7 Advantages Of Ongoing Small Business Cybersecurity Training

Since cyber-crime is something that happens to billions of companies all over the world and costs the global economy hundreds of billions, it has become essential for businesses to thwart this threat and assist them with addressing cybersecurity.

Companies provide a full range of security solutions to help support you to manage any cybersecurity threats as well as providing cybersecurity training to employees. Some of the services at your disposal in the SECaaS packages include:

  • Monitoring of your system
  • Detection and removal of malware
  • Log management
  • Penetration testing
  • Employee awareness training
  • Patch installation
  • Security reporting

Cybersecurity small businesses

What does cybersecurity mean?

Cybersecurity is vital for businesses and entails protection of your IT system and data from cyber attacks like computer-assisted espionage, fraud, vandalism, or sabotage.

Benefits of cybersecurity management

  • Upgraded information security and company continuity management
  • Protecting data and networks from unlawful access
  • Improved confidence of stakeholders in the business’s information security arrangement
  • Quicker recovery times if a breach happens
  • Updated company credentials with the appropriate security controls implemented

The importance of cybersecurity for small businesses

Cybersecurity does not only impact large corporations but is as much of a problem for SMEs. Cyber attackers are progressively emphasizing on SMEs with more small businesses becoming the target of cybercrime than ever before. With the right IT company, such as Las Vegas IT Services, by your side, they can provide you with a customised package tailor-made for your business according to your budget, to help you with protecting your employees, data, and business.

The importance of cybersecurity awareness training

With many employees that work from home, the need for cybersecurity awareness training is more important than ever. When staff members work from home in a safe in familiar setting, it is easy to forget about the lurking dangers of cyber-attacks. Even when they are logged into the company system, it is easy to forget about their cybersecurity training and unknowingly create an opportunity for cyberattacks. Cybercriminals know this and are exploiting the situation.

An ongoing need for cybersecurity training

Businesses need to provide ongoing cybersecurity awareness training for employees to stay vigilant. This is an essential component of cybersecurity best practice, which is called CIS Controls. CIS Controls provide regulatory and prioritized actions for the sole purpose of protecting businesses form recognized cyberattack vectors. CIS Control 17 recommends that all businesses must implement a security awareness training program. One of the top priorities is being able to identify social engineering attacks like phone scams, phishing, and impersonation calls.

Advantages Of Ongoing Cybersecurity Training

Security and cyber-attack prevention

The most obvious benefit of cyber attack prevention is prevention of security breaches within the company. It is possible to evaluate the number of incidents prior and after awareness actions. The subsequent metrics can then be utilized to prevent it from happening in future through cybersecurity training. Data breaches cost businesses millions while security awareness training is comparatively cheap in comparison. It is a serious return on investment.

Building a culture of reassurance

A culture of reassurance has been the holy grail for primary CISOs (chief information security officers), portably because achieving such a culture has been infamously difficult.  With the help of security awareness training, some businesses are going in the right direction. Generating a culture of safety means building safety values into the framework of your business. Training that involves situation awareness as well as home and work-life advantages is an excellent way of getting people to be involved. Enhanced training platforms is a good way of monitoring and developing a culture of reassurance, making your employees your first line of defence.

Making technological barriers tougher

Technological barriers are a viable weapon in combatting breaches, but it need people interaction. Firewalls must be turned on and security warnings must be taken seriously. Software must be regularly updated. Few companies would survive cyberattacks without putting up technological defences. But, without security awareness training, these technological barriers cannot be used to their full potential. Attackers do not attempt to attack companies via technological methods only. They specifically target humans since they are viewed as easy targets to gain access into protected networks.

Online security

Instilling confidence in your customers

Over the years, consumers have increasingly become aware of the threat of cyberattacks. Customers want to feel like their sensitive data is secure and safe. A company that goes the extra mile in improving cyber security, instil trust and a sense of confidence with their consumers. People also tends to stay loyal to trusted businesses and notice their security credentials. When security awareness training is introduced, your company is viewed as more responsible. 

For compliance purposes

You shouldn’t implement security awareness training simply for the sake of compliance because companies who do so are at risk of doing only the bare minimum. More regulators are commanding particular industries to incorporate security awareness training. Compliance could be a useful by-product of your security awareness training. Companies who implement it, enjoy more security, and meet regulatory requirements.

Being socially responsible as a company

Cyber attacks can expand at an alarming speed, and the more networks that are affected can lead to more networks being at risk. The weakness of a singular network can increase the overall threat for other networks. The lack of security awareness training in a business can make other companies vulnerable. Having security awareness training for your business, not only benefits you, but also your suppliers, customers, and others who are interconnected with your network.

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Boosting your staff members wellbeing

Research has shown that happy individuals are more productive. Therefore, it is worth taking into account that security awareness training can have a multifaceted effect. Not only does it provide staff members with the knowledge to remain safe at work, but also in their home lives. This specific advantage is left unseen for the most part, however if security awareness training does with it is intended to do, it is not just a benefit for the employer. Staff members also benefit from it. 


We hope that this post has been useful to you and that it helped you to understand the importance of cybersecurity and ongoing security awareness training for your business.



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