6 Important Aspects of CSR Training

When you hire a CSR, you are obviously going to give them some serious training. After all, your team of CSRs is the front line to defend your company against bad reviews and irate customers who would simply not be satisfied in any other situations. There are some specific skills that you should work on teaching your CSRs if you truly want them to be able to do the best they can in terms of handling customers and giving them a decent experience with you.

6 Important Aspects of CSR Training

#1 Product Knowledge

This sounds like it’s almost painfully obvious, but a lot of people don’t know how important it is to tell the CSRs that they are about to hire about the various products that the company has to offer. When a customer asks one of your CSRs about a product, your CSR needs to be able to answer that question, at least within reason. Your CSR stumbling and not knowing what to say is going to end up having an absolutely disastrous impact on the call and can potentially end up making you lose a customer.

#2 Time Management

When there is an enormous line of customers, all of whom are going to want to be served in one way or another, it is going to be up to your CSRs to figure out how they are going to use their time efficiently. They need to learn how to give time to a variety of different situations based on the importance of each situation, and they also need to be taught to ensure that no one thing ends up suffering because of the fact that they are giving more importance to something else that they are looking into.

#3 Stubbornness

This may seem like an odd thing to want to teach your CSRs, but the fact of the matter is that you need to create a team of people that never give up. They need to be able to think of a customer that is completely lost, someone that is fed up and done with your company, and look at that as an opportunity to bring said customer back more interested in what you have to offer than ever before! This is not an easy skill to teach, but if you put enough effort in your CSRs will be getting more customers left and right.

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#4 Closing

When a customer calls in, the initial stages of the call are easy to script. As the call moves forward things start to get tricky. However, perhaps the most difficult part of the call overall is the closing. This is because of the fact that closing a call requires you to ensure that the customer has been completely satisfied by everything you have said. You need to make sure that there is nothing left to cover. A CSR needs to be taught how to close a call so that all of your customers end up happy with the service that they have received.

#5 Stamina

Not all customer calls are going to be over in a flash. There are going to be a lot of calls that would take a very long time to get through. Even if this is not the case, the cast majority of the time your CSRs are going to have to deal with heavy call traffic, and this is going to tire them out. Hence, you need to train your CSRs to have a lot of stamina from the outset so that they can get the work done as quickly as possible.

#6 Using Software

Your CSRs aren’t going to just be handling calls, there are going to be a lot of live chat scenarios that they will have to deal with as well. In order to help them handle this particular workload, you should really get a customer support software like the one Kayako offers. Kayako is one of the biggest Freshdesk competitors. This software will help you handle a lot more customer traffic, and you need to make sure that you train your customers in how to use these particular kinds of software so that they don’t end up making any mistakes when they are in the middle of an interaction.


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