6 Ways to Use Digital Signage to Woo Millennials

Speaking as a millennial, half a decade ago almost no one knew what the term “millennials” and “Generation Y” even meant. Even less about how to market to them. Since we know these days that they account for over 80 million of the population in the U.S., millennials have been the spotlight of marketing darlings for the past few years. Which means millennials have seen it all and aren’t easily impressed with marketing tactics. Here are 6 ways to engage and delight millennials using digital signage.

1. Be Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a technological wizard. Despite the controversy surrounding him now, his innovative actions and out-of-this-world ideas (no pun intended) is a must. This means embracing technology at its core, and not being afraid of employing the latest advances in technological designs and feats. If you have any billboards, throw them out. If you have any signs in your storefront, toss them. Replace everything “traditional” with digital signage.

2. Expression

Like it or not, your needs can be tailored to – which is exactly what savvy businesses do. Every individual makes up a demographic, which marketers either cater or ignore (depending on whom they’re trying to reach). As consumers, any company can “zero in” on us and entice us to buy. Millennials, more than any generation before, have strong values about themselves – and seek every opportunity to express those values. Using digital signage boards to display your brand’s values will show them that your business “gives them a voice.” Instead of using “e-Signage” to advertise your business, use it to display the core message your company exists.


3. Social Proof

Word of mouth will never be “dethroned” as one of the most profitable marketing methods available. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have taken the helm of involving people in constant communication. Use your digital board to post relevant tweets and posts from satisfied customers. Today it is easier than ever to spread the words that others are saying about your business, generating social proof that is hard to find anywhere else.

Digital arrows

4. Craft Content

E-sign boards are nothing new to the majority of millennials. What is new, though, is digital signs that display useful content. A thoughtful message. An applicable and practical tip. A word of Socrates-inspired wisdom. The kind of content that genuinely helps peoples lives, and helps them figure out their problems, is a great conversion tool and is great for business.

5. Collaboration

Share photos and videos of your ecstatic customers. Let’s take it a step further and suggest to you that you let your customers upload photos and videos they want to upload. There is a huge opportunity for you to involve them into the creative process – definitely portraying your business and brand image as an entity who cares, ultimately, about who they share with.

6. Build Humanity

Remember, this tech serves as a supplement to the services or products you have to offer. Keep employing traditional marketing methods and advertising tactics. Just don’t rely too heavily on this tech, as other things will still require you to drive customer attraction. The biggest way to woo your millennial customers? Engaging with them on a human level, without relying on tech for life support.


As business owners, we have responsibilities to society. These digital signages let us express and share that responsibility – letting us participate in what’s going on in our customers’ lives. In turn, signages also lets customers participate with us in what’s going on in their lives.



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