5 Ways To Measure The Customer Success Of Your Small Business

Customer success refers to ensuring that your customer achieves his desired outcome through using your service or product. It involves relationship focused client management that aligns your client and business goals for a mutually beneficial outcome.

To put it simply if your customer is happy with your product and is achieving his desired results chances are good he will continue to use your product or service – this in turn improves the customer lifetime value for your business.

5 Ways To Measure The Customer Success of Your Business

  1. Monitor Your Customer Retention Rate

Are all your customers new customers or do you have regular customers that keep buying from you? This is a very good way to check if you are achieving customer success. If you have a good customer retention rate then chances are good your customers are happy with your products and services.

There are numerous ways to improve your customer retention rate and this should be a big focus of your business. Remember that keeping an existing customer is much easier and less expensive than gaining new customers.

2. Conduct Surveys

Getting your customers to take part in surveys is a vital part of making sure that you achieve customer success. Even something as simple as an NPS survey which asks one simple question of “How likely are you to recommend this company/brand/product to a friend or colleague” on a scale of 0 – 10, is a great way to measure your company success.

There are many types of surveys that you can send to your customers to get their feedback on different aspects of your business and products.

3. Ask For Reviews

While all companies are after those amazing reviews simply because they look great on your website for prospective customers, there is another aspect that is also vitally important. Those reviews hold vital information about your company and products.

Through positive reviews you can see where you are succeeding and build on those things, and the negative reviews can show you what you need to work on improving.

Monitor customer trends

4. Listen To Customer Feedback

Yes we all want great reviews and we all want to hear positive things about our products and services. So enjoy all those positives that come in.

The negative reviews and feedback may sting a bit but it is important to remember that every bit of negative review and feedback from your customers is an opportunity for you to listen to your customers and to make your product even better.

If a customer leaves a negative review contact him directly and ask him for more information. This will work two fold – your customer will feel heard and you also have an opportunity to really understand what it is that upset your customer about their experience with the product and with your company.

5. Communication Is Key

The most important thing about measuring customer success is through communication. Yes you will be able to monitor customer retention rates through your sales figures, but knowing how customers feel about your company and products can only be done if your customers give you feedback.

Make sure that the lines of communication are always open and that your staff encourage communication. Whether it be communication via email, phone or social media your staff must know to always listen to your customers and to pass on all relevant feedback and information to the relevant department within your company.


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