7 Drone Based Business Ideas

Drones are the future. These multi rotor (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) UAVs can be extremely useful in a number of ways. From defense to photography, their presence is increasingly dominating and necessary in a number of industries. So, if you’ve got a drone or planning to get one, there are many ways in which you could get yourself some money out of it. Here are some drone-based business ideas:

7 Drone Based Business Ideas

  1. Advertising

With drones at your disposal, you could easily be above the rest. We mean this in every literal sense of the term. You could use your drone to fly a banner or video screen over an event or a busy area, where it is sure to attract attention. Many companies look for people to do their advertisements uniquely, and with the lack of too many options in the rotor copters advertising industry, you could earn a contract easily.

  1. Freelance Reporting

You could use your drone for reporting. Often, media houses look for people who can provide them with aerial images of a particular event or incident. You could open your own website and upload such images and videos on it, which would eventually attract attention. Selling your photos to media outlets can also earn you some quick cash.

  1. Drone Inspection Services

If you’re confident of your operating skills, you can begin providing inspection services to companies who need it. For example, large oil refineries, chemical plants, reactors, mills and other organizations which use large machinery or are spread over a large area require these services frequently. You must be careful while operating for such companies, however, as it is necessary to operate your drone without causing damage to your quadcopter or the machinery you are inspecting.

  1. Leasing

This is probably the easiest of all business ideas. You won’t even have to leave your house or put in too much of effort to get it done. All you need to do is advertise online that you have a drone, which is available on hire and interested clients will contact you. There are many people who hire drones for various purposes, such as photography at events and functions.

Drone in hand

  1. Filmmaking

You could do your own film! Drones are great for videography. Even the smaller and cheaper quadcopters are large enough to carry a camera, which could be used for aerial shooting. Alternatively, you could sign up with existing production houses and do their shooting for them.

  1. Event Photography and Security

Many people like their events captured from the air. Be it a wedding, an event or a gathering, your drone could be used to click photographs. You can also use it for another purpose – security. You can help or look after the security of an event through aerial video monitoring. Drones can fly over an audience and can carry out surveillance over large areas at a single time, which makes them both reliable and useful. Since a single operator can handle a drone, it significantly reduces the need for human involvement and cuts down costs.

  1. Training Courses on Drone Operation

Last but not the least, have you considered giving lessons on drone operation? As more and more people get enthusiastic about drones, this could be your chance of making money out of it. Advertise your services online and interested candidates will give you a call. You don’t even need to spend on setting up a venue for your classes – a terrace or an open field should suffice for your lessons.

Got your drone and looking for ways to use it? We’ve got an entire list for you. Drones are really useful devices and can aid us in a number of ways. As not too many people own drones, making a business out of them is the next best thing to owning them. So why not make up your mind right away and put your drone to use? It’s fascinating, modern and as we know it, lots of fun!


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