7 Services Set On Helping Busy, Work-From-Home Dads Save Money & Simplify Life

Saving money isn’t easy. For fathers, this has always been the case, but is perhaps true now more than ever. Costs quickly pile up, and from day-to-day expenses to looking towards the future, dads all over are looking for ways to free up some extra money.

On top of that, not only is all of the money accounted for, but every minute of the day seems to be occupied by something as well. Between work, yardwork, handy work, or whatever type of work comes along, it’s harder than it should be to find time to actually be a dad.

Of course, as is the case for most problems in modern society, there is a solution. In this case, there are many solutions. Now, there’s no way to make money appear out of thin air, or tack on a few extra hours to the day, but there are ways to improve your money management skills or utilize a service to shave a few minutes off time-consuming tasks.

Luckily for us, there are some intrepid minds out there who have formed actual solutions to these problems, and have brought these solutions to us. If you’re interested in managing your money better, and saving some time while you’re at it, take a look at the following products.

Services to save money and simplify life

1) Stash

It can often seem like fathers are supposed to be stock market masters, but the truth is, the stock market is a looming, mysterious, impenetrable entity. With Stash, however, the whole process is simplified. With only a $5 starting investment, Stash will take you through the investing process, finding you a portfolio based on your interests and goals, and demystifying the stock market in the process.

2) Occasion Station

With a full work schedule, it can be difficult to remember some of the little things. This includes, but is not limited to, your mom’s birthday, your nephew’s high school graduation, or your coworker’s baby shower.

This is where Occasion Station steps in. If you want them to, Occasion Station’s team will take care of the whole gift-giving process for you, from picking out the gift, to purchasing it, and even sending it off. Or, if you’d rather, they can just remind you when the time comes and give you a few good recommendations. No matter how involved you want to be in the process, Occasion Station will make sure you never miss any special occasions again.

3) Mint

It goes without saying, but managing money can be tough. As bills start to pile up and payments begin to increase, it can be difficult to remember where all of your money is going, and even how much you have left.

Mint works to give you clarity in your money management. From bill paying to budgeting to credit checks, Mint gives you a complete picture of your financial situation, giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your resources are and staying within your means.

4) Digit

You’ve probably heard that, in this world, there are savers and there are spenders. Digit is for those spenders who’d like to be savers on the side.

You’ll simply hook your bank account up with your Digit account, and Digit will begin transferring small, affordable amounts of money daily from one to the other. This way, without even realizing it, you’re putting money away that can be used for future investments or as a safety net for you and your family. Digit will never overdraft, and if needs be, you’ll be able to transfer money back into your account with no issues.

5) Fancy Hands

For the everyday tasks that we just don’t want to deal with, Fancy Hands is here to help. Through their team of personal assistants, you can have anything on your to-do list taken care of quickly and effectively. From making phone calls to managing emails to booking your flights, Fancy Hands will take the stress out of some of the more potentially frustrating areas of life.

6) Circa

As daily tasks pile up, the time we spend keeping up on the world around us can dwindle. While it’s often a good thing to take some time away from our screens, we also would do well to be aware of global events.

Circa is here to keep you informed without wasting your time. A website made for any and all fathers—or anyone, for that matter—Circa brings you the most important news, along with the topics you care about, all in one convenient location. If you want to follow a breaking story, Circa will even go as far as notifying you as updates are made available.

Dads save money

7) DocuSign

Have you ever been sent a contract or form before, only to realize that you have no way of filling our a PDF on your computer without having to download expensive software, and are nowhere near a printer or scanner to take care of the job manually? DocuSign solves this problem, allowing you to fill out forms and sign contracts from a mobile app, simplifying what was once a frustrating process and saving you tons of time.

At the end of the day, we all could stand to manage our money a bit better and shave a few minutes, or hours, off of the time we spend doing day-to-day tasks. The above services help us do just that, allowing us to have the financial and scheduling freedom we need to build a strong base of security for our families.


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