6 Things to Keep in Mind When Working with Freelancers

When Bill Gates spelled out that content was king, he unintentionally created a vast mine of livelihood resources for millions of freelancers who not only write but code, design and deliver just about every service you can think of. These professionals are some of the most desired people around and you as employer need to be suave if you have to make the most of their talents. Fortunately, we have compiled a handy list for you, gleaning the best from everything the Internet and personal wisdom had to offer.


  1. Equal Pay for Equal Work

You have to pay everyone what they deserve. Otherwise, you end up losing to competition and are deprived of certain highly desirable things like cordial employee relations for life. If you do pay on the other hand, irrespective of any prejudices whatsoever, you can lay the foundations to foster beautiful growth.

  1. Weigh Your Options Well

Internet giants will advise you this – you need to really skim through the freelancer picking procedure. There is a hoard of freelancers out there and chances are that all of them have bailiwicks, or niches or fortes as they are called, and they know it. Everybody is good at some specific thing, and you need to find out what quality will be of great help to you. To do this, you must be really fast yet thorough in your selection and hiring process, covering the maximum depth to get the best quality possible.

  1. Give People Some Work They Love Doing

I will probably not need to tell you this – but people are actually good at doing things they love doing. Therefore, consider a freelance writer who likes camping, you would do best to send him over to TentsAndCampGear.com and ask him to write stuff like the ones written over there, instead of asking him to write about horror movies, or Barbie dolls, or motorcycle repair or Buddhism etc.

  1. Always Keep Track of Competition Well

Today’s world is one of intense competition and whoever fails to gauze it every waking moment is bound to lose out on ground by inches than kilometers. To avoid that, be sure to check up on current hot trends and what your competition is doing at every step of the process. Being observant and analytical is the key if you want to win both the battle and the war.

  1. Build and Boost Employee Morale Like Your Own Child

Employee morale is crucial to the high performance of an organization, and assumes supreme importance when you are working with freelancers who share very little background information. You are now in charge of the absolutely most important facet of your company, that of keeping employee morale up. Fortunately, there are umpteen ways to help you do it. Implement these in your daily dealings and you are bound to see greater success kissing your feet very soon.

  1. Compare, But Wisely

We know that in a previous point we urged you to keep a sharp lookout for rival companies regarding the operations of their freelancers. But here we share a nugget of info that will complete that thread of advice – do not compare your freelancers in every situation. After all, no two situations are exactly the same, and exact comparisons can often lead to unpleasantness.

We hope these points have helped you further goals and accommodate freelancers, and we wish to see businesses thrive greater through applications of these. After all, freelancers are now the backbone of several booming industries!


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