5 Times To Ditch DIY Marketing

It’s possible to do many marketing tasks yourself. Nowadays, this includes everything from designing your own website to doing your own PR. You can save a lot of money by not hiring a marketing company. However, when it comes to some jobs, even though the option to go DIY may be there, it may not always be the most effective or professional method. Here are just a few occasions when going DIY may be bad idea.

DIY marketing

Creating your own flyers and business cards

There are software tools online for creating your own flyers and business cards. Whilst you may be able to create something that looks good graphically, you will then need to print off these flyers and business cards using an appropriate material. This will cost extra money in card and ink that you can usually save by paying for printing services. Many will have industrial printers capable of quickly printing off batches, as well as already owning the appropriate materials for the job.  

Doing your own SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) can help to improve the rankings of your business’s website on search engines like Google. Whilst you can do your own research into effective keywords and use services like AdWords to run text ads, it’s unlikely you’ll make a big difference to your rankings on your own. An SEO company can use their expertise to find more focused keywords and use other strategies to improve your position in search results.

Creating your own online ads

When it comes to your average online picture ad, it’s almost always better to hire a graphic design company. Whilst you can build your own ad with various graphics tools online, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make an effective ad if you haven’t got any graphic design experience. Look for a company that can provide this service for you. You may even be able to hire a freelancer for cheap.

Video filming

Creating your own video adverts

Similarly when it comes to video adverts, you probably want to hire a professional production company to shoot it. Whilst you can make you own (and some companies have) they can risk looking amateurish if the acting or shooting is shaky, damaging your business’s reputation. This doesn’t apply simply to TV ads – even adverts on Youtube deserve a professional touch if you’re going to come across as a professional company.

Organising your own events

Events take a lot of planning. Whether you’re manning a stall at a trade fair or organising a conference, it can often be best to hire an events planner and potentially some events staff to keep it organised and professional. It will take the stress off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the bulk of your work. Even if you are dead set on planning every detail, you should at least think about outsourcing catering staff and design companies to create banners and marquees.


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