6 Tips For Starting Your Own PR Agency From Home

Many people dream of having the flexibility of working from home in their own time. Often the thing holding them back is a solid business idea. One thing you can look at is to start your own PR agency from home. Public relations is very important task and something that very often small businesses are not able to put a big focus on themselves. Simply put, public relations is the practice of maintaining a positive public image by a company.

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PR Knowledge and Experience

You may already be working in public relations and want to branch out on your own, or perhaps you have no knowledge or experience and would like to get into the field of public relations. It is best to get some training under your belt along with some work experience before you enter this field and head off on your own.

There are plenty of places to study public relations and you can study public relations online.

Make Sure To Check Legal Requirements Regarding Licensing and Permits

Check the legal requirements for your area – depending on where you live in the world you may be required to apply for licenses or permits to operate a PR business. Failure to comply with these legal requirements can cause your business to be shut down and/ or for you to receive fines.

Public relations

Decide On Your Specialty

While there are plenty of PR companies that take on a wide variety of businesses it may be best for you to choose a particular type of company that you would like to work with such as Skincare PR. When you first start out you probably won’t have a team of people working for you that can assist you, which means that starting out focused on one type of business that you are very familiar with will be easier and if your business grows you can take on a more diverse range of businesses.

How Will You Charge?

You can charge clients by the hour, by the job or by a monthly retainer fee. It can be difficult trying to figure out how much to charge in the beginning. Do some research into other PR freelancers that have similar experience and in a similar niche to see what their pricing structure is and take into account your running costs before setting your prices.

Building Relationships and Networking

Your day to day activities will be about building relationships both with prospective clients but also with media contacts. Remember that a big part of your job is going to be getting the name of your client’s business mentioned as often as possible in a good light in as many media outlets as possible.

You will need to connect with as many media contacts as possible and nurture those relationships in order to get the best possible coverage for your clients as you can.

Market Your Business

Remember to do for your own business what you are doing for your client’s businesses.

Build a website, start building your list and start communicating with your target audience as soon as possible.



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