5 Ways To Make Money From Your Professional Skills

So you’ve studied, you’ve got a qualification in your chosen career and you’ve got some great work experience too, but do you want to continue working for a boss until you retire? Each of us has gained unique knowledge, expertise and skills that are valuable and can earn us an income. Yes we can work in a 9-5 each month for a salary however with a little bit of planning and effort we can learn how to share our knowledge with others to make money.

5 Ways To Make Money From Your Professional Skills

Start Consulting

Think about it, if there are companies out there that will employ you permanently for your set of skills there are also companies and individuals out there that will pay you for your knowledge and skills.

To become a consultant you will need to work out what skills of yours you can offer that are unique to you and that will solve a problem that companies or individuals are encountering.

Professional services

Start A Blog

The world is full of people that are looking for solutions and answers to problems that they are encountering. Take the knowledge that you have and write blog posts that cover all aspects of the nice you have chosen.

There are many ways to monetize your blog from adding affiliate links to offering banner advertising and being an online influencer.

Having a blog doesn’t have to be a stand alone income stream. You can have your blog in conjunction with offering consulting services. Your blog will be a great way to showcase your knowledge and will be a wonderful way to get your name out there and reach many more potential customers than traditional advertising methods.

Write and Sell An Ebook

If you are already writing for your blog you can gather up all that information and re-purpose it into an e-book adding some never seen before advice that is not freely available on your website. You can sell your e-book directly on your website or you can list it on Amazon or other online market places such as Smashwords.

Teaching skills

Give Lessons and/or Create Tutorials

Take what you know and teach other people. You can get a group of people together or you an give individual lessons. You are no longer bound to one geographic since you can teach online in a number of ways such as through Webinars.

You can also take it one step further and create training courses which you can sell. The beauty of this is that your earnings are no longer time based where you earn an hourly fee or a certain amount for a course that takes you time to teach. If you create a digital training course you create it once and you can sell as many copies as you like for a very long time to come.

Create Youtube Videos

How to videos are incredibly popular on Youtube. If you spend a little bit of time learning how to do Youtube videos you can have lots of fun creating videos and you can earn money through your videos. Some bloggers only create Youtube videos which has brought about the term vloggers.

You can monetize your Youtube channel in many of the same ways that you can monetize your blog including affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, advertising and of course marketing and selling your own ebook, digital training courses and your consulting services.


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  1. This is a great article Lynne and opens up my eyes to cover more of the things i know about as opposed to the one niche i chose.
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