61 Business Building Content Ideas

Content development is the lifeblood of modern sales and marketing strategy. The challenge? It can be difficult to create fresh, new content ideasHave no fear! These solid strategies will help you find inspiration.

61 business building content ideas

Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

  1. Write it out! A strategy is only as good as a written plan
  2. Develop serial content that addresses a main point(s) in your market
  3. Create content with a limited schedule, and/or limited audience, release
  4. Repurpose classic content with a new angle for a market expansion
  5. Re-evaluate your existing content strategy — identify gaps and double down on wins
  6. Elevate earlier content by packaging it into thematic groups and distributing it in new form
  7. Review user-generated content for opportunities to build upon, reference, or share
  8. Go digital, or expand into new digital realms, such as
  9. Introduce one or more new types of content into your editorial schedule (e.g., swap a blog post for an infographic, a podcast episode for a detailed whitepaper)

Ways to Use Content to Improve Your Bottom Line

  1. Create demonstration content — material that shows start-to-finish processes and results
  2. Create content for seasonal fluctuations or seasonally-driven needs
  3. Create content that reassures prospects refund policies, privacy policies, or other psychological barriers to a sale
  4. Develop content under a Creative Commons license so that can be shared and remixed freely, thus earning you added exposure
  5. Develop content that aids in, and perhaps explicitly asks for, referrals
  6. Develop content that accompanies a sale, such as a “get started” series
  7. Develop content that accompanies an expected benchmark, such as a quarterly review
  8. Research and distribute in-depth content that could assist your client’s sales efforts, if you sell B2B

Ways to Introduce New Products or Features with Content
Package content about your new product/feature in context to existing content — think about your audience’s needs

  1. Develop content to address specific needs, concerns, or hesitations about a new product/feature
  2. Add content that explains the context of a new product/service, and why it is valuable to existing clients/customers
  3. Challenge yourself to create content that simplifies common confusion, for example, compressing steps into a visual flow chart
  4. Co-create content with partners, clients, or customers that is valuable to all parties
  5. Introduce a “discovery” element to classic content that introduces the new content, for example, if you’re introducing Mini Widgets, add a blurb about that in your Standard Widget material

Ways to Shift Your Brand Using Content

  1. Reconsider how you speak about your business — make the brand voice more or less formal/older or younger/regional or international
  2. Establish a brand book and adhere to updated style guides throughout all new content
  3. Enlist new or unexpected contributors to your platform
  4. Produce content for new audiences and distribute it outside your normal distribution targets
  5. Embrace different media entirely — but start by remaking your “greatest hits” in the new medium
  6. Get feedback and input from different people within your organization or industry — intentionally step outside your go-to
  7. Don’t fear producing “bad” content because doing so will inform better content

Ways to Teach Your Audience Something New

  1. Create content for different learning styles (a visual piece and an audio piece on the same topic, for example)
  2. Interview experts and distill their wisdom into bite-sized chunks suitable for your audience
  3. Create interactive content that requires participation
  4. Demonstrate links between the familiar and the unknown
  5. Invite discussion on social media or another place your audience congregates, such as a company intranet
  6. Create a game using existing content pieces
  7. Develop a content strategy for your least understood or appreciated product/service
  8. Create a drip campaign that reveals knowledge and builds excitement one update at a time

Ways to Engage Your Community with Content

  1. Invite your audience to submit ideas, raw material, or other content
  2. Curate the best content in your sector/industry and promote others’ work
  3. Create an informal exchange of relevant content with colleagues and peers
  4. Find humor in the dull, boring, or the everyday — and use this hook to relate to your prospects/customers
  5. Be genuine

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Ways to Market Your Content

  1. Experiment with automation tools to distribute content
  2. Invest in paid advertising
  3. Invest in search engine optimization for ongoing positioning
  4. Expand your blog’s publication schedule
  5. Change the time or frequency of content launches
  6. Appear as a guest — be sure to give the host, and her audience, something exclusive
  7. Gather your expert material and self-publish a book or book series

Ways to Make Your Customers Happy (Using Content)

  1. Respond to comments and other feedback your content generates
  2. Share customer/client content, where appropriate
  3. Develop a system to collect testimonials you can use in future content
  4. Organize content in a clear and instructive manner
  5. Write FAQs, even if you don’t think they are necessary
  6. Write help documentation that is easy to understand and follow
  7. Always include search functionality so clients can find what they need, fast
  8. In lieu of search functionality, chapters, indexes, or appendixes
  9. Make online content easy to scan — by humans and by search engines
  10. Favor “old media” to make personal gestures, such as paper newsletters, cards, or other collateral material
  11. Remember to say “thank you”

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