5 Steps To Starting Your Own Consulting Business

Starting your own consulting business can be an amazing experience that offers great income and working flexibility. You may think that a consulting business means you will need a university degree or specialised training but that is not necessarily true. If you are looking for a consulting definition look no further. Consulting simply means to give expert advice to people working in a specific field.

Everyone has a unique set of skills, experience and knowledge and chances are good that there is someone else seeking out that specific set of skills that you have. All you have to do is to figure out how to set up a business that will help you to connect with those people so that you can start earning.

Here are the steps to take to start your own consulting business:

5 Steps To Starting Your Own Consulting Business

Choose A Niche

The first step in starting a consulting business is going to be choosing your niche. You need to define your skills, knowledge and experience to see what you have to offer that will be valuable to other people.

Here are some examples of niches that you can go into:

  • tax consultant
  • home decor consultant
  • legal consultant
  • marketing consultant
  • fashion consultant

Brush Up Your Skills and Knowledge

You may have been out of the field for a while, or perhaps you just want to get started on the right foot with up to date knowledge and skills. It is a great idea to do some refresher courses to ensure that you are up to date with everything in your chosen niche. And no you don’t have to go back to college or university for this – there are plenty of online courses available and there are many free resources online.

Define Your Scope Of Expertise and Services

It is a great idea to decide how narrow or broad you want to go when you offer your consulting services. There are many narrow niches within broad niches. For example if you are going go into marketing consulting will it be online marketing or offline or both. If you choose online marketing are you going to offer social media consulting and if you do are you going to focus on one specific social network or all of them?

Define for yourself and for your potential clients what services you will be offering.

Business advice

Get Your Marketing Materials Prepared

Once you have properly defined what you will be offering you can work out your rates and design your rate cards and marketing materials. Build your website, get your email marketing set up and create your social media profiles.

It is important to have all of this ready so that when you have a potential client everything looks organised and professional. Remember that first impressions are the ones that stick!

Network and Marketing

Now that everything is ready the last piece of the puzzle is getting clients in. One great possible way to get some clients in is to contact your previous employers. They will already know your work ethic, your skills and knowledge. They may be in need of your services and they will be the perfect people to spread the word about your new business if they don’t take you up on your offers.

Visit local businesses in your area and let them know what you do. Start a blog on your website sharing your knowledge so that you build yourself up as an authority in your niche. Share your blogs on social media and start building your email list.

Before you know it you should have some loyal clients.




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  1. Like your article. It is very simple and to the point. It helped me to define an area that I lacked clarity in.

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