts that will catch your audience’s eye. This is also important to compete with other brands or content that is trying to get your audience’s attention. It has to look professional, polished and aesthetically pleasing. Create content that people aspire to.

Monitor and respond to engagement

You can’t expect to engage further with your audience if you are not engaging with them. Make sure you monitor your comment sections, respond to audience comments and engage with their engagement. This showcases that you are a friendly brand that cares about community growth. Brands that practice a good customer engagement strategy will enjoy more customer loyalty and growth than brands who don’t.

Just remember that it’s time sensitive. It is important to respond quickly as the opportunity for engagement will get cold the next day. Your audience will perceive this as a lack of caring from your brand and might not comment again in the future.

Harness the right social media platforms

Remember to use the right social media platforms for your audience. Not all platforms will appeal. Finding the right platform relies on knowing which social media your consumers most often frequent. The most important thing to remember is that regardless of which platform you decide to use you need to create content specific to that platform.

Nothing loses engagement like a cluttered feed or lazy, boring content.

Timing is everything

Even if you create the most engaging content, there’s little point if no one is looking at it. You be unsuccessful because you’re posting at times when your audience isn’t online, maybe they’re asleep or at work? It’s important for your business to figure out your ‘Goldilocks’ time to see when it’s just right to post your content.

Monitor your data

To successfully analyse how you are engaging with your audience you will need to track and monitor your data. Each platform has a section that allows you to look at your target audience. Use this to track and monitor your social media engagement data. Once you have this information you can now plan the types of content that best works for you and which platform is working to best deliver engagement.

About The Author

Written by Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor at courier comparison specialists Irish Parcels and NI Parcels.


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