7 Legit Work From Home Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Being a mom requires you to be at home with your children most of the time especially if they are young. Staying at home obviously means it is quite hard to get a formal job that requires you to report to work for a number of days during the day.

However, with the onset of legit work from home job opportunities, moms need not worry about staying at home without employment as they can earn a decent income while still caring for their children at home.

Legit work from home ideas for stay at home moms

Here are some work from home ideas that moms can choose from:

Data entry specialist 

There are lots of data entry jobs that moms can take up and do right from the comfort of their homes. Data entry jobs are quite simple and do not require any detailed training or expertise. All that is needed in doing these jobs include basic computer skills, typing skills, and knowledge and understanding on using excel.

Data entry jobs are well paying and you can earn a substantial income from these jobs. Companies are always looking for people to hire on temporary or contract basis to enter data in their systems at affordable rates.

Freelance writing 

Blog and website owners always update their sites with fresh and well-researched content. Unlike data entry, freelance writing requires excellent writing skills and creativity to produce top-notch articles and blogs.

Most blog and website owners pay an upwards of $5 for every 500 words of fresh content created. The best thing about freelance writing is that there are hundreds of thousands of resource material on the internet that you can use for research when creating content.


This is yet another legit way of making a decent income for moms. There are limitless ideas and topics that you can opt for when creating a blog. Ideally, the secret to successful blogging is starting a blog on aspects and topics that you are interested in.

The best thing about blogging is that with a well designed blog that has a large following, it is possible to turn the opportunity into a full-time employment opportunity that can earn you a lot more than you would earn in a day job.

Virtual assistant jobs 

If you an ever-busy mom who is looking to earn an income while staying at home caring for her kids, virtual assistant jobs can be a great job opportunity for such moms.

Most virtual assistant jobs entail customer service through email, scheduling travels and meetings for the boss, updating content on websites, maintaining social media pages for a company, and maintaining emails for the employer.

The best thing about these jobs is that there is no time limitation to when you can accomplish a particular task. For instance, you can work at night or early mornings when your children are asleep.

Affiliate marketing 

With lots of marketing sites and social media platforms on the internet, you can opt to market items and services on behalf of other companies and split profits accrued from your marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing requires an entrepreneurial spirit and is quite demanding as compared to other online jobs like data entry. In addition to this, it may take sometime before earning a tangible income from affiliate marketing but with time you can earn up to a six figure salary from your marketing efforts.

Online share trading 

For moms with experience and knowledge in share, online share trading can prove to be a quite lucrative work-at-home employment venture for them.

However, online stock trading is not an opportunity for every stay at home mom.

This is because you can incur massive losses especially if you do not know how to identify the best to invest in. In addition to this, investing in online share trading requires you to have some money upfront; money that you will use in trading and collect profit from your share investment.

Online tutoring 

You can earn a high income by offering online tutoring lessons. This opportunity is particularly very viable for moms with a background in teaching.

With online tutoring, you can earn an impressive $40/hr and you can work for as many hours as you want in a week. Online tutoring also provides moms with an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge-base thereby making it easy for them to take better care of their children.

There are other countless legit home based working opportunities that moms can consider taking. However, it is important to be careful when working online as there very many internet frauds looking forward to cheating mums into fraudulent job opportunities. Due to this, you should only work with employers and websites that are genuine and reputable.


This article is written by Danny from MyParentingJournal.com, a parenting blog that shares tips, advice, best practices, and resources on various parenting topics.





Lynne Huysamen

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  1. Hey thanks for a great article Lynne, some interesting ideas here and I’m always looking for helpful info to share with my online business Facebook group, I’m sure they will get some value from this, thanks again tracyQ 🙂

  2. Good day, I am based in South Africa and looking for part time online data capturing job that would require work after hours (18h00 onward) and some weekends when required.

    Please let me know.

    • Bakang I would suggest that you register with some online sites like Upwork, Fiverr and SeoClerks and offer your services there. Watch out for scams when it comes to typing from home and data capturing. It seems there are more scams than anything else online when it comes to working from home.

      Have you tried your hand at content writing? There is a huge need for that online, so many people need content written for them. You can offer content writing services on those online marketplaces I suggested.

  3. Ill consider the data capturing something ill like and can earn incme to stay home with my child. I saw freelance writing thats what my mom will enjoy and she is good i can recommend that to her as she also left her full time job.

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