5 Signs Facebook Has Come To The End Of Its Run For Me

Facebook used to be THE place to be and it is still one of the most popular social networking websites however over the last year Facebook has seen a huge decline in users for the first time ever.

Mark Zuckerberg shared that the time spent on Facebook has declined by 50 million hours per day. That’s huge in my opinion. It is also not surprising for me to learn that. I am one of the people that have stopped spending so much time on Facebook.

Before I started working online I would log onto Facebook every day for maybe an hour or two. There were some occasions where hours would pass happily chatting to friends and family. Then I started working online and Facebook turned into an amazing resource for me. I started a company page for my main business and it pumped.

I spent money on advertising and over a period of time I grew my page to 58000+ real and engaged fans. It sounds impressive right?

Well it used to be impressive and it used to be an amazing source of traffic and income, but now it isn’t and I will explain to you why I am not impressed with Facebook anymore.

5 Signs Facebook Has Come To The End Of Its Run For Me

Facebook Pages Have Less Oomph

During the course of 2017 I started noticing that my page was not reaching as many people anymore and that there was a lot less engagement on my page. Then Facebook announced that the reach of pages will decrease while posts from people you know will be shown more. This hardly came as a surprise, it was more a confirmation of what I had already suspected.

The result of this for me personally is that the Facebook page I spent years building up through hard work and paid advertising is just about useless even with its 58000+ fans! Yes I can reach loads of Facebook users if I pay more money which I am just not prepared to do anymore.

I used to have a permanent ad running on Facebook for my main business page and I have stopped that and yes I will probably start seeing a drop in fans but I don’t really care.

My weekly post reach used to be around 60 000 – 80 000 and now I am lucky if it reaches 10 000, but even more concerning is that the traffic to my website from Facebook has dribbled down to almost nothing when 2 years ago it used to be my strongest source of website traffic. Thankfully I don’t rely on Facebook traffic anymore.

Perhaps if Facebook was still the thriving hub of activity it once was I would be prepared to do more paid but if you read below you will understand why I am not going to be investing (wasting?) any more money on Facebook advertising.

The Younger Generation Are Not Interested In Facebook

The youngsters are not really joining Facebook. It’s hardly surprising though since oldies like me, and my even older parents, are on Facebook. Trust me when I say no teenager wants to be where her mother and grandmother are hanging out.

If the younger generation are not interested there will be no more growth for Facebook, there will only be a steady decline which is already clearly happening.

People Have Lost Trust In Facebook

If you look at the inappropriate way that Facebook has used its users private information in combination with all the fake news on Facebook its no surprise that people don’t trust Facebook anymore. This has been a huge hit for Facebook and it will take a lot time for Facebook to recover, if they ever do.

Facebook Is No Longer A Happy Place

Is it just me that feels this or do other people? It feels like there is so much negativity and dirty laundry being aired on Facebook. Facebook used to be a happy place where people connected with others in a nice way but now it feels like everyone is fighting with each other. I don’t need negativity or drama in my life.

Facebook Social Media

Useless Overload

When I log into Facebook now I get notifications coming out of my ears and the majority of it is completely useless. I got a new phone a while back – one that actually works and I was able to add the Facebook and Messenger app.

In less than an hour over 10 people had “waved” at me over messenger. What a waste of my time and such an irritation. Must I seriously check my phone for incoming waves? I’m nearly 40 years old, not 4.

It took me less than a day to make the decision to remove Facebook and Messenger from my phone and I will not be adding either ever again.


I have a good fan base on Facebook and while my reach is not so exciting anymore one of my sources of income is Influencer Marketing and companies find my Facebook page appealing so I need it for that.

I feel stuck to Facebook now, its like a heavy chain hanging around my neck. I have to keep it for now.

If it wasn’t for that one thing I can honestly say that I would more than happily shut down my Facebook account for good and never look back ever again!

How do you feel about Facebook lately? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I hope that Zuckerberg sees this because you’ve just outlined the core issues with the Facebook platform in a brilliant way. I have noticed it myself, that it has turned into a place of negativity — and moreso for me, a place that makes me feel bad about my life, by looking at people’s successes and perfect lives. I know it’s not true but when I’m scrolling through, it is hard to keep that in mind. I agree with you on the wave thing in Messenger. Why? It is insanely annoying. Bottom line — your post is spot on, and I hope to read more about Influencer Marketing because I’m not sure what that is. Thanks!

    • Hi Amy influencer marketing is quite a simple concept 🙂 I have online influence through my website and through my social media following so companies pay me to introduce their company and products to my audience.

      You are so right saying that about social media and how everyone’s life looks so perfect and amazing. It’s all a mask and one we can all do without.

  2. So,what are you and young people using now for social media? I am trying to build my personal profile and/or fan page to 5,000, but I am at less than 100 people. I don’t even see where a business page can like other business pages anymore. They require a business page, but then you can’t do anything with it.

    • Hi Shelly

      My favorite social media at the moment is Pinterest – there is so much potential and it is growing beautifully for me with much less work and effort now that I have figured out how to use Pinterest properly.

      Regarding the young people -honestly I am not sure what they are into at the moment, maybe Snapchat? I am not going to be exploring any more social media websites for a while though. I have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google PLus, Pinterest and Instagram and I feel that is plenty for me for now.

      You can still easily like business pages with your business page – it is just done differently 🙂 When you are on a page instead of clicking on the “like” button move along that menu to the other end and click on the 3 dots. A drop down menu will appear and click on “like as your page”.

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