5 Ways To Protect Your Business Against Personal Injury Claims

No business is completely safe from personal injury claims and even if a complaint is very trivial a business can be sued for huge amounts of money.

If someone has been injured on your business premises or in some way by your business the victim can claim damages. It is essential to ensure that you have all your bases covered to ensure your business does not suffer greatly if there is a personal injury claim lodged against your business.

Keep in mind that the damage to your business may not only financial – a personal injury claim can also cost a business their reputation.

Here are some ways to protect your business against personal injury claims:

5 Ways To Protect Your Business Against Personal Injury Claims

Prevent Accidents In The First Place

The first thing you should do is consult a personal injury attorney and ask them to assess your business in terms of where you need to focus your attention to prevent accidents from happening.

There will be specific risk areas for each type of business which you need to address and you also need to look at your actual building too. Anyone that is injured on your business property or from something that was on your business property is your liability.

Stairs, walls, railings and many other parts of your building can cause a hazard. You can even have part of your building fall off and injure someone walking outside your business.

Having a regular building inspection will not only help you to make sure that you are maintaining your building properly. it will also count in your favor if anything does happen as you can prove that you have taken all the steps possible to ensure that your business property is safe for employees, customers and other visitors.

Be smart about your business maintenance and have all repairs, servicing and cleaning done outside of office hours to lower the risk of any injuries occurring.

Get Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance is something that every business, big and small, should have. This will cover you in case of personal injury claims, as well as many other problems that may occur such as property damage, slander and advertising injury.

Even if you are a one person business working from home business liability insurance is recommended.

Keep Everything Organized

Many people won’t realize it but being unorganized and having things cluttered can be a potential hazard. Keeping your business premises clear and organized will make sure that there is less chance of an accident.

Don’t let boxes pile up anywhere and make sure that high traffic areas are clear of any obstructions.

Make sure your certifications and licenses are up to date and display along with any awards

Business building

Employee Training

Employee safety is vital and it is up to your company to ensure that your staff are properly trained and educated about safety, even with the seemingly smallest things.

Staff that use equipment and vehicles must be trained how to properly use them and all equipment, machinery and vehicles must be serviced, maintained and checked regularly to avoid injury.

Make sure to keep record of all staff training so that if an injury does occur you can show that you have done everything possible to ensure that accidents and injuries are avoided.

Handling An Accident

Even with the most diligent care an accident is possible. If an accident does occur it is vital that the proper steps are taken and your staff must also know the steps to be taken in case of an accident.

The first thing in the case of an injury is to call for emergency services to assist. Following ensuring that the injured person is properly cared for an accident log must be recorded. Ensure that anyone that witnessed the accident has had their statement taken down and properly recorded in the accident log along with each person’s name and contact information.

You will also need to contact your attorney to inform about the accident in case there is a lawsuit that follows so that you can receive proper guidance and advice right from the start.


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