5 Ways to Hire Your First Employee

We all operate your business as efficiently as we possibly can. We all continue doing things on your own till time allows us to. By doing all this we surely do hit the point. The time when we can congratulate and say that our sphere is prospering and all we require is some assistance to stay in the market and to grow further. We all devote our time, blood and money into our organization and that first employee too need to be as in affection with our vision we seem to be!

Hiring that one employee, the first one is a massive task. It not only adds to our list of responsibilities, as we are now in charge of someone’s livelihood, it also changes our business bandwidth. That new member is very crucial to us, so prior to bringing anyone to our ship, we should make a list of what all we should do while hiring. Not everyone can hit it out of the park on the first swing.

Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. We just have to follow these five baby steps to hire our new member.

5 Ways To Hire Your First Employee

  1. Hire Remote Employees

Remote employees mean you have truck full of talented people to choose from. They are a no-cost perk and are a smart choice for you. Just in case these remote employees are not sufficiently reasonable for your company, you can offer them adjustable working conditions like that of working from home twice a week and three days from the office, by doing so you are benefiting both, the employee as well as the company.

  1. Bootstrapping Attitude

Every employer wants someone who has initiative and vision since you are not going to have time. Priorities change with time. Keep in mind to choose the one who has an innate entrepreneurial spirit and can spare time at moment’s notice. Prioritize with the one whom you think can accept changes and can take risks. You should keep in mind to hire the one who can grow and learn quickly, when you have intellectual individuals in the room who can adapt and transform you will always be ahead of the curve. There is nothing better than being helped by the one who has the same thinking style and attitude that you have.

  1. Make Them Demonstrate

Everyone has one or the other skill with them, make sure you witness them all. Enlisting a substandard employee can make your pocket go heavy, to circumvent this, make sure that your entrant can prove what they say or have. In today’s time, it is very easy to fool anyone. Even if the applicants resume looks perfect and they ace the interview, there are changes that they can’t perform well in what you ask them to do. To weed out these so-called professionals, make them prove it.

Interviewing potential employee

  1. Paperwork is Important

It is no surprise that getting the paperwork done is a tedious task. It is the worst nightmare one can have, but if you baby step it, it will not turn out that bad. sort out the categories and get the paperwork done accordingly. If you are hiring an independent contractor, worry about the Independent Contractor Agreement. If you go on to hire an actual employee, everything changes. You have to get the paperwork done accordingly. Make sure to have all the documents and papers ready to make the process easier.

  1. Never Conciliate, Actively Recruit

If you post a vacancy online that doesn’t require any skill or knowledge, chances are you will get tons of resumes on your desk. While going through the resumes, chances are that you’ve already found that perfect one, but don’t stop here. What if you post the same ad somewhere and find your perfect one? Think out of the box and actively recruit by skimming resumes on networking sites.

Procuring your first employee can be both fun-filled and nerve-wracking at the same time, it is a mega step in the life of your organization. Be devised, scribble down all you want and try your level best to find that perfect, flawless somebody. Developing your business with an impeccably perfect somebody can be an enriching experience. Embrace it all!


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